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Complexity Theory and Project Management

Author : Wanda Curlee
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An insightful view on how to use the power of complexity theory to manage projects more successfully Current management practices require adherence to rigid, global responses unsuitable for addressing the changing needs of most projects. Complexity Theory and Project Management shifts this paradigm to create opportunities for expanding the decision-making process in ways that promote flexibility—and increase effectiveness. It informs readers on the managerial challenges of juggling project requirements, and offers them a clear roadmap on how to revise perspectives and reassess priorities to excel despite having an unpredictable workflow. One of the first books covering the subject of complexity theory for project management, this useful guide: Explains the relationship of complexity theory to virtual project management Supplies techniques, tips, and suggestions for building effective and successful teams in the virtual environment Presents current information about best practices and relevant proactive tools Makes a strong case for including complexity theory in PMI®'s PMBOK® Guide Complexity Theory and Project Management gives a firsthand view on the future of complexity theory as a driving force in the management field, and allows project managers to get a head start in applying its principles immediately to produce more favorable outcomes. (PMI and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

Exploring the Complexity of Projects

Author : Svetlana Cicmil
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Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice explores the process and findings of the implications of the complexity theory for project management theory and practice. The golden triangle (project deadline, budget and output) makes the standard definition of project management processes, skills and knowledge paradoxical and divorced from practice. This monograph contains research of management processes and capabilities in innovative project settings and highlights the challenges in contemporary project management practice. This research suggests that in order to define and conceptualize project complexity, the building blocks of project must be more properly defined. These include:• Individual and group relationships• Individual and group cohesion• Definition of key performance indicators• Sources of project failureIn practical terms, this research aims to propose and encourage a critical but constructive way of explaining, debating, and deliberating project management and project performance issues that can lead to a wider awareness, knowledge, and development of skills and competencies that match the complexity of projects as experienced by practitioners in contemporary organizations.In Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice, project managers will find the realities of project management and the strategies to incorporate the complexity of a project into the original scope.

Managing Complex Projects

Author : Kathleen B. Hass
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For organizations to thrive, indeed to survive, in today's global economy, we must find ways to dramatically improve the performance of large-scale projects. Applying the concepts of complexity theory can complement conventional project management approaches and enable us to adapt to the unrelenting change that we ignore at our own peril. Managing Complex Projects: A New Model offers an innovative way of looking at projects and treating them as complex adaptive systems. Applying the principles of complexity thinking will enable project managers and leadership teams to manage large-scale initiatives successfully. • Explore how complexity thinking can be used to find new, creative ways to think about and manage projects • Diagnose complexity on a wide range of projects — from small, independent, short projects to highly complex, longer projects • Understand and manage the complexity of the business problem, opportunity, solution, and other dimensions that come into play when managing large-scale efforts Use the Project Complexity Model to determine the most effective approach to managing all aspects of a project based on the level of complexity involved.

Successful Program Management

Author : Wanda Curlee
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Complexity theory is a great, untapped resource in the field of management. Experts agree that it can be a powerful tool for managing complex and virtual programs, but there is little material available to guide program managers on how to use complexity theory to communicate and lead effectively. Filling this void, Successful Program Management: Complexity Theory, Communication, and Leadership identifies the best leadership types for complex program environments. It goes beyond what is currently available in program management standards to outline powerful solutions to the macro and micro program issues facing program managers. Using language that is easy to understand, the book describes practical complexity theory techniques for establishing clear and effective communications in a virtual environment. It explains what it takes to communicate strategically to all parties involved and addresses the communication issues common to most programs, including stakeholder communication, project team communication, and shareholder communication. The information presented in this book is supported by peer review research. Each section includes a case study, section quiz, and discussion questions to reinforce learning. The book includes numerous tools, templates, and techniques that can be helpful to the seasoned program manager as well as program managers who are leading for the first time. Clarifying the nuances of complexity theory, the text will help you focus your strategic energies on the right things and arm you and your team with the skills, tools, and techniques needed to succeed in today’s program environment.

Projects and Complexity

Author : Francesco Varanini
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Helpful to those tasked with managing complex environments, Projects and Complexity introduces a new way of looking at projects and fostering the culture needed to achieve sustainable results. It brings together experts from the academic, military, and business worlds to explore project management in the context of complexity theory and organizatio

Tools for Complex Projects

Author : Kaye Remington
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Traditional project management approaches assume that project contexts are unchanging and key factors, though complicated, are reducible to unambiguous elements for management and control. Whilst this assumption has simplified the task for writers and educators, it is increasingly being recognised that these techniques do not work in projects which may be described as complex (due to their size, technical difficulties, conflicting environmental and political constraints or poorly understood or shared goals). Tools for Complex Projects draws on research in the areas of project management, complexity theory and systems thinking to provide a ready reference for understanding and managing the increasing complexity of projects and programmes. The main part of the book provides a series of fourteen project tools. Some of these tools may be used at the level of the whole project life-cycle. Others may be applied ad hoc at any time. In each case, the authors provide: detailed guidelines for using the tool, information on its purpose and the types of complexity for which it is most appropriate, the theoretical background to the tool, a practical example of its use, and any necessary words of caution. This is an example of advanced project management at work; sophisticated tools that require a level of project and management expertise and offer rigorous and highly practical methods for understanding, structuring and managing the most complex of projects.

Chaos and Complexity Theory for Management Nonlinear Dynamics

Author : Banerjee, Santo
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Although chaos theory refers to the existence between seemingly random events, it has been gaining the attention of science, technology and managements fields. The shift from traditional procedures to the dynamics of chaos and complexity theory has resulted in a new element of complexity thinking, allowing for a greater capability for analyzing and understanding key business processes. Chaos and Complexity Theory for Management: Nonlinear Dynamics explores chaos and complexity theory and its relationship with the understanding of natural chaos in the business environment. Utilizing these theories aids in comprehending the development of businesses as a complex adaptive system.

Leading Complex Projects and Tools for Complex Projects

Author : Kaye Remington
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This two-volume collection includes Tools for Complex Projects, which Kaye Remington co-authored with Julian Pollack as well as the follow-up title, Leading Complex Projects, for which she is sole author. Together the two books provide rigorous and highly practical methods for understanding, structuring and managing the most complex of projects.They explain and apply emerging best-practice in a coherent and focused way. This two volume collection will inform experienced practitioners and well as those involved in teaching and researching projects, complexity and leadership.

Public Management and Complexity Theory

Author : Mary Lee Rhodes
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That public services exhibit unpredictability, novelty and, on occasion, chaos, is an observation with which even a casual observer would agree. Existing theoretical frameworks in public management fail to address these features, relying more heavily on attempts to eliminate unpredictability through increased reliance on measurable performance objectives, improved financial and human resource management techniques, decentralisation of authority and accountability and resolving principal-agent behaviour pathologies. Essentially, these are all attempts to improve the ‘steering’ capacity of public sector managers and policy makers. By adopting a Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) approach to public services, this book shifts the focus from developing steering techniques to identifying patterns of behaviour of the participants with the ultimate objective of increasing policy-makers’ and practitioners’ understanding of the factors that may enable more effective public service decision-making and provision. The authors apply a CAS framework to a series of case studies in public sector management to generate new insights into the issues, processes and participants in public service domains.

Project Management in Construction

Author : Anthony Walker
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Beyond Frontiers of Traditional Project Management

Author : Manfred Saynisch
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Project Communication Management in Complex Environments

Author : Zhong Ying
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This unique book that deals with project communication management in complex environments, taking a leaf from China’s experience with a major earthquake in Sichuan, would be a timely contribution to fill this lacuna. Readers would be able to understand how companies and organizations that are unprepared for crisis management would react to their detriment. The lessons provided in this book are the only one of its kind to highlight the lessons for companies and organizations to prepare themselves for successful project communication management through the complexity-informed framework. Although the book is written by two building professionals, the concepts and lessons presented are generic and equally applicable for businesses outside of the construction industry; for example, for airports, resorts, hotels, shipyards, etc.

Architecture Building Materials and Engineering Management

Author : He Tao Hou
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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Building Materials, (3rd CEABM2013), May 24-26, 2013, Jinan, China. The 580 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Architectural Design and its Theory; Chapter 2: Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering; Chapter 3: Ecological Architecture; Chapter 4: Traditional Construction Materials; Chapter 5: Advanced Construction Materials; Chapter 6: Control of Quality Engineering; Chapter 7: Urban Planning and Design; Chapter 8: Landscape Planning and Design; Chapter 9: Project Management in Building; Chapter 10: Engineering Management and Engineering Education.

Aspects of Complexity

Author : Terry Cooke-Davies
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Complexity in projects may be one of those things that are difficult to define, but easy to recognize when encountered. Or maybe not so easy. This collection of analyses deals with complexity in a way that will appeal to both academics and practitioners. It arises from a series of four academic-business roundtables sponsored by the Project Management Institute in the U.S., Australia, Malta, and Brazil. Researchers will appreciate the academic rigor of the content and practitioners will appreciate the generally reader-friendly style and tone. The opening chapter offers that elusive definition and provides the foundation for common understanding. The next four chapters compose the theoretical portion of the book, establishing the underpinning concepts related to systems thinking, systems engineering, chaos or complexity theory, and behavioral and cognitive aspects. The remainder of the book is more practice-oriented. It is a serious attempt to pull together what is currently known and understood about the topic, to help practitioners and their managers improve future practice, and to guide research into answering those questions that will best help to improve understanding of the topic.

Advanced Construction Project Management

Author : Christian Brockmann
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An essential guide to the structure, dynamics, and management of construction megaprojects Advanced Construction Project Management is a comprehensive resource that covers the myriad aspects of implementing a megaproject from a contractor’s perspective. With many years’ experience of managing construction megaprojects, the author provides an in-depth exploration of the structure, dynamics and management of these demanding projects. In addition, the book gives all stakeholders a clear understanding of the complexity of megaprojects and offers contractors the insight and essential tools needed for achieving results. As the trend to plan and implement ever-larger projects looks likely to continue into the future, the need for a guide to understand the challenges of managing a megaproject couldn’t be greater. Comprehensive in scope, the book explores the theoretical background, economics, complexity, phases, strategic planning, engineering, coordination, and common challenges of megaprojects. The book also provides the tools for managing stakeholder integration. This important book: Describes the structure, dynamics and management of megaprojects Explores the management activities required and examines the appropriate tools for the management of megaprojects Includes tools for stakeholder integration Provides an advanced understanding of construction management concepts Written for managers, project managers and engineers, and cost consultants, Advanced Construction Project Management covers, in one complete volume, the information needed to lead a successful project.

Index to Theses with Abstracts Accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland and the Council for National Academic Awards

Author :
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Chaos and Complexity Theory in World Politics

Author : Erçetin, ?efika ?ule
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As an important research field in mathematics, chaos theory impacts many different disciplines such as physics, engineering, economics, and biology. Most recently, however, chaos theory has also been applied to the social sciences, helping to explain the complex and interdependent nature of international politics. Chaos and Complexity Theory in World Politics aims to bring attention to new developments in global politics within the last few years. Demonstrating various issues in international relations and the application of chaos theory within this field, this publication serves as an essential reference for researchers and professionals, as well as useful educational material for academicians and students.

Handbook of Research on Leveraging Risk and Uncertainties for Effective Project Management

Author : Raydugin, Yuri
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The proper understanding and managing of project risks and uncertainties is crucial to any organization. It is of paramount importance at all phases of project development and execution to avoid poor project results from meager economics, overspending, reputation and environmental damage, and even loss of life. The Handbook of Research on Leveraging Risk and Uncertainties for Effective Project Management is a comprehensive reference source for emerging perspectives of managing risks associated with the execution and development of projects. Highlighting innovative coverage written by top industry specialists, such as complexity theory, psychological bias and risk management fallacies, probabilistic risk analysis, and various aspects of project decision making, this book is ideally designed for project and risk managers, project engineers, cost estimators, schedulers, safety and environmental protection specialists, corporate planners, financial and insurance specialists, corporate decision makers, as well as academics and lecturers working in the area of project management and students pursing PMP, PMI-RMP, ISO 31000, etc. certification.

Organization Theory and Project Management

Author : Arthur L. Stinchcombe
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These studies of project management in the Norwegian North Sea focus on how administrations composed of many organizations deal with risk and uncertainty. Individul chapters examine strategies for: coordinating multi-agency activities; distributing risks through insurance; reducing transaction costs by incorporating hierarchical features into written contracts; and, developing consensus about information used in decision making that spans several organizations. The ways in which these issues are linked to those of governmental policy are also discussed.

Software Project Management

Author : Chris F. Kemerer
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SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT focuses on the models used in software development and on the tools which improve the productivity and quality of the development process. This work represents definitive and late breaking research in the project management area. To further illustrate the ideas covered in the research articles, Kemerer applies them to real-world situations through the use of book-ending case studies.