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The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy

Author : Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
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The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy is the definitive guide to the study of yoga anatomy--a perfect companion book for any yoga teacher or practitioner seeking to understand the biomechanics of the body as it applies to yoga practice. The book is visually designed in quick reference format to offer useful information about the main skeletal muscles that are central to yoga, with asanas to demonstrate the particular muscles and muscle groups. Over 230 full color illustrations detail each muscle's origin, insertion, and action in order to clearly reveal how the muscles come into play in the movements and postures of yoga. Knowledge of yoga anatomy is paramount to the ability to teach or practice with no injury to oneself or others. With this foundation in place, it is possible to focus on the spiritual element of yoga as well as the physical. Yoga is a union of the two, so where appropriate, the more profound side of the practice is mentioned as it relates to the body. The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy illustrates the form and function of the muscles first, then interlays the muscles into the yoga posture for full understanding in a clear and integrated way, explaining the technique of the asanas, as well as other important aspects of yoga: pranayamas, the bandhas, and chakras. Table of Contents About This Book 1 Anatomical Orientation 2 Muscles of Respiration 3 Muscles of the Face and Neck 4 Muscles of the Spine 5 The Deep Core and Pelvic Floor 6 Muscles of the Shoulder and Upper Arm 7 Muscles of the Forearm and Hand 8 Muscles of the Hip 9 Muscles of the Knee 10 Muscles of the Ankle/Foot Resources General Index Index of Muscles From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Student s Manual of Yoga Anatomy

Author : Sally Parkes, BSc
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The Student's Manual of Yoga Anatomy is the essential guide for anyone looking to understand the importance of doing yoga poses correctly in order to maximize the benefit and avoid pain and injury. With the guidance of Sally Parkes and Joanna Culley, students and instructors glean a simple and clear understanding of the practice of yoga. Work through 50 step-by-step illustrated poses (asanas) that are perfect for working through each section of the body. Including an overview of the musculoskeletal system to explain the body systems and terminology discussed. Then it deeply introduces yoga, looking at the styles of Hatha yoga, movements of the spine and its axis points, how levers change the intensity of each asana, types of muscle activity, and the science of breathing. Full-color anatomical illustrations and clear, concise text of 50 common yoga asanas make the science easy to understand, and allow a deeper understanding of yoga and how it works with the body, allowing readers to easily apply what they learn to their own practice. Clear notes describe the type of muscle activation, plane of movement, axis of the spine, and options for practical modifications to allow for individual ability and injury rehabilitation. You'll also discover a list of sequences to link the asanas together to form a complete workout routine for a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Coloring Book

Author : Yogacoloring Adultcoloring
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PRESENT IDEAS COLORING BOOKS FOR GROWN-UPS Namaste y'all! Do you love yoga? Wine? Snarky sarcasm? Properly you then need this particular person coloring book. Grasp a few of your first-rate buddies and some bottles of wine and loosen up and unwind submit class. Product info: Printed unmarried-sided on vivid white paper Premium matte-end cover design Pressure relieving seamless styles on reverse pages Best for all coloring mediums Black background opposite pages to reduce bleed-via Excessive fine 60lb (90gsm) paper stock Big format 8.Five" x eleven.Zero" (21.5cm x 28cm) pages Yoga muscles anatomy, anatomy muscle coloring book, anatomy coloring book muscles, muscle coloring book anatomy, muscle anatomy coloring book, yoga anatomy flash cards, human body anatomy coloring book, human anatomy coloring books, medical anatomy coloring book, the anatomy of yoga, anatomy of a yogi The subtle body coloring book, yoga coloring book for adults, the human anatomy coloring book, yoga physiology, ashtanga yoga poses poster, anatomy of fitness yoga, human body coloring book, human anatomy coloring book, adult coloring book yoga, yoga anatomy of fitness, anatomy yoga book, yoga anatomy Nurse coloring books for adults, anatomy coloring book college level, basic anatomy drawing, human anatomy coloring books for adults, anatomy poses, adult coloring books for nurses, adult coloring books nurse, power of posture book, anatomy of a love scene, new rules of posture, anotomy coloring book Yoga body the origins of modern posture practice, the new rules of posture, yoga coloring book, nurse adult coloring book, the complete illustrated book of yoga, concise book of yoga anatomy, nurse coloring book, nurse coloring book adult, yoga anatomy book, the concise book of yoga anatomy, nurse colouring book Adult coloring book nurse, christine coloring book, yoga anatomy leslie kaminoff, yoga anatomy coloring book, yoga postures book, yoga poses game, adult coloring book for nurses, yoga of the subtle body

Yoga Anatomy s Keys

Author : Holly Emily Walker
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Discover how to leverage the amazing power of yoga to find inner peace, get rid of stress and enhance your health and well-being with this comprehensive guide to yoga! Are you looking for effective ways to increase your strength and flexibility without the strain of traditional exercises and workouts? Do you want to uncover how to relieve debilitating stress, anxiety and panic attacks by simply using the power of your mind, healing body movements and yoga poses? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. In this wholesome introduction to yoga, Holly Walker skips the fluff and shows you how to tap into the amazing power of yoga to transform your life. From yoga poses to concise explanations of your body's energy point, you'll uncover everything you need to use yoga to live a full life full of contentment and happiness. Here's a small preview of what you're going to discover in Yoga Anatomy Keys: A concise introduction to all you need to know about the time-tested art and practice of holistic yoga The four fundamental principles you absolutely need to know about as an upcoming master yogi Over 30 life-changing reasons to consider adoption meditative yoga techniques today The four core branches of yoga as well as the true meaning and philosophy of yoga Everything you need to know about chakra energy and how it affects your body and the way you feel The 7 major chakras and a straightforward explanation of how each of them affects different aspects of your mental and physical makeup 11 different types of yoga techniques and how to choose one best suitable for you and your lifestyle ...and tons more! Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a career professional, an overburdened student or a yoga instructor looking to improve your knowledge of the practice, this guide will become an invaluable resource to help you optimize your body and mind using yoga. Ready to begin your wholesome yoga adventure? Scroll to the top of the page and click the "Buy Now" button to get started today!

The Concise Book of Muscles Fourth Edition

Author : Chris Jarmey
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Updated to include quick reference tables, an overview of the gross anatomy of the body area and the nerve pathways that are most relevant, and a new chapter on the pelvic floor muscles, the fourth edition of this authoritative, best-selling book offers a comprehensive introduction to the muscular system. This newly revised fourth edition of The Concise Book of Muscles is a comprehensive guide to the major muscle groups. Fully illustrated with more than 500 drawings, and easy to use, this compact reference provides a complete profile for each muscle, clearly showing its origin, insertion, nerve supply, and action, the movements that use it, and, where appropriate, exercises that stretch and strengthen it. The book's distinctive quick-reference format shows students exactly how to locate and identify specific muscles, highlighting those that are heavily used and therefore subject to injury in a variety of sports and activities. Each muscle chapter now includes an overview of the gross anatomy of the body area to show bony landmarks, cross-sections of muscle layers, and points of attachment as well as a quick reference table and an overview of the nerve pathways that are most relevant. The book also includes a new chapter on the pelvic floor muscles--of particular interest to those studying or practicing yoga and Pilates--as well as a 20"x35" detachable muscle wall chart. While designed for the student and beginning practitioner of anatomy, massage, bodywork, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, physiotherapy, yoga, and Pilates or any other health-related field, The Concise Book of Muscles is equally useful for athletes and anyone interested in the workings of the human body.

Yoga Therapy

Author : Mark Stephens
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From the best-selling author of Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sequencing, and Yoga Adjustments comes this essential resource for learning how to adapt yoga practices to best accommodate and heal a wide array of common injuries and ailments. Surveying historical writings on yoga, ayurveda, and scientific medical approaches to health and healing, Mark Stephens distills this received wisdom of ancient and modern practices for more insightful and practical application in today’s world. He applies these insights to healing musculoskeletal injuries; promoting a healthy reproductive system; and addressing mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. With each health condition, Stephens applies yoga to the most recent evidence-based practices for healing, offering an integral place for yoga in integrative health practices. Yoga Therapy is a practical manual with a systematic approach of considering the nature of each health condition and the specific asanas, pranayamas, and meditations most helpful in healing it. Rather than adopting a narrow medical model of healing as the reduction or elimination of symptoms, Stephens invites yoga theapists, teachers and students to relate to health as a continuous, dynamic process of self-care in which the qualities of personal experience and social connectivity matter. He illustrates that how we live our lives—including our emotional states, nutrition, sleep, relationships, and sense of purpose—is reflected in our sense of balance (or imbalance) and well-being (or disease). Comprehensive, accessible, and informed by Mark Stephens’ decades of deep study, practice, and teaching, this will become an indispensable reference.


Author : Judith Hanson Lasater
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A yoga teacher and physical therapist studies the structure and movement of the human body, revealing how a knowledge of both can improve your yoga practice In Yogabody, author Judith Hanson Lasater emphasizes how an understanding of the human body is essential for understanding the dynamic movement of asana. Drawing on almost forty years of experience as a yoga teacher and physical therapist, she focuses here on macroanatomy and kinesiology in relationship to asana. Organized into five parts—the locomotor system, the vertebral column, the lower extremity, the trunk, and the upper extremity—Yogabody takes you on a fantastic journey through the bones, joints, connective tissue, nerves, and muscles, revealing how these structures interact to create and express movement. Judith conveys her expert knowledge in clear, concise language that makes it easy to understand, to remember, and to integrate. For seasoned teachers, novice teachers, and those in training to teach, Yogabody will help you guide your students to move with more enjoyment and less difficulty. For yoga students, Yogabody will help you practice more confidently on your own. Packed with color anatomical drawings, black-and-white diagrammatic asana illustrations, and helpful charts, you will learn what your body is made of, how it is designed to move, and how to bring the knowledge of both to awaken to asana.

Embrace Your Wobbles

Author : Priscilla Shumway
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No matter what we do in life, we will experience wobbles! Wobbles are the physical and mental challenges we encounter both in our yoga practice and in our daily lives. The essays in this book, written by yoga teachers and practitioners, reveal their personal journeys in learning to accept and even be grateful for the wobbles they experience both on and off the yoga mat. Wobbles, these writers agree, are unavoidable, the key is to notice wobbles, not judge them. This book encourages us to think about the types of wobbles we experience both on and off the yoga mat, and challenges us to become more aware of our habitual, often unconscious, approach to managing wobbles. Finally, this book inspires us to embrace our wobbles as a source of wisdom to help us grow and live a satisfying life.

Learning to Breathe Learning to Live

Author : Sharon Harvey Alexander
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Breathing and visualization are profound tools for navigating our way through even the busiest or messiest of lives. Much like a trusty compass leading an outdoor enthusiast to a desired destination, these practices guide one into and through the inner world. Apply the beneficial and easy-to-use practices found in this book, and watch stress melt away. The result will be that your health, your relationships, and even your career may blossom in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Yoga Alignment Principles and Practice

Author : Steven Weiss
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Color format: Unique and essential for yoga teachers and students. Comprehensive text explores fundamentals of yoga alignment and body mechanics. Provides use-friendly system that applies to every pose. Learn move correctly, integrate posture, align to deepen and advance without injury. Learn to use yoga as powerful, effective therapy.

Illustrated Yoga Anatomy

Author : Stu Girling
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This is a Yoga Anatomy book for yoga practitioners, whether teachers or students and irrespective of style. It is about the doing of yoga, not abstract theory. Stu's focus throughout the book is on providing useful insights into what influences movement, and stability in the human body, and the implementation of those ideas into a physical yoga practice. Many students can be put off the subject of anatomy because in the wrong hands it can be dry and hard to relate to, but that won't happen here. Drawing from his many years of teaching yoga anatomy in studios around the world, Stu has managed to determine the most relevant information and the best way to present it. His relaxed style and emphasis on useability make the book engaging and enlightening. All of the concepts are brought to life by the fantastic illustrator Bug, who conjures up a visual feast that combines detail where needed with plenty of humour to enhance the reading and learning experience. The book is crammed with illustrations, providing visually stimulating concepts, and many practical exercises to help transition from the page to the body. If you are looking for a book that helps you incorporate anatomical principles into the way you perform yoga postures, increase flexibility and build strength, then this one will definitely deliver.


Author : Judith Lasater
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An essential guide to anatomy and kinesiology for yoga teachers and students draws on the author's more than forty years of experience as an instructor and physical therapist to counsel practitioners on how to understand the relationship between the body and the asana, in a guide that addresses each body region while sharing counsel on how to better understand problem areas. Original.

Myofascial Yoga

Author : Kirstie Bender Segarra
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The goal of Myofascial Yoga: A Movement and Yoga Therapists Guide to Asana is to show how teaching asana should include fascia, connective tissue, as an integrative and necessary step to bring yoga asana fully into movement therapies in the West. This approach integrates Eastern and Western techniques and is truly a unique opportunity to explore ourselves from a somatic level of awareness while moving through and changing patterns that keep us from living more freely in joy and health. Tom Myers, Author writes "In the book you hold, Kirstie Segarra has laid out clearly, concisely, and usefully how the asanas relate to the Anatomy Trains, and how to take up and teach (whether teaching yourself or others) the anatomy of asana in a way that makes sense to the body and to the person. Enjoy the ride." "Intuition and scientific knowledge are not opposed, they are simply two different ways of knowing. This book allows you to blend both ways of knowing in mutual service to each other to develop your inner and your outer knowledge of yoga in your own living body." The illustrations are in honor of Tom Myers first edition of the Anatomy Trains and done in a more artistic format. Any anatomy connoisseur would relate to this choice of medium. The book does include the digital forms of the myofascial meridians for more concise detail. I recommend you look at the preview before purchasing. This book was initially designed to be used a textbook for the UNM-Taos Yoga Teacher Training Program as a guide to some of the pitfalls of teaching yoga asana. This book is not intended to teach someone how to teach asana through cueing. It is best to use this as a support to teaching or practicing yoga and as an introduction to learning the myofascial meridians.

A Concise Dictionary of Cults Religions

Author : William Glenn Watson
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A Concise Dictionary of Cults and Religions provides thumbnail sketches of peripheral religious groups, cults, and personalities connected with such movements or organizations.

Library Journal

Author : Melvil Dewey
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.

Understanding the Pelvis

Author : Eric Franklin
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"The first part of the book covers anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis, and the second part includes 26 exercises for yoga practitioners and students specifically focused on strengthening the pelvis"--

Yoga for Paddling

Author : Anna Levesque
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Yoga for Paddling is a visual, instructional guide designed to walk readers through 30 -35 yoga poses that are effective in stretching the muscles that paddlers use most, and strengthening the muscles that they use least. The book includes chapters on anatomy and alignment principles specific to the movements of paddling for kayakers, canoeists, and SUPers, and includes tips on proper paddling technique, performance focus, relaxation, and short stories about paddling injuries healed via yoga. One to three photos demonstrate each pose, with clear, concise text on how to get into and hold the poses

Encyclopedia of Exercise Anatomy

Author : Hollis Liebman
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"This book features a comprehensive range of exercises for the whole body, along with detailed anatomical drawings to show exactly which muscles are being worked during each exercise. Whether you are interested in improving your sporting performance or toning specific parts of your body, this format allows you to target your exercise routines to achieve the desired results. To help you formulate an all-round routine, the book also includes workout routines that focus on improving performance in a number of popular sports as well as some to follow to help your body cope with particular stresses or build strength where it is lacking."--Page 12.


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American Book Publishing Record

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