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Confessions of a Serial Soulmate Searcher

Author : Lucia Chiarelli
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LeeAnn Tourneau's experiences begin as an innocent and naive 14 year old living under the strict rule of her off-the-boat French parents. She's led to believe that sperm can swim through clothes, and somehow leads a teenage boy to believe that she could be pregnant for two years. After dating several musicians, she decides to get married to a non-musician that she's not in love with. Due to the extreme Catholic guilt instilled in LeeAnn by her parents, she manages to maintain her virginity until after her first divorce. She continues to fall in love over and over again, with plenty of men harboring myriads of secrets. As much as she gets hurt, she continues to forge on with resilience and a sense of humor that leads to many bad decisions and head-slapping moments. LeeAnn's dating escapades span through musicians, bikers, stalkers, psychos, plenty of liars and manipulators - and even a cockatoo kidnapper! Through it all, she maintains her sense of humor while continuing her search for Mr. Right, but keeps ending up with Mr. Right Now.

Dirty Laundry

Author : Lucia Chiarelli
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The 2nd installment of LeeAnn Tourneau's dating adventures, Dirty Laundry: The Luke Warm Cycle, takes you for a spin that's sure to make you dizzy.Picking up 7 years from where Confessions of a Serial Soulmate Searcher left off, LeeAnn Finds herself at the end of her second marriage, still living with Arnold and her dogs (and birds) for economical reasons. True to form, she's pursuing music - and musicians and bikers. She meets an unlikely love interest while searching for a musical partner. Unbeknownst to LeeAnn, this new partner, Luke Warm, is the least possible compatible man for her, both musically and romantically. Everything is a head-scratching challenge. Readers will find themselves screaming at LeeAnn while reading this book. Just when it seems things can't possibly get any worse, she finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into the strangest, most cringe-worthy types of scenarios that will make you laugh, cry and scream out loud.