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Contemporary Health Studies

Author : Louise Warwick-Booth
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Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction provides a lively and accessible introduction to the current issues and key debates in this area. It contains a strong, up-to-date, global, social-scientific focus examining the human experience of health particularly emphasizing its social, political and environmental dimensions. The book’s diverse content is usefully divided into three main parts. Part one sets the scene looking closely at the definition of health studies and the debates surrounding the concept of health. Part two explores different disciplines underpinning Health Studies including chapters such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and health promotion. Part three of the book explores the determinants of health and contains chapters on individual factors influencing health, policy influences on health, public health and the global context of health. Each chapter: Opens with a list of key learning outcomes; Contains topical learning tasks; Poses questions for reflection and debate; Provides an in-depth case study to summarise the key arguments made. Carefully chosen tables, figures and photographs bring the text to life, whilst the companion web-site offers additional learning resources for both students and lecturers alike. Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction is an essential guide for undergraduate health students written by three authors who have a wealth of teaching experience in this subject area. Their book will inspire readers to consider the human experience of health within contemporary global society as it is mediated by individual, societal and global contexts.

Global Health Studies

Author : Louise Warwick-Booth
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A global view of health offers a richer understanding of ways of measuring, improving and sustaining health both in individual national settings and in the context of a strongly interconnected world. This book draws on social scientific insights and explanations to examine trends in global health. Moving beyond an epidemiological analysis, the authors use a social determinants framework and life course approaches to offer a critical introduction to the study of global health. Through individual chapters focusing on topics such as health policy, global governance, health systems and health-related protests, the authors present the scope of global health studies and introduce readers to broader ranging issues such as globalization and political forces. Key themes such as power, inequality and inequity - and their impact on health on a global scale - recur throughout the book. International examples and case studies are used to illustrate the discussion, which is further supported by opportunities for reflection and further reading. This book will be an important resource for students studying global health and will have broad relevance to those undertaking health, health-related and allied health professional courses.

Health Studies

Author : Jennie Naidoo
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Health Studies 2e is the revised new edition of Naidoo& Wills' popular student text. It provides a single comprehensive volume of all the major disciplines, perspectives and methodologies in health studies and relates them to the real world through applied examples and coverage of contemporary health issues.

Contemporary Health Issues on Marijuana

Author : Kevin A. Sabet
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Contemporary Health Issues on Marijuana is a balanced, empirically driven volume that highlights new and meaningful theory and evidence pertaining to marijuana use. Authored by a multidisciplinary group of experts from the fields of psychology, epidemiology, medicine, and criminal justice, chapters comprehensively review numerous research domains of public health interest with respect to marijuana use, including the drug's impact on cognitive andneurological functioning, its medical effects, treatment approaches for cannabis use disorders, the effects of marijuana smoking on lung function, and marijuana-impaired driving.

Negotiating Death in Contemporary Health and Social Care

Author : Margaret Holloway
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Once regarded as taboo, it is now claimed that we live in a death-obsessed society. The face of death in the twenty-first century, brought about by cultural and demographic change and advances in medical technology, presents health and social care practitioners with new challenges and dilemmas. By focusing on predominant patterns of dying, global images of death, shifting boundaries between the public and the private, and cultural pluralism, the author looks at the way death is handled in contemporary society and the sensitive ethical and practical dilemmas facing nurses, social workers, doctors and chaplains. This book brings together perspectives from social science, health care and pastoral theology to assist the reader in understanding and negotiating this 'new death'. Students interested in death studies from a sociological and cultural viewpoint, as well as health and social care students and practitioners, will benefit from this appraisal and application of the established knowledge base to contemporary practices and ethical debates.

Contemporary Health Informatics

Author : Mark L. Braunstein
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Health informatics-the application of information technology to healthcare delivery-is changing dramatically because of federal investment in adoption, new cloud-based technologies to encourage data sharing and patient participation, and new financial incentives to encourage coordinated care. The traditional provider- and hospital-centric view of care and health information technology is morphing into one which combines electronic records with the Internet for information exchange and data from low cost mobile- and home-based devices to create a comprehensive, more holistic electronic health record of each patient's care. This text emphasizes these contemporary approaches through a focus on ambulatory care for chronic disease, arguably the major challenge for US healthcare. Contemporary Health Informatics is divided into four sections: background on the US healthcare system and federal policies intended to re-engineer it; the core technologies of health information technology; the application of these technologies in state-of-the-art real-world products and solutions; and the mining, analysis, and visualization of the vast amounts of newly available digital health data to gain knowledge and improve care delivery. Key Features Up-to-date: written within the context of current health informatics Grounded in actual practice: numerous case studies illustrate the practical applications of the technologies discussed Forward facing: based on the evolution of the healthcare system away from hospitals and toward primary and community care Written for a broad audience: based on Dr. Braunstein's MOOC that has proven successful for learners from healthcare providers to information technologists to those with numerous other health- related backgrounds and skill sets

Contemporary Health Promotion In Nursing Practice

Author : Raingruber
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Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice, Second Edition describes why nurses are positioned to model and promote healthy behaviors to the public, and how they can promote health to the community. The Second Edition emphasizes the nurse’s role in health promotion and illustrates how healthy behaviors like weight management, positive dietary changes, smoking cessation, and exercise are more likely to be adopted by clients if nurses model these behaviors. Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice, Second Edition features updated content around the topics of health promotion theories; health disparities and health promotion policy to reflect changes in the healthcare landscape. Key Features: Revised content around epigenetics and nursing informatics Healthy People 2020 guidelines referenced throughout the text Navigate 2 Advantage Access

Social Inequality

Author : Louise Warwick-Booth
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Now in an updated second edition, Social Inequality continues to be an essential guide to understanding social inequality and stratification, helping readers to understand what inequality is, how it is defined, explored and measured, and what the key social divisions are at both global and national level.

Derryberry s Educating for Health

Author : John P. Allegrante
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Derryberry's Educating for Health includes the complete original text of his classic book with new chapters by current experts and teachers in the field of health education and promotion. The book is organized into six sections: Linking Statistical Methods to Health Education, Education As a Challenge to All Health Professions, Establishing the Parameters of Health Education, Community Health Education, Influencing the International Health Field, and Research in Public Health Issues.

The Transformation of Contemporary Health Care

Author : Tiago Moreira
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The past three decades have seen enormous changes in the organisation of health care. This book explores the role of knowledge production and technology on these transformations, focusing on the market (attempts to embed principles of economic rationality and efficient use of resources in the shaping and delivery of health care), the laboratory (science, experiments and 'evidence' in the management of research, practice and policy) and the forum (the application of deliberative procedures and other forms of public consultation to health care decision making).

The Health Studies Companion

Author : Sophie Smailes
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A comprehensive introduction that provides essential information and advice on study skills, research and careers for students of Health Studies. Ideal pre-course reading, it covers the core components of the course, reflective activities and stacks of useful resources to makes readers explore further and reflect on their learning.

Disasters and Mental Health

Author : Center for Mental Health Studies of Emergencies (U.S.)
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Contemporary Health Policy

Author : Beaufort B. Longest
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An anthology of papers and articles providing an overview of the key health-policy issues in the US, including Medicare and Medicaid, state healthcare reform, consumer protection, medical errors, genetic privacy, and antitrust enforcement. Longest (director, U. of Pittsburgh Health Policy Institute) also chose pieces that shed light on the direct role policy plays on Americans' health. A final section offers four articles, originally printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, with background on the US health-care system and focusing on the policy challenges inherent in a trillion-dollar sector of the economy that touches everyone. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Contemporary Case Studies in Health Communication

Author : Maria Brann
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Contemporary Case Studies in Health Communication: Theoretical & Applied Approaches

Health Communication

Author : Belinda Lewis
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This book is about communicating for health and social change. With a clear focus on public health and health promotion practice, it provides a unique introduction to media and cultural studies perspectives on health communication. Health Communication explores the dynamic world of contemporary mass media and diverse forms of alternative, mobile and social media: • How are communities using media to communicate about health and advocate for social change? • What are the challenges and opportunities involved with using the media for health communication? • How can health promotion practitioners utilise media to create opportunities for more participatory and empowering approaches to health communication? This indispensable guide to health communication provides readers with detailed and practical insights into the role of media and culture in contemporary health issues. Accessible theory is blended with case studies from around the world giving students, academics, and practitioners an invaluable framework for practice and a rich source of material for discussion.

Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Author : Hobsons Publishing, PLC
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An Introduction to the Sociology of Health and Illness

Author : Kevin White
File Size : 89.92 MB
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The bestselling An Introduction to the Sociology of Health and Illness has long been the go-to text for students looking for a clear, engaging and theoretically informed introduction to this dynamic topic. Written with a truly sociological and critical perspective, and thoroughly updated to include the latest cutting-edge thinking in the area, the new edition is packed with new empirical examples. Incorporating helpful learning features including chapter overviews, boxed cases, summaries and further reading, this book is a stimulating and thought-provoking essential text for students in health, nursing and sociology schools.

Contemporary Theorists for Medical Sociology

Author : Graham Scambler
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Contemporary Theorists for Medical Sociology explores the work of key social theorists and the application of their ideas to issues around health and illness. Encouraging students and researchers to use mainstream sociological thought to inform and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the many arenas of health and healthcare, this text discusses and critically reviews the work of several influential contemporary thinkers, including – Foucault, Bauman, Habermas, Luhmann, Bourdieu, Merleau-Ponty, Wallerstein, Archer, Deleuze, Guattari, and Castells. Each chapter includes a critical introduction to the central theses of a major social theorist, ways in which their ideas might inform medical sociology and some worked examples of how their ideas can be applied. Containing contributions from established scholars, rising stars and innovative practitioners, this book is a valuable read for those studying and researching the sociology of health and illness.

Quantitative Methods for Health Research

Author : Bruce
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Quantitative Research Methods for Health Professionals: A Practical Interactive Course is a superb introduction to epidemiology, biostatistics, and research methodology for the whole health care community. Drawing examples from a wide range of health research, this practical handbook covers important contemporary health research methods such as survival analysis, Cox regression, and meta-analysis, the understanding of which go beyond introductory concepts. The book includes self-assessment exercises throughout to help students explore and reflect on their understanding and a clear distinction is made between a) knowledge and concepts that all students should ensure they understand and b) those that can be pursued by students who wish to do so. The authors incorporate a program of practical exercises in SPSS using a prepared data set that helps to consolidate the theory and develop skills and confidence in data handling, analysis and interpretation.

Geographies of Health

Author : Anthony C. Gatrell
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Setting out the debates and reviewing the evidence that links health outcomes with social and physical environments, this new edition of the well-established text offers an accessible overview of the theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and research in the field of health geography Includes international examples, drawn from a broad range of countries, and extensive illustrations Unique in its approach to health geography, as opposed to medical geography New chapters focus on contemporary concerns including neighborhoods and health, ageing, and emerging infectious disease Offers five new case studies and an fresh emphasis on qualitative research approaches Written by two of the leading health geographers in the world, each with extensive experience in research and policy