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Contemporary Street Arts in Europe

Author : Susan C. Haedicke
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Street theatre invades a public space, shakes it up and disappears, but the memory of the disruption haunts the site for audiences who experience it. The artists seek to interrupt daily life, startle onlookers with an inversion of a familiar place and quotidian activities, and test the limits of what they can do in public and what they can encourage the public to do. Street theatre does more than offer outdoor entertainment; it frames the public space and the everyday with art. This book questions whether street arts acquire a socio-political significance as they offer the public the opportunity to view daily life through a lens of art and to re-evaluate the meaning and function of quotidian activities and urban spaces. It asks whether the dynamic interrelationship of performance, participant and place creates a unique politicized aesthetic of public space that, in turn, enables the public to rehearse democratic practices.

Contemporary Art Biennials in Europe

Author : Nicolas Whybrow
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Through its examination of five quite different art events in cities across Europe, Contemporary Art Biennials in Europe offers a compelling exploration of how public art takes place in the modern city. Roughly tracing a central horizontal trajectory from the western to the eastern edges of the continent, Nicolas Whybrow considers the Folkestone Triennial in the UK, Sculpture Projects Münster in Germany, the Venice Biennale in Italy, Belgrade's Mikser Festival in Serbia and the Istanbul Biennial in Turkey. Writing within the context of a thirty-year international 'biennial boom', Whybrow interrogates the extent to which biennial events and their artworks seek to engage with the socio-cultural and political complexity of cities, in particular the work that is involved in this relationship. With its focus on Europe, he also tells a composite story of continental difference at a moment of high tension, centering on issues of migration, political populism and uncertainty around the future form of the European Union.

Artist Parents in Contemporary Art

Author : Barbara Kutis
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This book examines the increasing intersections of art and parenting from the late 1990s to the early 2010s, when constructions of masculine and feminine identities, as well as the structure of the family, underwent radical change. Barbara Kutis asserts that the championing of the simultaneous linkage of art and parenting by contemporary artists reflects a conscientious self-fashioning of a new kind of identity, one that she calls the ‘artist-parent.’ By examining the work of three artists—Guy Ben-Ner, Elżbieta Jabłońska, and the collective Mothers and Fathers— this book reveals how these artists have engaged with the domestic and personal in order to articulate larger issues of parenting in contemporary life. This book will be of interest to scholars in art and gender, gender studies, contemporary art, and art history.

Street Art in the Middle East

Author : Sabrina de Turk
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Since the 2011 Arab Spring street art has been a vehicle for political discourse in the Middle East, and has generated much discussion in both the popular media and academia. Yet, this conversation has generalised street art and identified it as a singular form with identical styles and objectives throughout the region. Street art's purpose is, however, defined by the socio-cultural circumstances of its production. Middle Eastern artists thus adopt distinctive methods in creating their individual work and responding to their individual environments. Here, in this new book, Sabrina De Turk employs rigorous visual analysis to explore the diversity of Middle Eastern street art and uses case studies of countries as varied as Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain and Oman to illustrate how geographic specifics impact upon its function and aesthetic. Her book will be of significant interest to scholars specialising in art from the Middle East and North Africa and those who bring an interdisciplinary perspective to Middle East studies.

Performing Arts Yearbook for Europe

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Critical Media Pedagogy

Author : Ernest Morrell
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This practical book examines how teaching media in high school English and social studies classrooms can address major challenges in our educational system. The authors argue that, in addition to providing underserved youth with access to 21st century learning technologies, critical media education will help improve academic literacy achievement in city schools. Critical Media Pedagogy presents first-hand accounts of teachers who are successfully incorporating critical media education into standards-based lessons and units. The book begins with an analysis of how media have been conceptualized and studied; it identifies the various ways that youth are practicing media, as well as how these practices are constantly increasing in sophistication. Finally, it offers concrete examples of how to develop a rigorous, standards-based content area curriculum that embraces new media practices and features media production.

Performing the New Europe

Author : Karen Fricker
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Bringing together the voices of scholars from Europe and North America with those of key contest stakeholders, Performing the 'New' Europe: Identities, Feelings, and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest argues that this popular music competition is a symbolic contact zone between European cultures: an arena for European identification in which both national solidarity and participation in a European identity are confirmed, and a site where cultural struggles over the meanings, frontiers and limits of Europe are enacted. This exciting collection explores the ways in which European artists perform, disavow, and contest their racial, national, and sexual identities in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), and asks difficult questions about European inclusions and exclusions the contest reflects. It suggests the ESC as an ever-evolving network of peoples and places transcending both historical and geographical boundaries of Europe that brings into being new understandings of the relationship between culture, space, and identities.

Stencil Art

Author : iMinds
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In any urban setting throughout the world today, you can expect to see examples of stencil art. On street corners, train stations and public toilets the world over stencil art is a favoured tool of the graffiti artist. Many consider such imagery urban pollution, the work of mindless vandals. Such attitudes ignore what has fast become one of the most significant artistic and cultural movements of the early 21st century. Stencil art is no longer the sole domain of the graffiti artist, the aesthetic is now ubiquitous in advertising, the mainstream press and even on the walls of the world's most famous galleries.

Modern Art A Very Short Introduction

Author : David Cottington
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As public interest in modern art continues to grow, as witnessed by the spectacular success of Tate Modern and the Bilbao Guggenheim, there is a real need for a book that will engage general readers, offering them not only information and ideas about modern art, but also explaining its contemporary relevance and history. This book achieves all this and focuses on interrogating the idea of 'modern' art by asking such questions as: What has made a work of art qualify as modern (or fail to)? How has this selection been made? What is the relationship between modern and contemporary art? Is 'postmodernist' art no longer modern, or just no longer modernist - in either case, why, and what does this claim mean, both for art and the idea of 'the modern'? Cottington examines many key aspects of this subject, including the issue of controversy in modern art, from Manet's Dejeuner sur L'Herbe (1863) to Picasso's Les Demoiselles, and Tracey Emin's Bed, (1999); and the role of the dealer from the main Cubist art dealer Kahnweiler to Charles Saatchi. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Art Auction

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Street Art Chile

Author : Rodney Palmer
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Street Art.

Street Art and Fashion

Author : Olga Sviblova
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The Impact of Artists on Contemporary Urban Development in Europe

Author : Monika Murzyn-Kupisz
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This book provides an up-to-date, critical review of theoretical concepts connecting artists and urban development. It focuses on the multidimensionality of potential and actually observed interactions between artists and cities and their impacts on urban space, its form, functions and perceptions. Departing from the viewpoint that a more nuanced geography of artists is still needed to fully conceptualise the diversity of roles artistic creatives play in urban transformations, the book presents contributions with a common denominator of distinguishing artists as a unique professional and social group. The essays focus on the complexity of the artists’ spatial preferences and analyse a myriad of expressions of artists’ presence in urban centres in different geographic, political, economic, social, and spatial contexts drawing on experiences from 16 cities across Europe. The book presents several case studies ranging from Spain to Russia and from Scandinavia to Slovenia, and offers new pathways into understanding the implications of artists’ residence and activities in contemporary cities. Apart from presenting less obvious expressions of artists’ involvement in urban transformations such as their participation in urban planning or grass root urban movements, the volume explores the ambivalence of artists’ interactions with cities. Particular chapters test several divergent narratives of artistic creatives as inspirers and instigators of urban changes, pioneers of gentrification, contesters and resisters of neoliberal urban policies or mere indicators of transformations inspired by other actors, instrumentalized by public and private stakeholders.


Author : Graham St. John
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A cultural history of global electronic dance music countercultures, Technomad explores the pleasurable and activist trajectories of post-rave culture. The book documents an emerging network of techno-tribes, exploring their pleasure principles and cultural politics. Attending to sound system culture, electro-humanitarianism, secret sonic societies, teknivals and other gatherings, intentional parties, revitalisation movements and counter-colonial interventions, Technomad investigates how the dance party has been harnessed for transgressive and progressive ends - for manifold freedoms. Seeking freedom from moral prohibitions and standards, pleasure in rebellion, refuge from sexual and gender prejudice, exile from oppression, rupturing aesthetic boundaries, re-enchanting the world, reclaiming space, fighting for "the right to party," and responding to a host of critical concerns, electronic dance music cultures are multivalent sites of resistance. Drawing on extensive ethnographic, netographic and documentary research, Technomad details the post-rave trajectory through various local sites and global scenes, with each chapter attending to unique developments in the techno counterculture: e.g. Spiral Tribe, teknivals, psytrance, Burning Man, Reclaim the Streets, Earthdream. The book offers an original, nuanced theory of resistance to assist understanding of these developments. This cultural history of hitherto uncharted territory will be of interest to students of cultural, performance, music, media, and new social movement studies, along with enthusiasts of dance culture and popular politics.

The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

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Sculpture Index Sculpture of Europe and the contemporary Middle East

Author : Jane Clapp
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Art in America

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Excel HSC Modern History

Author : Ronald E. Ringer
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It contains: an introductory section including how to us e the book and an explanation of the new course reference to th e syllabus outcomes to ensure you cover all course requirements comprehensive coverage of the HSC core topics and the most popular Opti on topics: practice questions to test your understanding of each topic a practice HSC exam paper with comprehensive answer section a glossary of key terms and events a biography of leading historical figures a list of useful websites

Modern Contemporary Art

Author : Michele Dantini
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This engrossing volume takes us on a fascinating visual journey through the most groundbreaking and avant-garde art of the early 20th century to the present. Stunning, high-quality photographs of major artworks accompany illuminating discussions of the masters of modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, architecture, and conceptual art. Here are giants of invention such as Picasso and Matisse, the German expressionists, Dadaists, constructivists, surrealists, abstract expressionists, minimalists, pop artists, and today’s cutting-edge creators. They’re all carefully placed in cultural context, with ideas, movements, events, artists, and works beautifully examined. Scholars, art aficionados, students, gallery owners, and art historians will all find this mainstream, accessible guide appealing.

Arts Review

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