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Costly Calculations

Author : Scott Sigmund Gartner
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Gartner and Segura consider the costs of war – both human and political – by examining the consequences of foreign combat, on domestic politics. The personal costs of war – the military war dead and injured – are the most salient measure of war costs generally and the primary instrument through which war affects domestic politics. The authors posit a general framework for understanding war initiation, war policy and war termination in democratic polities, and the role that citizens and their deaths through conflict play in those policy choices. Employing a variety of empirical methods, they examine multiple wars from the last 100 years, conducting analyses of tens of thousands of individuals across a wide variety of historical and hypothetical conditions, whilst also addressing policy implications. This study will be of interest to students and scholars in American foreign policy, international politics, public opinion, national security, American politics, communication studies, and military history.

Code of Federal Regulations

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Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.

Title 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Author : United States. General Services Administration
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Wiley CPA Exam Review 2008

Author : O. Ray Whittington
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Completely revised for the new computerized CPA Exam Published annually, this comprehensive, four–volume study guide for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Exam arms readers with detailed outlines and study guidelines, plus skill–building problems and solutions that help them to identify, focus, and master the specific topics that need the most work. Many of the practice questions are taken from previous exams, and care is taken to ensure that they cover all the information candidates need to pass the CPA Exam. Broken down into four volumes–Regulation, Auditing and Attestation, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and Business Environment and Concepts–these top CPA Exam review study guides worldwide provide: More than 2,700 practice questions Complete information on the new simulation questions A unique modular structure that divides content into self–contained study modules AICPA content requirements and three times as many examples as other study guides

EBOOK Financial Accounting

Author : Robert Libby
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This Global edition has been designed specifically to meet the needs of international financial accounting students. The text successfully implements a real-world, single focuscompany approach in every chapter. The companies chosen are engaging and the decision-making focus shows the relevance of financial accounting in the real world. Inaddition to the latest examples of both contemporary and traditional topics, new material has been added to make the content more relevant and improve learning outcomes for the international student.

Tongass National Forest N F Tonka Timber Sale

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Computational Methods to Study the Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules and Biomolecular Processes

Author : Adam Liwo
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Since the second half of the 20th century machine computations have played a critical role in science and engineering. Computer-based techniques have become especially important in molecular biology, since they often represent the only viable way to gain insights into the behavior of a biological system as a whole. The complexity of biological systems, which usually needs to be analyzed on different time- and size-scales and with different levels of accuracy, requires the application of different approaches, ranging from comparative analysis of sequences and structural databases, to the analysis of networks of interdependence between cell components and processes, through coarse-grained modeling to atomically detailed simulations, and finally to molecular quantum mechanics. This book provides a comprehensive overview of modern computer-based techniques for computing the structure, properties and dynamics of biomolecules and biomolecular processes. The twenty-two chapters, written by scientists from all over the world, address the theory and practice of computer simulation techniques in the study of biological phenomena. The chapters are grouped into four thematic sections dealing with the following topics: the methodology of molecular simulations; applications of molecular simulations; bioinformatics methods and use of experimental information in molecular simulations; and selected applications of molecular quantum mechanics. The book includes an introductory chapter written by Harold A. Scheraga, one of the true pioneers in simulation studies of biomacromolecules.

American Opinion on Trade

Author : Alexandra Guisinger
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Americans have contradictory beliefs about how international trade affects the country as whole and specific communities. Yet notwithstanding the heat of political rhetoric, these beliefs are rarely mobilized into political action. Alexandra Guisinger examines this apparent disconnect by examining the bases of Americans' trade preferences in today's post-industrial economy and why do so few politicians attempt to take advantage of these preferences. The changing American economy has made the direct effects of trade less obvious, making the benefits and costs more difficult to determine. In addition, information sources, including the media, have changed in content and influence over time, their influence varies across different groups of individuals, and partly as a result individuals hold countervailing beliefs about the effect of trade on their own and others' economic outcomes. American Opinion on Trade provides a multi-method examination of the sources of attitudes, drawing on survey data and experimental surveys; it also traces how trade issues become intertwined with attitudes toward redistribution as well as gender and race.

Health Economics

Author : Barbara McPake
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Beginning with a look into simple models of supply and demand within health care, this key text moves on to techniques of cost-benefit analysis, and then compares differing health care systems around the world. Featuring an array of case studies based on systems from around the world, the book successfully bridges the divide between the insurance-based system employed in the United States, the publicly-funded options more common in Europe and Canada, and the mixed arrangements characteristic of most developing countries. This informative textbook, essential for students on the ever-growing number of health economics courses internationally, will also be useful in other areas, such as public health studies, medicine and health science.

Theoretical Aspects of Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author : M.A. Nascimento
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Heterogeneous catalysis is a fascinating and complex subject of utmost importance in the present day. Its immense technological and economical importance and the inherent complexity of the catalytic phenomena have stimulated theoretical and experimental studies by a broad spectrum of scientists, including chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and material scientists. Computational and theoretical techniques are now having a major impact in this field. This book aims to illustrate and discuss the subject of heterogeneous catalysis and to show the current capabilities of the theoretical and computational methods for studying the various steps (diffusion, adsorption, chemical reaction) of heterogeneous catalytic process involving zeolites, metal oxides, and transition metal surfaces. The book covers: the use of techniques of computational chemistry to simulate zeolites, metallic and bimetallic surfaces, and oxide-supported metals; the impact of simulation methods on the understanding of the diffusion and adsorption of molecules and cations within the pores of zeolites, and also on the adsorption of molecules on metal and metal-oxide surfaces; and the applications of quantum-mechanical methods to the study of the reaction mechanism and pathways of the adsorbed molecules. This book is recommended primarily to scientists and graduate students conducting research in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis and surface science. It will also be valuable to advanced undergraduate students wishing to become acquainted with the latest developments in these exciting fields of research, and to experimentalists seeking theoretical support for interpreting their results.