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Damn Fine Cherry Pie

Author : Lindsey Bowden
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Enjoy the taste of the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks with more than 100 recipes inspired by the show's scenes and characters - including Maple Ham Pancakes, Coffee Donuts, Icelandic Hangikjot, Percolator Fish Supper and Chocolate Chestnut Log. Along the way you'll discover fun facts and features - such as how to tie cherry stems in your mouth, and how to fold origami owls - and a diner jukebox selection inspired by the show that you can enjoy with a slice of damn fine cherry pie. This publication has not been prepared, approved or licensed by any entity or individual that created or produced the well-known TV programme Twin Peaks.

That s a Damn Fine Coloring Book Unofficial Twin Peaks Inspired Color Therapy

Author : M. Cryptkeeper
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Color in 20 pages of iconic quotes and crude imagery inspired by the Twin peaks original series and the highly anticipated return.Grab A slice of cherry pie (out of your cardboard box) and cup of damn fine coffee and start coloring. Hand drawn illustrations by M. Cryptkeeper.

Prime Time Soap Operas

Author : Douglas M. Snauffer
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Prime time soaps are often revered long after their runs on television have ended, as Dallas, Twin Peaks, and Beverly Hills 90210 readily demonstrate. Due to their profound impact, it's easy to forget how recently the genre itself was born. Dallas premiered in 1978, and was originally intended to air solely as a five-part mini-series. Then, in 1981, producer Aaron Spelling stepped in and introduced his own ultra-glitzy entry Dynasty. Between these two mega-hits, the era of the nighttime soap was born. Soaps soon spun off into non-traditional avenues as well, in sitcoms like Filthy Rich and the supernatural drama Twin Peaks. Then, with the arrival of the more youth-oriented Fox Network, producers were able to hook an entirely new generation on programs such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and Party of Five. Pay-cable channels have also stepped into the picture and now act as trendsetters with hits like Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, and The L Word. Now, from the spiritually themed 7th Heaven to the naughty neighbors of ABC's Desperate Housewives, soaps dominate prime time. Prime Time Soaps covers all the major shows within the soap-opera genre, and also investigates all the ways that soaps have contributed to the development of more general television trends. Interviews with producers, actors, and other artistic collaborators also supplement this revealing and entertaining account. Even outside of their genre, these shows continue to influence current programming. Few series on TV today are purely episodic, instead containing on-going storylines involving the personal dilemmas of their characters. Another very recognizable contribution from soaps occurred on the evening of March 21, 1980, when Dallas finished out its third year with J.R. Ewing being shot by an unknown assailant, leaving fans to wait until the fall for the resolution. This was the beginning of the cliffhanger endings that are now implemented by just about every series on television. Prime Time Soaps covers all the major shows, and also investigates all the ways that soaps have contributed to the development of more general television trends. Interviews with producers, actors, and other artistic collaborators supplement this revealing and entertaining account.

The Grass Is Green

Author : Michael Soltys
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The Grass is Green is a satire that attacks the institution of psychiatry, America's obsession with normality, and the fabled one dose cure-all. The satire also attacks presidents, celebrities, established religions and a host of other targets, issues, and ills of society--all while simultaneously telling the story of Arthur Gray, a twenty-something man who just wants to know what's wrong with him. His search introduces the reader to a host of characters, all of them searching for answers and solutions just beyond their grasp.

Pie Camp The Skills You Need to Make Any Pie You Want

Author : Kate McDermott
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The techniques and inspiration you need to achieve “pie confidence” at home. Readers fell in love with Kate McDermott and her story-filled cookbook, Art of the Pie. In this new book, McDermott takes her teaching to the next level. Here, she’s focused more on technique: how to decorate pastry with braided crusts, troubleshoot a custard that won’t set, create beautiful layered pies, and perfectly thicken your fruit filling. Once you have the foundations down, it’s time to mix and match crusts, fillings, and toppings. The dozen “master” recipes—from flaky to tender to cookie crumb crusts, and fruit to cream to chiffon pies—will become part of every pie maker’s repertoire and will open the door for bakers everywhere to conjure pies with self-assurance. There are gluten-free crust options for every pie, including Apple Ginger Maple Bourbon, Raspberry Peach Sunset Chiffon, Double Chocolate Banana... plus recipes for easy homemade ice cream and pie-lets for one or two. Gorgeous color photography by Andrew Scrivani brings Pie Camp to vivid life.


Author : Constance L. Kirker
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Ripe, sensuous, irresistible: the cherry tree and its stunning blossoms conjure up many literal, metaphorical, and visceral sensations. We enjoy cherry picking, a cherry on top, and even, on occasion, losing one’s cherry. Cherries have been consumed since prehistoric times, reaching great popularity among the ancient Romans. They have come to symbolize such divergent concepts as fertility, innocence, and seductiveness, inspiring Dutch still-life paintings, Freudian theory, contemporary pop artists, and one of the first food emojis. In Japan and other Asian cultures, the short-lived but beautiful cherry blossoms are important elements throughout art and literature. In this intriguing natural and cultural history, Constance L. Kirker and Mary Newman recount the origins, legends, celebrations, production, and health benefits of this beloved tree.

The Bulletin

Author :
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The Complete Lynch

Author : James Clarke
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The only comprehensive study of the work of this cult director, which ranges from 1967's Six Figures Getting Sick, to The Straight Story and Mulholland Drive.

TV Guide

Author :
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Weirdsville USA

Author : Paul A. Woods
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In his wildly varied career, David Lynch has experienced cult adulation, mainstream success, virtual rejection by the film industry, and a renaissance in which he created a style that can only be called Weird Americana. Weirdsville U.S.A. charts Lynch s work from his experimental art school years and the midnight movie hit Eraserhead, the mainstream success of The Elephant Man and the commercial failure of Dune, the birth of Weird Americana with Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks and the neo-noir mystery Lost Highway, to the present day and the film The Straight Story and TV series Mulholland Drive."

Videohounds DVD Guide Book

Author : Mike Mayo
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This guide helps you sort through the avalanche of new DVD releases, rating each release and describing the quality and extras included on each. Book 3 features 2,500 entries and a cumulative titles index covering the series to date.


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The Rough Guide to the Pacific Northwest

Author : J. D. Dickey
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The Rough Guide to the Pacific Nortwest is the definitve guide to one of the world''s most breathtaking corners. A full-colour introduction includes the author''s hand-picked round-up of ''Things not to Miss'', including sights, activities, events and natural wonders. There is detailed coverage of the area''s near-limitless outdoor pursuits, from kayaking in the Puget Sound to hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. There are vivid accounts of Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, along with the region''s stunning national parks, rugged volcanic peaks and pristine seascapes. For every area, insightful reviews of the best places to stay, eat and drink help the reader get a true tase of the area, whatever their budget.

Cinema Macabre

Author : Mark Morris
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This book is a series of essays written by enthusiasts for the individual films, and contributed at the invitation of the editor.

Criminal Proceedings

Author : Peter B. Messent
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Criminal Proceedings offers a comprehensive view of some of the most important developments in crime fiction. The contributors explore the significant new directions which the genre has recently taken and examine their importance in terms of American cultural self-definition as they tap into contemporary concerns about place, identity, gender, race, oppression and justice.In particular, the contributors focus on the ways in which new multicultural perspectives are now challenging the predominantly white, male tradition. The work of some of America's best crime writers are examined, including Patricia Cornwell, James Ellroy, Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosely and Barbara Wilson. The proliferation of sub-genres, such as court and police procedurals, is also examined. Criminal Proceedings is a fascinating survey of one of the liveliest and most distinctively American of literary genres.

The Pocket Guide to Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Author : Duse McLean
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Author : Hans Hoefer
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Sunset Recipe Annual

Author :
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Cult TV

Author : Jon E. Lewis
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From Emergency Ward 10 to ER and Quatermass to the X Files, cult television programmes have held viewers in their thrall for 40 years. In the '90s, satellite broadcasters have fuelled viewers' hunger for cult shows, while the terrestrial stations have muscled in with timewarp re-runs and new classics. Shows that a few years ago could only be played in the memory are back to entertain new audiences as well as those who remember their first time on air.

Insight Pocket Guide Seattle

Author : John Longenbaugh
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Pocket Guide Seattle includes a chapter detailing the Seattle's history and culture, 13 itineraries and 2 excursions taking in sights ranging from the Olympic Peninsula to the Space Needle, leisure activities, and a comprehensive information section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. Plus many high quality photographs and maps, including a detailed pullout map.