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Dance of the Autumn Leaves

Author : Cassandra Stout
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Gifted with the voice of an Angel, Odessa knows where her blessings come from. It is her desire to use her gift to advance the kingdom of God.

Autumn leaves or Lays lyrics and love songs

Author : George Gray Jarvis
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Falling Leaf Essences

Author : Grant R. Lambert
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Autumn embodies the energy of change, transformation, and release. Essences prepared from autumn leaves can relieve ailments associated with the autumn experiences of our lives: separation, job change, or the release of old patterns. Contains descriptions of 160 essences and their healing properties.

Dance of the Swan

Author : Barbara Allman
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This is the story of how Anna Pavlova became a prima ballerina known for her grace, joyfulness, and delicate charm. She brought the beauty of ballet to people all over the world, and everywhere she went, she inspired children to dance.

Rays of Life

Author : Natalie Witt Buzzard
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Rays of Life is a distinctive journaling experience, inviting the reader on a journey through the autumn leaves. As sun rays dance through the tree branches and land spectacularly on leaves of gold and crimson, you are given the chance to pause and take a breath. This book is both a journal and a devotional, the images that the words paint stirring emotions and thoughts and then giving the reader space to respond.

Autumn Leaves the Ring

Author : Frithjof Schuon
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This book contains two collections, Autumn Leaves and The Ring, and is offered here for the first time in a bilingual English-German edition. The various sections include: Beauty, Human Questions, Doctrine, Recollections, Images, and the Soul. In these poetic teachings Schuon speaks directly to the reader, expressing every conceivable subtlety of spiritual and moral counsel. They comfort and inspire the reader to cultivate inner beauty and seek a deeper consciousness of the presence of God."

Willa Cather and the Dance

Author : Wendy K. Perriman
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Anna Pavlova's revolutionary debut in 1910 at the Metropolitan Opera House captivated the nation and introduced Americans to the charms of modern ballet. Willa Cather was among the first intellectuals to recognize that dance had suddenly been elevated into a new art form, and she quickly trained herself to become one of the leading balletomanes of her era. Willa Cather and the Dance: "A Most Satisfying Elegance" traces the writer's dance education, starting with the ten-page explication she wrote in 1913 for McClure's magazine called "Training for the Ballet." Cather's interest was sustained through her entire canon as she utilized characters, scenes, and images from almost all of the important dance productions that played in New York.

Autumn Leaves Since Shinar

Author : Mervin A. Miller
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Grade Teacher

Author :
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Dictionary Catalog of the Dance Collection

Author : New York Public Library. Dance Collection
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Playground and Recreation

Author :
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Children s Song Index

Author :
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Twelve Short Plays Written for Children

Author : Florence Crocker Comfort
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Granger s Index to Poetry

Author : Edith Granger
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Love You

Author : Florence Marie Kellow-Hustedt
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Autumn Leaves

Author : Ronald M. Lanner
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A guide to the seasonal foliage changes in the northern U.S. and Canada. Includes Fall color hot lines. 130 color photos.

National Nature News

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The Literary Criterion

Author :
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Effective Reading Instruction in the Elementary School

Author : Mybert Eustace Broom
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More Stories for the Heart

Author : Alice Gray
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A sequel to Stories for the Heart, More Stories for the Heart offers up over one hundred stories that hug readers' hearts and encourage their souls. This treasury of timeless tales-written by some of the best Christian communicators today-offers a wealth of compassion and love certain to minister to multiple generations. Readers will find themselves sharing these uplifting tales in conversation and letting the stories' wisdom inspire their thinking. These are stories that will add flavor to readers' views...and will be carried in their hearts. Whether read during peaceful moments spent cuddled up by the fire, during moments basking in the sunshine...or during read-aloud family times with loved ones, More Stories for the Heart is certain to encourage the soul.