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Dead Space

Author : Ian Edginton
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When religious fanatics attack an alien marker site, a desperate John Carver joins forces with Ellie Langford and Captain Robert Norton to learn more about the markers and save his wife, who is employed at the site.

Dead Space Catalyst

Author : Brian Evenson
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Two hundred and fifty years in the future, extinction threatens mankind. Tampering with dangerous technology from the Black Marker—an ancient alien artifact discovered on Earth eighty years earlier— Earthgov hopes to save humanity. But the Marker's influence reanimates corpses into grotesque rampaging nightmares. Steeped in desperation, deceit, and hubris, the history of the Markers reveals our ominous future.... Brothers Istvan and Jensi grew up under the poorest dome on Vinduaga. Jensi has always looked after Istvan, who sometimes lashes out in sudden episodes of violent paranoia. When Istvan is sent offworld to a high-security prison, Jensi is determined to follow and find a way to keep his brother safe. But the prison guards a horrible secret, one that will push both brothers to the cusp of something much greater and darker than they ever imagined. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Science Fiction Video Games

Author : Neal Roger Tringham
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Understand Video Games as Works of Science Fiction and Interactive Stories Science Fiction Video Games focuses on games that are part of the science fiction genre, rather than set in magical milieux or exaggerated versions of our own world. Unlike many existing books and websites that cover some of the same material, this book emphasizes critical analysis, especially the analysis of narrative. The author analyzes narrative via an original categorization of story forms in games. He also discusses video games as works of science fiction, including their characteristic themes and the links between them and other forms of science fiction. Delve into a Collection of Science Fiction Games The beginning chapters explore game design and the history of science-fictional video games. The majority of the text deals with individual science-fictional games and the histories and natures of their various forms, such as the puzzle-based adventure and the more exploratory and immediate computer role-playing game (RPG).

International Television Video Almanac

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The Teacher s Calendar School Year 2003 2004

Author : Editors of Chase's
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A year's worth of ideas and activities at your fingertips Since its debut four years ago, The Teacher's Calendar has become a fixture in classrooms and school libraries across the country, thanks to its fresh ideas and limitless teaching opportunities. Covering events from August 1, 2003, through July 31, 2004, this unique reference helps educators in grades K-8 enhance their lesson plans in ways they never thought of before. Teachers will find a wealth of innovative ideas for lessons, bulletin boards, and school calendars on every page. The more than 4,800 entries include such topics as children's events, toy introduction anniversaries, teachers' conferences, and much, much more. Info-packed sidebars highlight specific dates and provide curriculum ideas and lists of appropriate books and websites. New additions to The Teacher's Calendar include: All new "Curriculum Connections"--with more hands-on projects Information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition bicentennial and invention of powered flight centennial events Contact information for governors and senators for all 50 states With its extensive listings and seemingly inexhaustible treasure of classroom ideas, The Teacher's Calendar will take the guesswork out of lesson planning and put back fun and creativity into the classroom.

Evolution from Creation to New Creation

Author : Ted Peters
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Sumario : War? really? -- Darwin, Darwinism, and the neo-Darwinian synthesis -- Social Darwinism, sociobiology, and evolutionary psychology -- Scientific creationism -- Intelligent design -- Theistic evolution : a survey -- Theistic evolution : a constructive proposal.

Getting History Right

Author : Mark A. Wolfgram
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How do individuals, societies, and nations deal with their difficult pasts? 'Getting History Right' examines this question in a comparative context by looking at an authoritarian East Germany and a pluralistic, democratic West Germany. It examines how societal level discussions of the past shaped individual perceptions and interpretations of the past; and how individual perceptions and struggles over the meaning of the past shaped societal level discussions. These struggles over meaning and 'getting history right' are not only shaped by political power, but are also a source of symbolic power.

Man s Dependence on the Earthly Atmosphere

Author : Karl Ernst Schaefer
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Author : Rick Fields
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The Good Work of Non Christians Empowerment and the New Creation

Author : Stuart C. Weir
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Have you ever considered the ultimate purposes and consequences of good work performed by non-Christians? Have you ever theologically considered the work of non-Christians at all? Is it possible that God would ever give credence to, let alone honor the work of, non-Christians in an ultimate sense? Are you frustrated by theologies of work that are entirely protological in orientation? How do we make sense of biblical excerpts that talk of work being judged towards a particular outcome? The Good Work of Non-Christians, Empowerment, and the New Creation attempts to answer these questions in a manner that also challenges evangelical assumptions about the ultimate outcomes of working life. Drawing strength from eschatologically minded theologies by Miroslav Volf and Darrell Cosden, Weir seeks to replace protology with eschatology in a theology of work about non-Christians. The British evangelical tradition is specifically taken up here so as to make critical assessments of certain airtight theologies regarding human action with reference to the new creation. This book attempts to create a heuristic against unhelpful hermeneutical tendencies that inform evangelical theologies. This is a work that is not only theological, it is biblically, historically, and ethically rigorous.

Press Summary Illinois Information Service

Author : Illinois. Information Service
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Idaho Panhandle National Forest N F East Slate Project St Joe Ranger District Shoshone County

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Aerospace Medicine and Biology

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A selection of annotated references to unclassified reports and journal articles that were introduced into the NASA scientific and technical information system and announced in Scientific and technical aerospace reports (STAR) and International aerospace abstracts (IAA).

The Relaxed Patient

Author : George Bailenson
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Author : United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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Women s and Men s Liberation

Author : Leonard Grob
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This collection of spiritual testimonies is committed to the idea that genuine dialogue between men and women that acknowledges the essential fully-gendered human aspect of each is the foundation for achieving true liberation of the sexes. This study looks to the traditions of the five major religions of the world for guidance. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are examined by five women who, drawing on their own personal experiences, individually address how the issues of justice and equality are manifested in their respective religions, and search for teachings within those traditions that would promote meaningful dialogue. Of central concern to the text is the concept that both sexes have responsibility for extracting the core lessons from their own particular cultural and religious framework, and the inclusion of writings by men as partners in this pursuit evidences the work's dialogical approach. Hopeful that men and women will witness the essential equality that is the heart of our belief systems, the work concludes with an outline of educational methods designed to encourage the kind of dialogue that can promote authentic freedom.

Chase s 97 Calendar of Events

Author : Chase Staff
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Featuring extensively indexed entries, this annual reference lists more than twelve thousand special events, holidays, ethnic celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, fairs and festivals, historic events, and traditional and whimsical observances for every day of the year. Original.

Peking Review

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International Motion Picture Almanac

Author : Quigley Publishing
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