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Draw Your Own Lettering and Decorative Zendoodles

Author : Abby Huff
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Create adorable ABCs with zendoodling! Following easy step-by-step instructions, learn how to take simple lines and shapes and transform them into intricate lovely letters, bold borders, calming quotes and more. With extra tips, tricks and craft ideas, young artists of every ability will have fun drawing these tangled creations. Grab a pencil, relax and draw your own lettering zendoodles!

The Art of Hand Lettering

Author : Helm Wotzkow
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Step-by-step instructions lead readers from beginning to advanced skills, covering both pen and brush lettering. Scores of examples illustrate chapters on italic, gothic, script, and block styles of lettering.

Hand Lettering for Crafts

Author : Sandra Salamony
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Decorative Letters

Author : Carol Belanger Grafton
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Handy treasury of inexpensive, royalty-free decorative letters. Over 800 attractive motifs include Renaissance, Victorian and Art Deco styles.

Decorate with Letters

Author : Leisure Arts
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There's just something irresistible about wooden letters. Maybe it's the instant smile you get when you see your own initial. The inviting surface just waiting for your creative touch, or the whimsical way they decorate any space--no framing required. Wooden letters can be young, sweet, vintage, chic, glitzy, and modern. You can paint, glitter, wrap, stamp, and stencil them. And whether for a kid's room or the kitchen, wooden letters let you create a one-of-a-kind accent to personalize any room. Using a variety of materials and techniques, these 20 monogram designs by the O'Neil Sisters (Jennifer and Kitty) and Patti Wallenfang will inspire you to get creative, express yourself, and have fun! Show more Show less

The Lettering Workshops

Author : Francis Chouquet
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In The Lettering Workshops, you’ll learn all about the art and practice of drawing letters using hands-on techniques in 30 lessons across five workshops. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional graphic designer, you'll quickly learn how to develop and advance your lettering skills.

In this richly illustrated book of lessons and exercises, you’ll find:

    5 Workshops to learn the art of drawing letters—from an introduction to brush lettering and lettering script to the decoration of letters; from the secrets of good composition to the process of digitization and vectorization of your type
    30 Exercises that gradually develop from beginner through intermediate and advanced levels
    16 Analyses of lettering samples to understand what makes good lettering
    52 Inspirational contributions in featured galleries from international letterers and brands
    160 Pages for all skill levels
    26 Letters to learn and explore


    What Is Lettering?
    Why This Book?
    First Lesson
    Lettering, Calligraphy, or Typography?
    Basics and Technical Vocabulary


    Exercise 1: Finding the Right Position
    Exercise 2: Setting Up a Grid
    Exercise 3: Carrying Out the First Motions
    Exercise 4: Drawing the Letters
    Exercise 5: Connecting the Letters
    Exercise 6: Reworking Your Drafts
    Analysis of Lettering Samples


    Exercise 1: Discovering the Skeleton Technique
    Exercise 2: Drawing an Alphabet
    Exercise 3: Drawing a Complete Word
    Exercise 4: Lettering in a Classic Script
    Exercise 5: Leaving Your Comfort Zone!
    Analysis of Lettering Samples


    Exercise 1: Embellishing a Letter
    Exercise 2: Practicing on a Complete Word
    Exercise 3: Going Further with Vintage Style
    Exercise 4: Discovering Interlock
    Exercise 5: Practicing Interlock with Serifs
    Exercise 6: Producing a Complete Interlock Lettering Project
    Analysis of Lettering Samples


    Exercise 1: Thinking in Terms of the Block
    Exercise 2: Completing the First Sketches
    Exercise 3: Choosing the Styles for Each Word
    Exercise 4: Drawing the Skeleton
    Exercise 5: Developing and Finalizing Your Path
    Analysis of Lettering Samples


    Exercise 1: Digitizing and Preparing Your Lettering
    Exercise 2: First Steps in Vectorization
    Exercise 3: Testing the Vertex Theory
    Exercise 4: Vectorizing the Entire Lettering Project
    Exercise 5: Critiquing Your Vectorized Lettering Project
    Exercise 6: Preparing Your Lettering Project without Vectorization
    Exercise 7: Isolating the Lettering
    Exercise 8: Adding Texture to the Lettering Project
    Exercise 9: Finalizing the Composition
    Artists Represented in this Book
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Theron and Aspasio or a Series of dialogues and letters Embellished with engravings

Author : James Hervey
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Author : Graily Hewitt
File Size : 69.93 MB
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Both a history and a how-to book, this landmark work by a great British calligrapher is required reading for every serious student of the art. Graily Hewitt introduces the general principles and the importance of the pen in the history of writing, tracing the development of minuscules and majuscules and other lettering styles. He then devotes a major portion of the book to Roman capitals, arrangement, legibility, and materials, including pens and inks, paper and parchment, pigments, gilding, and other methods. Full, detailed chapters on numerals, the double stroke, the theory of letters, and other topics round out the text. More than 400 illustrations offer instructional guidance on correct form, spacing, proportion, serifs, paragraph initials, raised letters, and much more. Complete letter-by-letter sequences show how to write the alphabet in formal minuscule and Roman capitals. In addition, samples of great calligraphy from Greek and Roman sources, The Book of Kells, medieval Italian manuscripts, and the author's own work document the glorious results achieved by master calligraphers of the past.

Painting and Decorating

Author : A. Ashmun Kelly
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Writing Illuminating Lettering

Author : Edward Johnston
File Size : 45.76 MB
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A classic study of penmanship, lettering, and illumination, this volume covers fundamentals of acquiring a formal hand, tools and materials, creating manuscript books, much more, including 250 illustrations and many useful exercises.