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Developing ESOL Supporting Achievement

Author : Violet Windsor
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This Lifeline offers an introduction to the field of ESOL within Adult and Community Education and provides a broad account of current developments to further good practice. ESOL has become an important part of the adult education curriculum, with fluency in English being closely linked to the life chances and choices available to people who come to Britain in search of a better life for themselves and their families. This guide explains how the issues, approaches and methodologies in ESOL delivery affect practice. It covers the key developments in the ESOL curriculum and teacher training and explores concerns relating to quality assurance. With checklists and inspirations taken from the field, this practical resource helps practitioners to understand what they need to know and do. A reference section points to websites, organisations and sources of more comprehensive advice and support on key issues.

Adult Learning Yearbook

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Immigrant Student Achievement and Education Policy

Author : Louis Volante
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This book examines immigrant student achievement and education policy across a range of Western nations. It is divided into 3 sections: Part 1 introduces the topic of immigrant student achievement and the performance disadvantage that is consistently reported across a range of international jurisdictions. Part 2 then presents national profiles from scholars in ten countries (England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). These educational jurisdictions were selected because they represent a range of Western nations engaged in large-scale reform efforts geared towards enhancing their immigrant students’ achievement. Each of the national profiles provides a brief overview of the evolution of the cultural composition of their respective school-aged student population; explains the trajectory of achievement results in non-immigrant and immigrant student groups in relation to both national and international large-scale assessment measures; and discusses the effectiveness of policy responses that have been adopted to close the achievement gap between non-immigrant and immigrant student populations. It also examines the relationships between education policies and immigrant student achievement and discusses how education policies have evolved across various cultural contexts. In conclusion, Part 3 analyzes cross-cultural approaches designed to address the performance disadvantage of immigrant students and proposes future areas of inquiry stemming from the national profiles. The book offers insights into a diverse cross-section of nations and policy approaches to addressing the performance disadvantage.

Teaching Learning and Assessment for Adults Improving Foundation Skills

Author : OECD
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This study looks specifically inside the programmes for adult LLN (Language, Literacy, Numeracy) learners, with a focus on formative assessment – referring to the frequent assessment of learner understanding and progress to identify needs and shape teaching and learning.

CoTeaching and Other Collaborative Practices in The EFL ESL Classroom

Author : Andrea Honigsfeld
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Much has been written about the cognitive and academic language needs of those learning English as a new language (be it a second language in the United States or other Englishspeaking countries or as a foreign language in all other parts of the world). Many guidebooks and professional development materials have been produced on teacher collaboration and coteaching for special education, inclusive classrooms. Similarly, much has been published about effective strategies teachers can use to offer more culturally and linguistically responsive instruction to their language learners. However, only a few resources are available to help general education teachers and ESL (Englishasasecondlanguage) specialists, or two Englishasaforeignlanguage (EFL) teachers (such as native and nonnative English speaking) teachers to collaborate effectively. With this volume, our goal is to offer an accessible resource, longawaited by educators whose individual instructional practice and/or institutional paradigm shifted to a more collaborative approach to language education. Through this collection of chapters, we closely examine ESL/EFL coteaching and other collaborative practices by (a) exploring the rationale for teacher collaboration to support ESL/EFL instruction, (b) presenting current, classroombased, practitioneroriented research studies and documentary accounts related to coteaching, coplanning, coassessing, curriculum alignment, teacher professional development, and additional collaborative practices, and (c) offering authentic teacher reflections and recommendations on collaboration and coteaching. These three major themes are woven together throughout the entire volume, designed as a reference to both novice and experienced teachers in their endeavors to provide effective integrated, collaborative instruction for EFL or ESL learners. We also intend to help preservice and inservice ESL/EFL teachers, teacher educators, professional developers, ESL/EFL program directors, and administrators to find answers to critical questions.

International Handbook of English Language Teaching

Author : Jim Cummins
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This two volume handbook provides a comprehensive examination of policy, practice, research and theory related to English Language Teaching in international contexts. More than 70 chapters highlight the research foundation for best practices, frameworks for policy decisions, and areas of consensus and controversy in second language acquisition and pedagogy. The Handbook provides a unique resource for policy makers, educational administrators, and researchers concerned with meeting the increasing demand for effective English language teaching. It offers a strongly socio-cultural view of language learning and teaching. It is comprehensive and global in perspective with a range of fresh new voices in English language teaching research.

Mastering ESL and Bilingual Methods

Author : Socorro Guadalupe Herrera
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Sure to get students engaged and thinking critically about CLD students, this text examines theory and research-based methods that are specific to and effective with CLD students and which promote linguistic and academic achievement. This text concentrates on ways in which the differential needs of CLD students can be mutually accommodated within various classroom settings. Focusing on answering the provocative question: “In what ways do the needs of CLD students differ from those of students whose culture and language correspond to the dominant culture/language in American society?,” students will gain an understanding of the complex realities that CLD students face as well as the differential language and transition needs of these students. The specific challenges and processes of the sociocultural, academic, cognitive, and linguistic dimensions of the CLD student biography are explored in the text.

Official Compilation Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia

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The Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching

Author : Joan Kelly Hall
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This text aims to present such dimensions as language policies, cultural expectations and the societal roles of languages to practicising and aspiring teachers in order to raise awareness of the sociopolitical nature of English language teaching.

Online and Distance Learning

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"This comprehensive, six-volume collection addresses all aspects of online and distance learning, including information communication technologies applied to education, virtual classrooms, pedagogical systems, Web-based learning, library information systems, virtual universities, and more. It enables libraries to provide a foundational reference to meet the information needs of researchers, educators, practitioners, administrators, and other stakeholders in online and distance learning"--Provided by publisher.

Language Issues

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Every Child Achieving

Author : Maryland. State Board of Education
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New Zealand Schools

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Passport to Learning

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Dissertation Abstracts International

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Supporting Primary Teaching and Learning

Author : Fiona Hall
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The book is aimed at all those studying on Foundation Degrees in supporting primary and early years teaching and learning, and particularly those working at levels 4 and 5. It is written in an accessible style with a focus on work-based professional development and encourages critical reflection throughout. It starts with a discussion of reflective practice, and includes helpful guidance on developing effective study skills. Each chapter then focuses on a key topic in education, learning and development, considers any relevant policies and legislation, examines educational theories in relation to professional practice and provides concise case studies to contextualise the learning. It provides up-to-date and relevant material on supporting the new national curriculum, safeguarding, SEN and inclusion issues, and schools as organisations. It also covers the competencies for Higher Level Teaching Assistants.

In It Together

Author : Debbie Zacarian
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Harness the power of teacher, student, school, family, and community partnerships! Building coalitions of support is within easy reach with this compelling book from highly-regarded educational expert Debbie Zacarian and veteran classroom teacher Michael Silverstone. Richly detailed vignettes and concrete, evidence-based strategies help you systematically: Develop positive and enduring relationships with students, families, and communities Build coalitions of support around learning and engagement Support students and families from marginalized populations This thoughtful and inspiring guide shows you how to ramp-up student achievement and engagement with methods you can use immediately!

Recommendations for Improving the Reading Achievement of Former ESOL Students

Author : Evelyn Louise Denison Turner
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This mixed method dissertation analyzed patterns in the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and Iowa Tests of Educational development scores of grade 4, 6, and 9 former ESOL students and students in the total population from 1993-2002 in the Rochester Public Schools, Rochester, Minnesota. Former ESOL students made more progress from grade 4 to grade 6 than students in the total population. Former ESOL students made significantly less progress from grade 6 to grade 9 than the total population. Certain professional educators in the Rochester Public Schools looked at the data and responded with opinions on reasons for the decline and recommendations to better support the academic success of former ESOL students. Opinions on reasons for the decline include gaps in background information, lack of support, approach to the reading task, listening skills, flawed ESOL program exit criteria, weak connections to school, cultural mismatch, issues of motivation, and lack of opportunity to develop cognitive skills. Recommendations to improve the reading skills of former ESOL students include ways to reduce gaps in background information and improving support from the ESOL program, mainstream teachers, home, the school administration, and the community.

Meeting the Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Different Students

Author : Sandra H. Fradd
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Professional Development Schools

Author : Richard E. Ishler
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