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Developmental Co Ordination Disorder in Adults

Author : Sharon Drew
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This textbook provides readers with an insight into Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) in adulthood and the impact it has on everyday life. Potential areas of difficulty are outlined, together with potential solutions and strategies that can be utilized by individuals to improve their personal, social and working lives.

Guide to Dyspraxia and Developmental Coordination Disorders

Author : Andrew Kirby
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Built upon the good practice for which the Dyscovery Centre has become so well known, this book takes a broader view of the difficulties that those with additional needs face. It considers whether this is a health, educational or social difficulty and what the wider implications are for the individual and how they manage at home and in the community. The authors look at what happens, what can be done to help and what changes occur as the child becomes an adolescent and eventually an adult. Teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and parents of children with dyspraxia or developmental co-ordination disorders should find this book stimulates their thinking and helps them in their work.


Author : Amanda Kirby
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Discusses the condition of dyspraxia which causes motor ability problems for children, and includes information on symptoms, a glossary of techincal terms, and a list of resources.

Understanding Motor Behaviour in Developmental Coordination Disorder

Author : Anna Barnett
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Although Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD, sometimes referred to as ‘Dyspraxia’) has received less attention than other developmental disorders, its impact can be severe and long-lasting. This volume takes a unique approach, pairing companion chapters from international experts in motor behaviour with experts in DCD. Current understanding of the motor aspects of DCD are thus considered in the context of general motor behaviour research. Understanding Motor Behaviour in Developmental Coordination Disorder offers an overview of theoretical and methodological issues relating to motor development, motor control and skill acquisition, genetics, physical education and occupational therapy. Critically, Barnett and Hill ground DCD research within what is known about motor behaviour and typical development, allowing readers to evaluate the nature and extent of work on DCD and to identify areas for future research. This unique approach makes the book invaluable for students in developmental psychology, clinical psychology, movement science, physiotherapy, physical education, and special education, as well as researchers and professionals working in those fields.


Author : Yongxia Zhou
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In vivo brain neuroimaging with cutting-edge technologies has achieved great success with high spatial and temporal resolutions. Several distinct medical imaging perspectives such as disease neurobiology, multimodal imaging techniques and applications, large-size clinical trials of neuro-oncology, and bioinformatics with illustrative examples and comprehensive summaries could expand our knowledge of neuroimaging mechanism, methodologies, and applications. This book highlights the possibility and achievement of early detection and multiple neuroimaging biomarkers based on various features for pathophysiological probing and therapeutic prevention. It examines the use of neuroimaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and near-infrared resonance spectroscopy (NIRS) with specific and innovative biomedical applications. It provides thorough reviews, accurate descriptions, and confirmative evidences of many related important research topics together with up-to-date imaging network management.

Health and Children with Disabilities

Author : Megan MacDonald
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Articles within this e-book are focused on the health of children with disabilities. Various frameworks have been used to articulate the dynamic interaction of the individual, environment and the task as it relates to child health. A majority of the contributing authors in this special topic are researchers within the field of adapted physical activity. This field embraces a broad perspective of inclusiveness and attitudes of acceptance.

The Adolescent with Developmental Co ordination Disorder DCD

Author : Amanda Kirby
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Kirby addresses the main difficulties encountered by adolescents with DCD, including building relationships and coping with secondary school. She provides practical ideas on how individuals can tackle these difficulties, making this book an essential resource for adolescents with DCD, as well as parents, teachers and health professionals.

The Adolescent and Adult Neuro diversity Handbook

Author : Sarah Hendrickx
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This is a handy first-reference point guide to the full range of developmental conditions as they affect adolescents and adults. A wide range of conditions are covered, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, OCD, Tourette's and Anxiety Disorders.

Developmental Coordination Disorder in Children

Author : Shelly Hargrave Martinez
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ADHD Comorbidities

Author : Thomas E. Brown
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The only book that covers the multiple ways in which ADHD is complicated by other psychiatric and learning disorders in both children and adults, ADHD Comorbidities: Handbook for ADHD Complications in Children and Adults features comprehensive, research-based information on ADHD and its full range of coexisting syndromes. Contributing researcher-clinicians, familiar with the complications that additional disorders pose, summarize in accessible language what is currently known about ADHD and its comorbidities, from preschool age to adulthood. These authors describe how ADHD leads to different profiles at different stages of development and how to adjust treatment strategies for both ADHD and additional disorders to reduce the impairments resulting from their combination. The book offers a new paradigm for understanding ADHD, viewing it not as a simple behavior disorder but as a complex developmental impairment of executive functions in the brain. This important handbook gives developmental context to ADHD by describing how symptoms at preschool onset differ from those of older age at onset. Clinicians will find practical help for patients whose ADHD appears in conjunction with 11 other syndromes -- from mood disorders to developmental coordination disorder -- and acquire valuable guidance on adapting and adjusting medications and other interventions to optimize treatment effects for the wide diversity of complex cases that embody ADHD.

Judgement of Action Capabilities in Children at Risk for Development Coordination Disorder

Author : Daniel Charles Johnson
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Dyslexia in Adults

Author : Gavin Reid
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This book covers key aspects of learning in adults with dyslexia, including individual profiles, strengths and difficulties, the role of the tutor, course design, assessment and method of teaching, as well as providing a number of support strategies. Case studies highlight the needs of employers and dyslexia adults in the workplace and give examples of good practice.

Understanding the Nature of Sensory Integration with Diverse Populations

Author : Susanne Smith Roley
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Originally published: San Antonio, Tex.: Therapy Skill Builders, 2001.

Living with Dyspraxia

Author : Mary Colley
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For people with Developmental Dyspraxia, everyday life can pose a multitude of problems. Tasks the majority of people would find simple can often be taxing and fraught with difficulty. Living with Dyspraxia was written to help all adults with Dyspraxia tackle the everyday situations that many people take for granted. It is full of practical advice on everything from getting a diagnosis to learning how to manage household chores. Important topics are addressed, such as self-esteem, whether to disclose your condition within the workplace, how to communicate more effectively and also how Dyspraxia often interacts with other conditions, such as Dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. This practical resource will be of use to adults with Dyspraxia, the professionals and families members who come into contact with them as well as those who simply wish to learn more about Dyspraxia.

Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Author : David Sugden
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The term Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is used to describe a group of children who have difficulty. with tasks involving movement such that it interferes with their daily living or academic progress. As with other developmental disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, DCD is now a prominent concern of both researchers and practitioners. This text is aimed at both researchers and professionals who work in a practical manner with the condition and includes professionals in health, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, health visitors, paediatricians, and - in the educational field - teachers and others who are in daily contact with the children - their parents. The essence of the text is that work with children should be guided by research evidence driving the clinical practice which in turn raisies more questions for research. The authors in this text have both experience in research and are engaged in the day-to-day clinical work with children and bring both of these to bear in the chapters they have written.


Author : Dr. Amanda Kirby
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This informative and very practical book is intended to help parents and teachers equip children with dyspraxia, or developmental coordination disorder, with the strategies that will enable them to live as normal a life as possible with this hidden handicap. Examining the developmental path of the child through the early years at home, at nursery school, grade school, high school, and into adulthood, it offers special tips on how to encourage children with dyspraxia to improve their social skills and develop a strong self-esteem. Included is information about the causes and symptoms of dyspraxia, characteristics of the condition, diagnostic procedures, and a glossary of terms.

Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Current Index to Journals in Education Semi Annual Cumulations 1984

Author : ABC-CLIO, LLC
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Dyslexia in the Workplace

Author : Diana Bartlett
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This book covers the nature of dyslexic difficulties and their effects both practical and emotional. Dyspraxic difficulties are also discussed. Detailed advice is given tackling the difficulties; topics covered include work organisation and effective work methods, reading and writing for work purposes, memory skills, oral presentation and interaction, and dealing with the emotions associated with dyslexia.

You re So Clumsy Charley

Author : Jane Binnion
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Charley always seemed to get into trouble, though he didn't mean to. He was getting fed up of going to school because he felt different from most of the other kids. Then he met his Aunty Bella. And everything changed. This illustrated children's story explains what it feels like to be a child who is different from other children. Charley seems to keep getting into trouble all the time for doing things wrong. While not labelled in the story, Charley has a specific learning difficulty. In particular, he shows dyspraxic (a.k.a. Developmental Coordination Disorder) tendencies such as clumsiness. It is Charley's specific learning difficulty that makes him feel different and therefore unhappy at school, because he doesn't understand it. Thankfully, when Charley learns he is not alone, things begin to get better for him. This book can be used with young children to discuss how neurodiversity (e.g. dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome) is not a bad thing and that in fact it can have its strengths. This illustrated book helps parents, teachers, and other adults who support children, have a non-threatening discussion about specific learning difficulties with children of primary school age. Children find it easier to relate to, and discuss, the character in the story rather than have all the attention focused on them. Using the book as a catalyst for discussion, adults can use the illustrated story at home or in school with children who have a specific learning difficulty, or exhibit tendencies of one. Teachers can use the book to help classmates better understand their peers who may struggle with some things others don't (e.g. as illustrated by Charley's clumsiness in this story). Similarly, parents can use the book to help children better understand family members. You're So Clumsy Charley was originally published under the Funky Gerbil imprint in 2013. This Second Edition has had a change of typeface, along with the inclusion of some additional information for teachers/adults. This revised edition has been moved over to the Your Stories Matter imprint (under the same publisher). Charley was written by someone who is herself dyspraxic, and is based on both her own and her daughter's experiences of being misunderstood. She wanted to help those children who continue to remain misunderstood. As with all of its books, the publisher aims to help people know they are not alone with what makes them different. If a young person or adult can relate to a story, it gives them hope and encourages them to share their concerns. The publisher aims to provide free teaching resources for all of its books that can be used in schools, to help improve understanding and celebrate differences.