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Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback

Author : Jim Crosby
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Did you know that football is mentioned in the Bible? Well, it isn't. But now there is a book that takes Biblical principles, mixes them with Football fundamentals and places them directly on the 50 yard line headed for the endzone. Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback is enlightening, challenging and entertaining as it intermingles the accomplishments of Biblical heroes such as Paul, David and Joseph with legends of the game Lombardi, Bowden, Shula and others. From these success stories the reader learns life lessons applicable to their own lives. Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback appeals to football and non-football fans alike. It will also provide thought-provoking scenarios for players, coaches, parents and spouses.

Monday Morning Devotions

Author : Jim Crosby
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Mondays can be tough. That alarm rings and you moan because another work week is beginning. The weekend is over. That's when you reach for your copy of "Monday Morning Devotions"---a great way to jump start your week. "Monday Morning Devotions" contains weekly motivational messages specifically designed to help you get your week started in a positive way. These messages address workplace problems, family difficulties, individual struggles and spiritual hurdles. But, "Monday Morning Devotions" is not just about problems. It contains lots of joy and unique humor. The stories are uplifting and motivating. The reader will enjoy such topics as "God Nods," "If God is in Control Why Can't I Get My car Started' and "Another Bowl of Soup." These are stories that can be easily recalled and are helpful when applied to daily living. It is a book that can be used to start a Monday Morning devotional group at work or shared in Bible study groups or simply enjoyed in the tranquility of your own bedroom. The 52 weekly devotions are non-denominational and will not only make your Mondays better but will stay with you and enrich your entire week.

Racing Fuel for the Spirit

Author : Roy Jenkins
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Motorcycling has become more than a fad in America. It is now a pastime for a growing number of people. Entire families are riding dirt bikes and ATVs for recreation. Motocross racing is the fastest growing motor sport behind NASCAR and has captured the imagination of an entire generation of fans who enjoy the excitement of extreme sports. Roy Jenkins started riding motorcycles in the early 70s and was a successful amateur racer by the time he graduated from High School. Today he is a motocross racing announcer, chaplain, teacher and journalist. Racing Fuel for the Spirit is his second book written for motorcycle riders who want inspiration and spiritual growth from the Bible. Using his 20 years of Bible teaching experience and Masters degree in Biblical Studies, this ordained minister leads weekly devotions at motocross and Arenacross races in Mississippi and Louisiana. He uses stories from his years as a Pastor, River deck hand, Oil-field commercial diver, school teacher and most importantly as a husband and father. He throws in some stories from his experiences from motocross racing, cross-country motorcycle trips, and even sailing adventures. Photos from the people, places and events are sprinkled liberally throughout the book. His calling, gift and purpose is to get the Bible into the hands of people who wont normally read it for themselves. He uses a real life story, raises an interesting question, then brings in the appropriate Bible principle, sometimes finishing off with a memorable quote for the day. In this book he includes photos from the world of motorcycling and beyond to help the reader picture the inspirational thought. Racing Fuel for the Spirit is especially helpful for those who are too busy to read, but are interested in hearing how Gods Word applies to a wide range of everyday topics such as: love, family, worry, prayer, patience, health, competing, depression, work, school, getting old, enjoying life, hope,


Author : Tommy Breedlove
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No one is born a Legend — but anyone can become one. In Legendary, Tommy Breedlove provides a playbook of simple tools and strategies anyone can use to become truly Legendary in business and in life. Created from years of research, study, and practice in the areas of self-development, mindset mastery, relationship building, and business leadership, the Legendary playbook can help you: Achieve greater financial and business success Lead others with courage, conviction, and passion Become a master over your thoughts and well-being Take control of your time Find peace, balance, and fulfillment without compromising ambition or success Discover your life’s purpose Build deep, loving, and trustworthy relationships And so much more! Regardless of the obstacles you face, mistakes you’ve made in the past, where you live, what your background is, or how much money you make, you have what it takes to become a Legend. The only question remaining is whether you will choose to step into your greater purpose to live a truly Legendary life. Will you step up and do what it takes to become Legendary?

Growing in Grace

Author : Paul Tsika
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Finding Gods Treasure in Your Quiet Time Time with God is not about quantity; its about quality. It doesnt have to be complicated. Simply come before God, give Him the moments you have available, and ask Him to fill those moments with His presence. When this is your hearts attitude, the time you give to God becomes a sacred space that will change how you approach your day. Growing in Grace is your invitation to a deeper walk with Jesus. Even in the middle of chaos, stress, and obstacles, the timeless words of Scripture can guide you into a place of peace, comfort, and joy. You will experience 260 short, yet powerful devotional moments with God that will bring you strength, restoration, clarity, and wisdom. Covering topics such as miracles, your words, forgiveness, trust, love and hope, discover how Gods Word can positively shape the course of your day, bringing joy, freedom, peace, and a deeper intimacy with Jesus into your life. Wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey, a few moments of quality time with God can powerfully illuminate your entire day!

In the Big Inning God Created Baseball

Author : Jim Crosby
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How do we know that God loves baseball? Because everywhere you look there are baseball fields and stadiums. Obviously when God made dry ground and separated it from the waters He had in mind the building of baseball diamonds. "In the Big Inning God Created Baseball" matches stories of the stars of baseball with those of Biblical heroes found in scriptures. The book points out how baseball and the Bible compliment each other in many ways. The reader will see how daily living can be better and more enjoyable by following the rules of the game. "In the Big Inning God Created Baseball" is entertaining as well as informative. By using quotes from famous baseball stars of the past and present the message contained is made more enjoyable. Yogi Berra said, "If people don't want to come to the ball park, how are you gonna stop them?" To enjoy baseball you don't have to go to the ballpark, just pick up this book and start reading. Intricate details are explained in the book like how to catch a knuckleball, one of baseball's most unpredictable pitches. Bob Uecker says the way to do that is to "wait until the ball stops rolling and pick it up." Rain delays are a part of baseball but none lasted as long as the one Noah experienced in the Bible. 40 days and nights of rain is a mighty big delay. You'll want to read about what happened on one particular Easter Egg hunt at Major League game held by the players for their kids. The significance of Easter is evident in the scripture lessons in this book as well. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, but by reading "In the Big Inning God Created Baseball" you will hit it out of the park."

Children s Books in Print 2007

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