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Discovering Southern African Rock Art

Author : J. David Lewis-Williams
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A book on the ancient rock art of the San -- the story behind the research. Ways of discovering rock art. The aesthetic approach. The narrative approach. Rediscovering the San. The interpretative approach: San beliefs. The interpretative approach: pictures in the brain. Ducks and rabbits. Battling it out. Many meanings. The broken string. Fragile heritage.

The meaning of South African rock paintings

Author : Lenka Tucek
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Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject Art - Painting, grade: 1 (A), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Faculty of Arts), course: Course: South African Archaeology and Ethno–history (SA 301), 9 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: One aspect of the wealth of material evidence left behind by the early people are the pictures in south african rock art. They occur in paintings and engravings. In 1996 the total number of sites in South Africa was estimated to be a little over 10 000 but the actual number of sites is significantly undercounted. It is still not known exactly when the artists started to make rock art, although new techniques of radiocarbon dating, using very small samples of paint, open the possibility of an absolute chronology. The oldest example of rock art in Africa was found in 1969 by Eric Wendt in the southern region of Namibia at a site called Apollo 11. After various datings, mainly with the radiocarbon method, archaeologists concluded that the rock art tradition in southern africa is at least 27 500 years old. In South Africa the oldest dated rock art is an engraving in the Northern Cape which was found on a small slab of dolomite at the Wonderwerk Cave south of Kuruman. It has a radiocarbon date of c.10 200 BP. Rock paintings are found in the mountainous parts of the subcontinent in abundant rock shelters and shallow overhangs, while engravings were generally made on the interior plateau of South Africa. There are about 1600 paintings in South Africa. In this assignment I will focus on the meaning of rock paintings, on the specific symbols and their importance for the early people. In Chapter Two, I provide a short introduction about the artists and their methods. Then I will explain the three important approaches to reveal the meaning of rock art described by Lewis - Williams and give some examples of misinterpretations of rock paintings. Chapter Three deals with the spiritual world and shamanism in the society of the Bushmen. In the fourth chapter the state of trance and the trance dance are described, which are important key parts for understanding rock art. Chapter Five shall point out the symbolism of the eland - antelope in addition to animal power in general. This symbol is of great importance and represented relatively frequent in the art. These symbols and the discussion of their meanings seem to be a representative selection, to help better understand the spiritual background of south african rock art and its meaning.

A Cosmos in Stone

Author : J. David Lewis-Williams
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Collected articles of the world's preeminent rock art researchers and cognitive archaeologists.

Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art A Reader

Author : George Nash
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Why publish a Reader? Today, it is relatively easy and convenient to switch on your computer and download an academic paper. However, as many scholars have experienced, historic references are difficult to access. Moreover, some are now lost and are merely references in later papers. This can be frustrating.

Rock Art and Regional Identity

Author : Jamie Hampson
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Why did the ancient artists create paintings and engravings? What did the images mean? This careful study of rock art motifs in the Trans-Pecos area of Texas and a small area in South Africa demonstrates that there are archaeological and anthropological ways of accessing the past in order to investigate and explain the significance of rock art motifs. Using two disparate regions shows the possibility of comparative rock art studies and highlights the importance of regional studies and regional variations. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers.

Human Beginnings in South Africa

Author : H. J. Deacon
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The Stone Age is now beginning to be recognised as vital in establishing who we are and where we have come from. This period has long been neglected.

Changing Climates Ecosystems and Environments within Arid Southern Africa and Adjoining Regions

Author : Jörgen Runge
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This book is volume 33 of the yearbook seriesPalaeoecology of Africa presenting the outcome of atribute conference to the internationally recognized South African researcher and palynologist Professor Louis Scott. He has recently retired, but is continuing his active research career. The conference proceedings and articles published here

The Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology

Author : Peter Mitchell
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This Handbook provides a comprehensive synthesis of African archaeology, covering the entirety of the continent's past from the beginnings of human evolution to the archaeological legacy of European colonialism. It includes a mixture of key methodological and theoretical issues and debates and situates the subject's contemporary practice.

The Archaeology of Rock Art

Author : Christopher Chippindale
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This collection on rock-art explores how we can learn from it as a material record of distant times.

Culture and Customs of South Africa

Author : Funso S. Afọlayan
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Prodigiously encapsulates South Africa-inclusive, balanced, jam-packed with the most in-demand information

African Traditional Religion in South Africa

Author : David Chidester
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A comprehensive guide to the indigenous religious heritage of South Africa that reviews the literature and provides introductory essays and detailed annotations that define the field of study.

The Archaeology of Shamanism

Author : Neil Price
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In this timely collection, Neil Price provides a general introduction to the archaeology of shamanism by bringing together recent archaeological thought on the subject. Blending theoretical discussion with detailed case studies, the issues addressed include shamanic material culture, responses to dying and the dead, shamanic soundscapes, the use of ritual architecture and shamanism in the context of other belief systems such as totemism. Following an intial orientation reviewing shamanism as an anthropological construct, the volume focuses on the Northern hemisphere with case studies from Greenland to Nepal, Siberia to Kazakhstan. The papers span a chronological range from Upper Palaeolithic to the present and explore such cross-cutting themes as gender and the body, identity, landscape, architecture, as well as shamanic interpretations of rock art and shamanism in the heritage and cultural identity of indigenous peoples. The volume also addresses the interpretation of shamanic beliefs in terms of cognitive neuroscience and the modern public perception of prehistoric shamanism.

The Archaeology of Shamanism

Author : Neil S. Price
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No Australian Aboriginal content.

Representations of Gender From Prehistory To the Present

Author : NA NA
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Focusing primarily on visual forms of representation, but also including material on literary representation, this volume brings together studies as apparently disparate as the iconography of power in Mediterranean prehistory and clothing and cultural meaning in the First and Second World Wars. What draws these chapters together is the common focus on how the scholar of the twenty-first century can pursue the interpretation of past representational cultural production from a gendered perspective. The fruit of research by academics from the fields of archaeology, classics and ancient history, art history and social history, and from both sides of the Atlantic, this volume is a fascinating introduction to a developing field.

Mfecane Aftermath

Author : Carolyn Hamilton
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The idea that the period of social turbulence in the nineteenth century was a consequence of the emergence of the powerful Zulu kingdom under Shaka has been written about extensively as a central episode of southern African history. Considerable dynamic debate has focused on the idea that this period – the ‘mfecane’- left much of the interior depopulated, thereby justifying white occupation. One view is that ‘the time of troubles’ owed more to the Delagoa Bay Slave trade and the demands of the labour-hungry Cape colonists than to Shaka’s empire building. But is there sufficient evidence to support the argument? The Mfecane Aftermath investigates the very nature of historical debate and examines the uncertain foundations of much of the previous historiography.

Seeing and Knowing

Author : Geoffrey Blundell
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The purpose of Seeing and Knowing is to demonstrate the depth and wide geographical impact of David Lewis-Williams’ contribution to rock art research by emphasizing theory and methodology drawn from ethnography. Contributors explore what it means to understand and learn from rock art, and a contrast is drawn between those sites where it is possible to provide a modern, ethnographic context, and those sites where it is not. This is the definitive guide to the interplay between ethnography and rock art interpretation, and is an ideal resource for students and researchers alike.

Christianity Art and Transformation

Author : John W. de Gruchy
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This book explores the historical and contemporary relationship between the arts and Christianity.

Working with Rock Art

Author : Benjamin Smith
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Cutting edge contributions that consider new approaches to the documentation of rock art; its interpretation using indigenous knowledge; and the presentation of rock art. This volume contains contributions that consider new approaches to three areas: the documentation of rock art; its interpretation using indigenous knowledge; and the presentation of rock art. Working with Rock Art is the first edited volume to consider each of these areas in a theoretical rather than a technical fashion, and it therefore makes a significant contribution to the discipline. The volume aims to promote the sharing of new experiences between leading researchers in the field. While the geographic focus is truly global, there is a dominant north-south axis with strong representation from researchers in southern Africa and northern Europe, two leading centres for new approaches in rock art research. Working with Rock Art opens up a long overdue dialogue about shared experiences between these two centres, and a number of the chapters are the first published results of new collaborative research. Since this volume covers the recording, interpretation and presentation of rock art, it will attract a wide audience of researchers, heritage managers and students, as well as anyone interested in the field of rock art studies.

South Africa s Top Sites

Author : Philip Harrison
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Spiritual travel is an area of growth as more and more people seek refuge from the materialism and superficiality of life in the post-modern world. Spiritual travel includes pilgrimage to sacred sites, religious retreats, or simply visits to places associated with the great religions of the world.

New Approach to Cave Art in Zimbabwe

Author : Joern Stoevring
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The material for the book is based on the four large caves at Musambura, Northeast of HARARE with a comparison material from the other large caves and boulders in Zimbabwe. It reassesses half a century of research on cave art in the country and presents a new approach for the interpretation of the old images. The high pic photographic material consists of 186 high pic images subjected to various imaging software. The approach is based on the Cosmology of the San as expressed in the large and majestic caves. It enables a more sophisticated analysis than earlier by stratification of the material into traditions and periods: - The Ancient San, from the last Ice Age to the Humid Period - The San, from the End of the Humid Period until the arrival of the Early BaNtu - The Late San from the arrival of the Early BaNtu until the Demise of the Late San and - The Demise of the Late San The analysis discusses and revises several assumptions and interpretations of earlier cave art contributions especially professor Peter Garlake as well as the contemporary contributions from New Animism (Descola, Harvey, Willerslev). The results of the book are used in the local conservation efforts by public authorities in Zimbabwe.