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A Treasury of Divine Knowledge

Author : Peter of Damascus
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In his spiritual teaching St. Peter is balanced and moderate. Although writing for monks, he insists that salvation and spiritual knowledge are within the reach of everyone; continual prayer is possible in all situations without exception.

The Way to Divine Knowledge

Author : William Law
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Nur ul Huda Kalan English Translation

Author : Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo
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Nur-ul-Huda (The Light of Divine Guidance) is an exceptional work by the great Saint of Sub-continent Sultan Bahoo containing grand treasures of mysticism. As the name depicts, it is light of right guidance for all who seek it. Sultan Bahoo himself elaborates the grandeur of book in these words; Know that by reading this mystical work based on Divine words, the reader is certainly immersed in the state of annihilation in Allah and reaches the essence of secret of ‘Be’. The words of this mystical work speak and by their efficacy, the reader gains enlightenment, insight, inward purification, spiritual unification and guidance towards the Divine secrets. No doubt, the discussion in this mystical work instantly takes the seeker to the Divine presence granting him the Miraj and closeness of Allah that leads to gnosis and Divine observations and shows him the spectacle of both the worlds making him aware of every state.

The Advent

Author :
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Way to Divine Knowledge

Author : William Law
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Divine Knowledge Through Vibrations

Author : P. T. Rajasekharan
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Sri Aurobindo The life divine

Author : Aurobindo Ghose
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Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Providence

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
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Divine Knowledge Transfer

Author : Kelly Libatique
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Divine Knowledge Transfer is a handy guide for both novices and professionals in the areas of public speaking and knowledge transfer in general. In a poll, Americans said that they fear public speaking more than even dying. Can anything be done to ease the anxiety and take control of that fear? Are there practical steps that anyone can take to make a person communicate better in front of others? You bet there are. You may not regularly speak to crowds. Perhaps you just want to be better at getting a message across to other individuals or in a boardroom. Maybe you just want to be less anxious and more confident when speaking to people. Divine Knowledge Transfer can help. This guide takes the science and techniques of communication and explains them in the most easy-to-understand way possible. This information is based on years of practice and experience in professional communication, including technical writing, recorded and online training, live webinar and classroom training, and keynote speaking. It then goes a step further by combining these principles with Scripture. Gods Word, after all, is His love letter to us, His main method of communication to us today. The Bible is filled with all sorts of practical advice on how we relate and communicate with others, as well as ways to prepare for difficult circumstances and people. Divine Knowledge Transfer can help you to become better at what you do. Whether a person is a teacher, preacher, or public speaker, the individuals who make the difference are those who are able to communicate effectively and get a message across. Start becoming better at getting your message across today. eBook available through and Barnes and!

Distinguish to Unite Or The Degrees of Knowledge

Author : Jacques Maritain
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Distinguer pour unir, ou Les degres du savoir was first published in 1932 by Jacques Maritain. In this new translation of The Degrees of Knowledge, Ralph McInerny attempts a more careful expression of Maritain's original masterpiece than previous translations. Maritain proposes a hierarchy of the forms of knowledge by discussing the degrees of rational and suprarational understanding. Nine appendices, some longer than the chapters of the book, advance Maritain's thought, often by taking on criticism of earlier editions of the work. Rightly called Maritain's cardinal work, The Degrees of Knowledge is a magnificent and sagacious achievement. Jacques Maritain's masterpiece proposes a hierarchy of forms of knowledge that culminate in mystical experience and wisdom, which is a gift of the Holy Ghost. Maritain argues that the intellectual life is meant to be complemented by the spiritual life and should culminate in sanctity.

The Theory of Knowledge of the Cambridge Platonists

Author : John John DeBoer
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Two Types of New Theism

Author : Edgar A. Towne
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Paul Tillich, theologian, and Charles Hartshorne, philosopher, both exemplify in their respective ways new types of theism "alternative" to models of the relation of theology and philosophy, faith and reason, influenced by Immanuel Kant and scientific positivism. This study shows how their views of the way God is known, of what is meant by -God, - and of God's relation to the world, can support a vital religious faith today. This is so, this study suggests, without abandoning the -modern- commitment to critical inquiry when this is chastened by a constructive sense of -postmodern- irony."

Light from the East

Author : Hon. P. Arunáchalam
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Light from the East collates letters between Hon. P. Arunáchalam of the legislative council of Ceylon and Edward Carpenter, which expand on issues of the Gñanam or divine knowledge. Carpenter edited these letters for publication in 1927 as well as writing additional articles on issues such as desire, birth control and bisexuality in relation to the customs of Ceylon and religious laws of Hinduism to give the reader a broad insight into the religion. This title will be of interest to students of sociology, anthropology and religious studies.

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Author :
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On the Mother Divine

Author : Pasupati Bhattacharya
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The World an Inn Or the Soul s Search After Divine Knowledge An Allegory Sixth Edition

Author : Ann Clarke
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Universal Man

Author : ʻAbd al-Karīm ibn Ibrāhīm Jīlī
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The Letters

Author : Said Nursi
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Written by a celebrated Islamic scholar to his students in Turkey after his political exile in 1925, this title contains the letters that follow the long-established traditions of correspondence between spiritual masters and their students in remote lands. It answers to questions about theology.

A Companion to the Summa

Author : Walter Farrell
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"This whole work is not ... about the Summa, but the Summa itself reduced to popular language."--Foreword, v. 3.

A Manual of Modern Scholastic Philosophy Natural theology theodicy logic ethics history of philosophy

Author : Désiré Mercier
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