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Kimono Design

Author : Keiko Nitanai
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Kimono Design: An Introduction to Textiles and Patterns uses hundreds of photographs and a wealth of information on colors, fabrics and embellishments to paint a portrait of Japanese culture, art and thought. Lavish classical patterns, sweeping scenes, and the many motifs that have been woven, dyed, painted or embroidered into these textiles reveal a reflectiveness, a sense of humor, and an appreciation of exquisite beauty that is uniquely Japanese. Organized according to motifs traditionally associated with each season of the year, Kimono Design interprets the kimono's special language as expressed in depictions of: Flowers and grasses Birds and other animals Symbols of power, luck and prestige Land-and-seascapes scenes from literature, history and daily life scenes of travel and the Japanese concept of other lands and many others… Extensive notes on all the motifs demonstrate how the kimono reflects changing times and a sense of the timeless. Information on jewelry, hairpins and other accessories is scattered throughout to give a fuller sense of the Japanese art of dress. This is a volume that Japanophiles, historians, artists and designers will all cherish.

Borneo shamanism

Author : Charles Hose
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"...The Kayans dislike and discourage all magical practices, with the exception of those which are publicly practised for beneficent purposes and have the sanction of custom. In the old days they used to kill those suspected of working any evil by magic. There are no recognised magicians among them other than the DAYONGS, and these, as we have seen, perform the functions of the priest and the physician rather than those OF the wizard or sorcerer. Some of the DAYONGS make use at certain ceremonies of a rough mask carved out OF wood, or made from the shell of a gourd. The mask is merely an oval shell with slits for eyes and mouth, generally blackened with age and use. It may be worn during the soul-catching ceremony, but not during attendance on the recently deceased. This use of a mask is not known to us among any other of the peoples..."

Canines in Cervantes and Vel zquez

Author : John Beusterien
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The study of the creation of canine breeds in early modern Europe, especially Spain, illustrates the different constructs against which notions of human identity were forged. This book is the first comprehensive history of early modern Spanish dogs and it evaluates how two of Spain’s most celebrated and canonical cultural figures of this period, the artist Diego Velázquez and the author Miguel de Cervantes, radically question humankind’s sixteenth-century anthropocentric self-fashioning. In general, this study illuminates how Animal Studies can offer new perspectives to understanding Hispanism, giving readers a fresh approach to the historical, literary and artistic complexity of early modern Spain.

Dogs in Origami

Author : John Montroll
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Suitable for folders of intermediate to advanced skills, the book presents step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs for more than two dozen breeds ranging from the familiar to the more exotic.

Teen Online Business Entrepreneurship

Author : John J. Peterson
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This course provides guidance for teens to brainstorm, create, and grow an online business (or a side-hustle) by harnessing the power of digital marketing (social media, email, SEO, ads, blogs, e-commerce platforms, websites, etc.) and truly teach teenagers what it takes to be an online entrepreneur. It’s designed to strengthen critical thinking, improve communication skills, encourage integrity, teach leadership qualities, and help teenagers become business savvy, and potentially grow a business to start earning money and even create a passive/residual income that could last for years to come. Teens can actually start building an online business for free. Teens have a gift, a talent, a skill, or even a hobby that can be used as a springboard to initiate the business-building process. By applying the digital marketing strategies taught in the course, they will be well on their way to becoming young successful entrepreneurs. The course will first share the basics of what it is to be an entrepreneur and then open the floodgates, filling minds with wonderful ideas used to create a business that is best suited for each teen Use this time to grow. Use this program as an opportunity to become a wise and impressive savant. There are no secrets or shortcuts to making money in life. Success falls directly on you and your efforts. Start your journey here and let's get your business going today. The course is formatted to be easily followed, page by page, and step by step with fun and thought-provoking activities.

Managing the Design Process Concept Development

Author : Terry Stone
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This book illustrates the point where theory meets practice in the design studio environment. This book examines design management concepts and methods in real-world applications. Unlike other books on design management, this book is visually stunning, featuring many image-rich case studies to illustrate the fundamentals of design management in a way that speaks to a design audience. The information is not something that is typically taught in design (or business) school—it’s learned on the job, making this an invaluable reference for designers.

Dog Park Design Development and Operation

Author : Marilynn R. Glasser
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In Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation you’ll learn how to make your dog park a reality from concept to opening celebration and beyond. Find step-by-step guidance plus information on location considerations, community benefits, maintenance concerns, design options, amenities, suggested rules, and even program opportunities. More than 90 photos from dog parks across the United States illustrate the various equipment, features, and programming that make dog parks an asset in any community. Author Marilyn R. Glasser, an experienced dog park consultant, shares her insight into some of the challenges and resistance you might encounter in developing a dog park—and their possible solutions. Her often humorous experiences illustrate the importance of following best practices when developing your community dog park. As a source of proven processes, Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation offers guidance on creating a facility as well as information on management, maintenance, marketing, and evaluation. With photos and insightful stories of the author’s experiences, Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation can help you create a professional-quality community facility filled with smiling faces and wagging tails.

Biology of Dogs

Author : Tim Lewis, PhD
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Biology of Dogs takes you on a series of tours through all the major biological systems – reproductive, nervous, musculoskeletal, digestive and more. Tim leads these tours in a fun and irreverent manner, offering insights that will enhance your dog-human relationships so much that you will abandon all of your human friends to spend more time with your dog! And for those of you who slept through your biology class in school, you will learn a lot of useful information about human biology as well.

Statement of Disbursements of the House

Author : United States. Congress. House
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Covers receipts and expenditures of appropriations and other funds.

Statement of Disbursements of the House Part 1 of 3 July 1 2009 to September 30 2009 111 1 House Document No 111 68

Author :
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