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Driving Destiny

Author : Kristi Wilson
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This self-help book is a work in which Kristi seeks to employ her own personal experiences to aid a person in fulfilling wishes and desires. The work begins by explaining that God is the force that drives her. Kristi goes on to motivate the reader to see that within themselves, God implants the knowledge, vision, and ability to conquer sin through forgiveness and hatred through love. Kristi's hope is that the person reading, Driving Destiny, will be able to begin their journey to their destiny. Kristi communicates to her readers that a person must understand that it is not his or her own will that will prevail but God's will. Once the reader realizes the true entity that is in control, then the road becomes easier and goals are easier to accomplish. Additionally, Kristi utilizes informative language, biblical quotes, and personal experience, which may educate a reader in the process of reaching their goals in life.

The Driving of Destiny

Author : Ursula Bloom
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Destiny Has No Favorites

Author : Dieter Klett
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This is a story of a person arriving in this country in this country and in this city where he eventually ended up in the middle of the night, not knowing a soul in Canada and having just about $10.- in his pocket. Using my imagination I let this imaginary person - Peter- show the reader the adventures and misadventures he and eventually his family experienced in this for him so strange and at the same time exciting new place. I decided to cover a period of roughly the first 25 years Peter spent in his new chosed homeland. I could have continued showing the development of his and his family's life after the 25 year period, but I decided against that. I wanted this story to have closure. Another possible book would show the reader how Peter's life continued after 25 years and would show us how he and his loved ones continued with their lives with its ups and downs. The gist of the events occured from the mid 1950's until the early 1980's. I actually completed this book in 1982. It was lying in my filing cabinet for 30 years, because I never had either the time or inclination to publish in writing. The title of this publication: "Destiny has no Favorites" is correct. Destiny, or fate, has no favorites and we all are at the mercy of this destiny destined for us by that higher power we may call God, Nature, the Absolute Being, the Creator, Providence, the Omnipotent, Being the Supreme Soul or whatever mage us feel better to accept the unacceptable.

Destiny in Pieces

Author : Joshua D. Blocker
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“Ok GOD!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING IN MY LIFE? Why can’t I have my own life? Trying to do this your way is too much! You keep showing me all this stuff, you keep getting my hopes up, I shout and fall out but then I run into consecutive brick walls. Why must you insist on playing in my face fam? You keep telling me to do all of this stuff, that I didn’t sign up for and with little resources; do you not see my present state? Oh right, you don’t care about that huh? THIS IS FRUSTRATING!” In the height of my frustration concerning what God was showing me about my future, he instructs me to buy a complex puzzle, A whole puzzle. I HATE PUZZLES! But in spite of the randomness and the many doubts running through my mind, I obeyed. As I worked on the puzzle God, literally, began giving me practical answers to all of my questions birthed out of frustration and revealed to me the “Why”. I was trying to fulfill destiny, in full picture, which is why I was frustrated most of the time. I kept looking at my now but God was in the future, while still very present with me, showing me that Destiny is fulfilled in the working of the pieces that result in a full picture. If you are one of destiny and you are honest enough in your relationship with God to say “Hey, you know God, this actually sucks”. This is the book for you, seriously. DESTINY IN PIECES is a practical, real, and humorous commingling of personal stories and testimonies equally yoked with Biblical principles that will provide context and language for what you’re really feeling as a Destiny Walker. It is literally the GPS that rerouted the vehicle of my thoughts and feelings while sojourning the convoluted path to becoming who God called me to be. It won’t reduce God’s timing or alter his plan for you but you will learn to enjoy the ride!

Betrayed by Destiny

Author : Carolyn Robinson Sommers
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Angelina, abandoned as an infant, decided to go in search of her true identity. She meets a traveling companion, Greg; who becomes her best friend, and his Yorkie. With their help, she is led to the town of Fort Wilebrewe, a town with dark secrets, a corrupt mayor, and unknown danger for Angelina. Here she meets Dean, a handsome lawyer, and their attraction was immediate. He vows to help her, not realizing that the danger to Angelina lies close to him. Would Dean be able to protect her; or would the Beast take what he felt was his rightful claim?

From Uncertainty To Destiny

Author : Aldi Essandjo
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Prepare yourself to relocate from the grievous path of Uncertainty to the indescribable aisle of Destiny to fulfill a God breathed and endowed Purpose. God does not desire for you to live in uncertainty. He desires for you to reach your destiny. Though moments of uncertainty may cloud your atmosphere, God allows them for the simple act of appreciation and for His works to be displayed in your life.

Milestones to Destiny

Author : Edah Franz
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The story of Edah Franz, who had many fascinating experiences in the Middle East as a performer, a survivor of WWII German and Russian occupations in Hungary, a refugee emigrating to Brazil; finally becoming a U,S, citizen. Retired now,and lecturing about all those experiences in schools and adult education centers.

Haunted Destiny

Author : Heather Graham
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Face to Face with Destiny

Author : K. K. Sudan
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Memoirs of a philanthropist from India.

Politics Death and the Devil

Author : Harvey Goldman
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This sequel to Harvey Goldman's well-received Max Weber and Thomas Mann continues his rich exploration of the political and cultural critiques embodied in the more mature writings of these two authors. Combining social and political thought, intellectual history, and literary interpretation, Goldman examines in particular Weber's "Science as a Vocation" and "Politics as a Vocation" and Mann's The Magic Mountain and Doctor Faustus. Goldman deals with the ways in which Weber and Mann sought an antidote to personal and cultural weakness through "practices" for generating strength, mastery, and power, drawing primarily on ascetic traditions at a time when the vitality of other German traditions was disappearing. Power and mastery concerned both Weber and Mann, especially as they tried to resolve problems of politics and culture in Germany. Although their resolutions of the problems they confronted seem inadequate, they show the significance of linking social and political thought to conceptions of self and active worldly practices. Trenchant and illuminating, Goldman's book is essential reading for anyone interested in political theory, social thought, and the intellectual history of Germany.

Digital Destiny

Author : Shawn DuBravac
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Our world is about to change. In Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Change the Way We Live, Work, and Communicate, Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and senior director of research at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), argues that the groundswell of digital ownership unfolding in our lives signals the beginning of a new era for humanity. Beyond just hardware acquisition, the next decade will be defined by an all-digital lifestyle and the “Internet of Everything”—where everything, from the dishwasher to the wristwatch, is not only online, but acquiring, analyzing, and utilizing the data that surrounds us. But what does this mean in practice? It means that some of mankind’s most pressing problems, such as hunger, disease, and security, will finally have a solution. It means that the rise of driverless cars could save thousands of American lives each year, and perhaps hundreds of thousands more around the planet. It means a departure from millennia-old practices, such as the need for urban centers. It means that massive inefficiencies, such as the supply chains in Africa allowing food to rot before it can be fed to the hungry, can be overcome. It means that individuals will have more freedom in action, work, health, and pursuits than ever before.

Destiny s Daughters

Author : Gwynne Forster
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In this powerful collection, three acclaimed writers put their talents together to tell the unforgettable story of three sisters separated as infants--and how their paths finally cross in adulthood. Leticia, Jamilla, and Clarissa Holmes each know that they're one in a set of triplets--but that's about all they know. Now they're adults, thirty-three-year old women who are as different as can be. But they have one thing in common: they have never given up on the idea of one day finding each other. . . In "More Than This," by Donna Hill, we meet Leticia, whose time in group homes sharpened her street smarts and taught her to use her good looks to her advantage. Now she's on top of the world, ensconced in a lush apartment in the heart of New Orleans. Leticia knows what men want--she runs the most elite call girl operation in the Parrish. But when she learns that the new sheriff in town is planning a raid, she decides to close up shop, have some adventures, and find her family. She soon discovers that one of her sisters is a jazz singer slated to appear at Lincoln Center. Leticia buys a ticket--and gets much more than she bargained for. . . Parry "EbonySatin" Brown's [title tk] follows Jamilla, adopted by an upstanding family who loved her like their own. But despite a life of privilege, Jamilla was always haunted by a sense of foreboding. As a way to escape her demons, she turned to writing. Now she's landed a six-figure book deal. But Jamilla's joy is clouded by a series of disturbing dreams triggered by a woman she saw on television--a jazz singer with her face. . . In Gwynne Forster's "The Journey," Clarissa Holmes Medford has finally decided to kick out her cheating husband--and pick up her guitar. Maybe she can sing her way out of the unhappiness and poverty that have plagued most of her life. When she records a well-received demo, it's just the beginning of a fascinating journey that will take her far from home, and expose her to a captivating new world--and an audience that may include the family her heart has always longed for. . . Reading Group Guide Inside

Driving by Memory

Author : William L. Fox
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Road trips to Las Vegas are the occasion for this entertaining meditation on the quintessentially American experience of driving across the desert. William Fox, successively exiled from California, Nevada, and New Mexico, has spent more time than most of us driving to Las Vegas--and he has taken notes on three recent trips, his own way of bringing cohesion to the vast and mind-numbing aspects of the freeway. Approaching the most postmodern city on the planet from three directions, he examines the landscape and what we do to it while also trying to figure out who he is, what that means, and the nature of the transformations of land into landscape through art and architecture, landscape design, and advertising. Fox's history of the region, both natural and cultural, highlights the creep of the urban supergrid across the most extensively traveled desert in the world. This is a profoundly personal, even idiosyncratic book about the most public of subjects--living in the postmodern West at the end of the millennium and what the cities, the freeways, the open spaces, and the billboards tell us about ourselves.

Driving Your Destiny

Author : Joe Cheal
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Secrets to Reaching Your Destiny

Author : Salay Kekula
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This book bring solutions to the following groups of people: It is written to solve problem for those who have come from broken homes, orphans, single parents and divorced men and women who are suffering from emotional damage and deep rooted psychological challenges. If you are seriously looking for a sound solution as to how to overcome any emotional problems then this book is for you. It is also written to the one who is hungry spiritually and is looking for a healthy and pure spiritual diet to feed and develop their spirit. It is written for parents, married couples and young people, teenagers offering education and knowledge on overcoming daily life challenges. Finally, it is written for those who are seeking to be prepared for ministry and want to know what it takes to influence the world powerfully with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in this modern time. The things you will discover are secrets that have not yet been fully understood by the body of Christ. You are significant The purpose of the book is to show you my reader how to identify and overcome the seven major challenges, the negative forces in our environment both internal and external and overcome them by the knowledge you will gain. But since most people do not know what exactly is going on in their lives they fail to recognize these challenges and negative forces thereby flow with the negative current of society and sabotage their destinies. But your life story is going to be different because of the secrets you will learn in this awesome book. Perhaps you might have from experience recognized these challenges but needed help in overcoming them. But now, by owning this book, you have the specialised knowledge of how to overcome the seven major challenges that most people face in life. Have you ever wondered why most people settle for a life of failure? Do you ever ask yourself why so many people with great potential and yet live ordinary and mediocre lives? This book answers those questions and much more. You will learn how to take control so your story will not end up like one of those who settles for less due to impossible situations presented to them by the status quo. Why this book? Every challenge I have discussed in this book is something I have personally experienced, eliminated from my life and therefore sense an obligation to share my knowledge and experience with you backed up with the word so that you too can recognize and overcome these challenges that keeps majority of people in poverty. One of the great benefits of reading this amazing book especially chapter one is the impact is going to have on your personal relationships and the increase in your faith and self-esteem. Your faith in Gods ability and his word to bring you out of any negative situation you are facing right now will get stronger. Apply the knowledge After following the practical steps taught in this classic book, you will be empowered to obliterate any obstacle and position you to not give in to the pressures of family, friends and society but keep pressing on towards your destiny and attract the life of your dreams. Your role is to play your part by applying the principles taught so that you can get the beneficial output. Get a revelation The insights, antidote, and revelations in this book are rare and precious Jewels which are designed to position you in a place of advantage over life circumstances. They are a result of my many years of personal walk with God and some of the lessons he taught me about the secrets of living an overcoming life despite the challenges presented by family, friends, environment and society. Success comes to those who seek it You will also meet Gideon a young man who was conditioned by his culture and programme by his society to think lowly of

Destiny s Written Script

Author : Patrice Yehuda
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What would you do when the only path to your destiny is the path you never wished for? Each destiny has a price that we must pay. The path of the cross is that which leads to the crown. Life triumphs over death. Death only brings out life. Death helps to reveal the power of life. The path which is common to all men is the path which leads to nowhere. God had determined the seasons long before time began. He had also determined their appointed times and duration. In the eternal order the unfavorable must come before the favorable, darkness must precede light and evil happens before good. The blessing cancels the curse and sin shall abound that grace may thereafter much more abound. The script is the eternal master plan. There is nothing that can ever be added to or taken away from the script. It is eternally perfect and complete in its design and concept. There must be a time when evil is allowed to hold sway but good holds the trump card of finality.

Destiny at Your Fingertips

Author : Ronelle Coburn
File Size : 68.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Master hand analyst Ronelle Coburn introduces you to a completely unique, innovative, and powerful language for profound personal transformation--discovering your Life Purpose from your own fingerprints. It's easy to learn and can be used by anyone who wants to gain a deep sense of self and clear direction in life.

Destiny s End

Author : Kathryn Leo
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Despite all its controversies Ben, a history professor has been accepted to travel eighty years back in time. Time traveling has been promoted as a safe and expandable industry. However, when they chose Ben to be part of the exploration something goes wrong.

The Secret Path of Destiny

Author : M.B. Tosi
File Size : 38.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In The Secret Path of Destiny, a young, disabled, German-American girl, named Isolde, and her destitute mother reach out for a lifeline being offered by a widower in the German town of Fredericksburg, Texas. The year is 1865, and the two travel from New York City through the aftermath of the Civil War. But another war is brewing, this time with Native Americans. And Isolde and her mother are heading right into the heart of Comancheria, the homeland of the Comanche. It is not the Comanche Isolde fears, but her mother’s new employer, who becomes her stepfather. Isolde realizes he is a cunning man who is not who he pretends to be. As the situation worsens, Isolde is forced to make a life-changing decision to escape; desperate, she seeks refuge with a Comanche Indian, who befriends her at first, but later joins a warring band of Comanche. Her malevolent stepfather pursues her across Texas, turning her life upside down. In the midst of her troubles, Isolde’s faith sustains her, and she unexpectedly finds the love that has always eluded her. Eventually, Isolde accepts the difficult circumstances of her life and realizes that a person’s destiny is often hidden from view because the path is sometimes rocky. “Just about anyone can write a book, but only a good writer can write a good book. M. B. Tosi is a very good writer, and her books are truly worth reading.” —Jim Langford, author of The Spirit of Notre Dame and Quotable Notre Dame

RISE UP AND STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY An Inspirational Guide to Become the Awesome Supernatural Person God Created You to Be

Author :
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