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Driving with the Devil

Author : Neal Thompson
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“Moonshiners put more time, energy, thought, and love into their cars than any racer ever will. Lose on the track and you go home. Lose with a load of whiskey and you go to jail.” —Junior Johnson, NASCAR legend and one-time whiskey runner Today’s NASCAR is a family sport with 75 million loyal fans, which is growing bigger and more mainstream by the day. Part Disney, part Vegas, part Barnum & Bailey, NASCAR is also a multibillion-dollar business and a cultural phenomenon that transcends geography, class, and gender. But dark secrets lurk in NASCAR’s past. Driving with the Devil uncovers for the first time the true story behind NASCAR’s distant, moonshine-fueled origins and paints a rich portrait of the colorful men who created it. Long before the sport of stock-car racing even existed, young men in the rural, Depression-wracked South had figured out that cars and speed were tickets to a better life. With few options beyond the farm or factory, the best chance of escape was running moonshine. Bootlegging offered speed, adventure, and wads of cash—if the drivers survived. Driving with the Devil is the story of bootleggers whose empires grew during Prohibition and continued to thrive well after Repeal, and of drivers who thundered down dusty back roads with moonshine deliveries, deftly outrunning federal agents. The car of choice was the Ford V-8, the hottest car of the 1930s, and ace mechanics tinkered with them until they could fly across mountain roads at 100 miles an hour. After fighting in World War II, moonshiners transferred their skills to the rough, red-dirt racetracks of Dixie, and a national sport was born. In this dynamic era (1930s and ’40s), three men with a passion for Ford V-8s—convicted criminal Ray Parks, foul-mouthed mechanic Red Vogt, and crippled war veteran Red Byron, NASCAR’s first champion—emerged as the first stock car “team.” Theirs is the violent, poignant story of how moonshine and fast cars merged to create a new sport for the South to call its own. Driving with the Devil is a fascinating look at the well-hidden historical connection between whiskey running and stock-car racing. NASCAR histories will tell you who led every lap of every race since the first official race in 1948. Driving with the Devil goes deeper to bring you the excitement, passion, crime, and death-defying feats of the wild, early days that NASCAR has carefully hidden from public view. In the tradition of Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit, this tale not only reveals a bygone era of a beloved sport, but also the character of the country at a moment in time.

Driving from the Devil s Seat

Author : Emily J. Jacobs
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Driving Out a Devil

Author : Bertolt Brecht
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Brecht's early one act farce charts the attempts of a self-confident and manipulative Bavarian peasant boy to outwit the vigilant parents of a girl of his village. 'Driving Out a Devil' was neither produced nor published during the author's lifetime.

The Devil s Cup

Author : Stewart Lee Allen
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A wild ride through the stimulating history of coffee offers a humorous revisionist take on world events with this magic bean as the prime mover of everything from Napoleon's downfall to the prosperity of America.

The Devil Riding

Author : Valerie Wilson Wesley
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Darnella Desmond is disturbed to learn that her former roommate has been murdered by a serial killer who is stalking Atlantic City's runaway population, but when her mother hires Tamara Hayle to catch the murderer, she uncovers extremely perverse truths about the deceased's family. 22,500 first printing.

The Vatican s Exorcists

Author : Tracy Wilkinson
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* How the Vatican's Office of Exorcism drives out demons and battles Satanic evil in today's world

Dance with the Devil a Dramatic Encounter

Author : Günther Schwab
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The Devil in the Driving Mirror

Author : Peter McCarey
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Night Driving

Author : Dick Dorworth
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"More Kerouac than Kerouac" is just one of the phrases used to describe the life and writing of Dick Dorworth.Featuring the legendary 1975 "Mountain Gazette #30" piece, Night Driving, published in its entirety along with six other poignant tales of adventure, observation and deep reflection about mountains, life and society from the Godfather of the modern road trip: Dick Dorworth.

Between the Devil and the Deep

Author : Murray D. Black
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By Devil s Luck

Author : Stanisław Likiernik
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"Stanislaw became a clandestine student as well as a soldier of the underground, joining the Kedyw (Directorate of Sabotage) select unit and specialising in acts of sabotage against the occupying forces, as well as carrying out sentences of the underground Court of Justice. By Devil's Luck is Stanislaw's unforgettable memoir of the realities of life during war, in which he describes some of the more daring actions he had to undertake during the years of Warsaw's occupation."--BOOK JACKET.

Britain s Best Loved Driving Tours

Author : Roy Woodcock
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Completely redesigned, this new trim-sized guide is the premier full-color book for travelers who want to hit the road and explore at their own pace. It is packed with details, color-coded maps and photos, and outlines with routes, exact directions, distances and drive times, plus hidden pleasures of each destination.

Devil s Dropout

Author : Onjya Sipe
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The American Home

Author :
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The Devil and Other Stories

Author : Leo Tolstoy
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"These stories range over much of the Russian world of the nineteenth century, from the nobility to the peasantry, the military to the clergy, from merchants and cobblers to a horse and a tree. Together they present a fascinating picture of Tolstoy's skill and artistry."--Jacket.

Woodall s Campground Directory

Author :
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Gems for Gentlemen a Collection of Amatory Tales and Adventures

Author :
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A Devil driving Procession of the Tibetan Buddhists as Seen at Darjeeling and a Few Thoughts Suggested by it

Author : Jivanji Jamshedji Modi
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Root in the Rock

Author : Dora Hilda Southgate
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Ride the Devil s Trail

Author : Dan Parkinson
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Perdition may become Jake Creedmore's fate when, after fleeing the aptly named town, he gratefully hits the outlaw trail, only to learn that he may have to return to make a stand