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Eastern Europe

Author : Sabrina P. Ramet
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Eastern Europe addresses the emergence of uncertain pluralism in the region following the disintegration of the communist regimes in 1989. Taking a broad historical approach, the volume considers issues and challenges that have marked Eastern Europe from 1939 through World War II and the era of socialism, up to the present. Eight comprehensive country studies are augmented by detailed assessments of economic developments, security issues, religious currents, cultural policies, and gender relations in the region.

East Central Europe Since 1939

Author :
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Modern Art in Eastern Europe

Author : S. A. Mansbach
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This pioneering and award-winning study provides the world with the first coherent narrative of Eastern European contributions to the modern art movement. Analyzing an enormous range of works, from art centers such as Prague, Warsaw and Budapest, (many published here for the first time), S.A. Mansbach shows that any understanding of Modernism is essentially incomplete without the full consideration of vital Eastern European creative output. He argues that Cubism, Expressionism and Constructivism, along with other great modernist styles, were merged with deeply rooted, Eastern European visual traditions. The art that emerged was vital modernist art that expressed the most pressing concerns of the day, political as well as aesthetic. Mansbach examines the critical reaction of the contemporary artistic culture and political state. A major groundbreaking interpretation of Modernism, Modern Art in Eastern Europe completes any full assessment of twentieth-century art, as well as its history. Modern Art in Eastern Europe is the recipient of the 1997 C.I.N.O.A. Prize, awarded by La Confédération Internationale de Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art. The prize is awarded to defray the costs of publication in order to encourage publishers to produce maunscripts of particular merit and the works of younger art historians.

Eastern Europe since 1939

Author : Mark Pittaway
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Eastern Europe since 1939 is a detailed exploration of the region's history from the outbreak of the Second World War until now. Focusing on social history, the book examines life under the socialist dictatorships which dominated the region and how the legacy of these regimes has and, in some cases, has not shaped Eastern European societies in more recent times. The book takes a comparative approach in its analysis of key topics, such as the legacy of the Second World War, Stalinism, the 1989 revolutions and the post-socialist experience. It then masterfully places the turbulent political events in a wider social context so significant social subjects like gender, class, minorities, popular religion, culture and leisure can be discussed in depth. This updated and expanded second edition includes: * A brand new chapter covering the period from 2000 to the present day * More local case studies, biographies, sketches of individuals and detail on individual countries * Historiographical updates throughout, as well as new passages and chapter subheadings for easier navigation * 30 images, several maps and a glossary Of immense value to students and scholars alike, this is an essential text for anyone wanting to understand the human history of Eastern Europe in the last 70 years.

Forced Migration in Central and Eastern Europe 1939 1950

Author : Alfred J. Rieber
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These nine case studies, written by Russian, German and Austrian scholars and based on archival findings, should shed new light on deportations and resettlement in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany. The introduction places forced migration throughout the region in a historical context.

War in a Twilight World

Author : B. Shepherd
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Cutting-edge case studies examine the partisan and anti-partisan warfare which broke out across German-occupied eastern Europe during World War Two, showing how it was shaped in varied ways by factors including fighting power, political and economic structures, ideological and psychological influences, and the attitude of the wider population.

Economic and Social History of Europe in the Twentieth Century

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An Economic and Social History of Europe from 1939 to the Present

Author : Frank B. Tipton
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Eastern Europe 1939 1989

Author : Patrick Brogan
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In this book the author traces the events in Eastern Europe during 1989 and 1990 back to World War II. He suggests that the break-up of the Eastern bloc could be regarded as the real end to the War. Patrick Brogan also wrote "World Conflicts".

British Policy in South East Europe in the Second World War

Author : Elisabeth Barker
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