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English Intonation PB and Audio CD

Author : J. C. Wells
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An introduction to intonation - the expression of meaning through rise and fall of pitch in our voices - in English.

The Communicative Value of Intonation in English Book

Author : David Brazil
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The revised edition of David Brazil's seminal work The Communicative Value of Intonation in English.

English Intonation from a Dutch Point of View

Author : Nico Willems
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Rhythm and Intonation of American English

Author :
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Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English

Author : David Crystal
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David Crystal OBE provides the reader with a thorough and fascinating analysis of the patterns of intonation and prosody found within the English language. He begins by contextualising his work on prosody within existing studies, before going on to discuss voice quality and sound attributes in prosodic systems.

An English Intonation Reader

Author : William Rowland Lee
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Intonation and Its Parts

Author : Dwight Bolinger
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"It's not what she said, it's the way that she said it," is a complaint we have all heard (or made) some time or another. What does it refer to? It obviously relates to the various forms of wordless communication, but especially to the speaker's use of intonation—the rise and fall of the pitch of the voice—to convey sarcasm or resignation, anger or apprehension, or any of scores of other moods. In this summation of over forty years of investigation and reflection, the author analyzes the nature, variety and utility of intonation, using some 700 examples from everyday English speech. The work looks at both accent (pitch shift that points up individual words) and overall configurations (melodies that shape the meaning of whole sentences). It shows that most easily understood utterances employ one or another of a surprisingly small stock of basic melodies, and it shows both intonation and visible gesture to be parts of a larger complex that conveys grammatical as well as emotional information. Though it is one of the major divisions of the science of linguistics, intonation is of great interest to others outside of linguistics—to actors and lawyers who must use the voice to assert, to downplay, or to emote; to English teachers as an essential ingredient of idiomatic speech; to musicians for its many common elements in music theory; and to psychologists and anthropologists as a gauge of emotional tension and a clue to behavior.

Intonation Accent and Rhythm

Author : Dafydd Gibbon
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The Pragmatic Interpretation of English Intonation

Author : Cynthia Ann McLemore
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Exploring Ethnically Marked Varieties of Kenyan English

Author : Billian Khalayi Otundo
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On a quest to satisfy the need for acoustic documentation of pronunciation norms of Standard Kenyan English, there were predominant deviations which identify users of Ethnically Marked Varieties of Kenyan English. The study documents findings on tenets of Ethnic Markedness by two groups that revealed maximally distinct pronunciation. Data collection and analysis encompassed systematic recording, annotation and acoustic scrutiny. Moreover, attitudes that other Kenyans hold toward the selected varieties are exposed. The study is a primary source in the genres of World Englishes, speech science, prosody and interlanguage pronunciation.

The Intonation Systems of English

Author : Paul Tench
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Tench provides an introduction to the current state of functional linguistics studies in the intonation of English. Intended not only for students of linguistics and English language, the book also contains information ideal for consideration by language teachers, speech therapists, drama students and other professions that rely heavily upon the spoken word.

Downtrends in standard British English intonation

Author : Jan Volín
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The Intonation of English Statements and Questions

Author : Christine Bartels
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Intonation and grammar in British English

Author : M. A. K. Halliday
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Aspects of English Intonation

Author : Olof Lindstrom
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English Intonation

Author : Niels Davidsen-Nielsen
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English Intonation Practice

Author : Roger Kingdon
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Intonation of Conversational English

Author : Wiktor Jassem
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The Role of Intonation in Spoken English

Author : Maria Schubiger
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The Roles of Intonation in English Discourse

Author : Paul Tench
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This work is an attempt to construct a comprehensive theory of the functions of intonation. Whereas many linguists have contributed details of the forms of intonation and have dealt with various aspects of particular functions of intonation, this study aims to bring all these together into a single, coherent description. Although the study is based on Halliday's model of intonation, it draws extensively on other linguists, particularly Pike, Jassem, O'Connor and Arnold, Crystal, Lehiste, Brazil, Brown, Cruttenden, Ladd and Liberman. The study is enhanced by detailed analysis of actual, recorded speech, and by a new departure in intonational analysis, namely the theory of the -stylistic potential- of intonation in different spoken genres."