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English Language Teaching Materials

Author : Nigel Harwood
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"This volume provides an incisive overview of the current state of materials design in language teaching. Seventeen original chapters explore the issues involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of materials in language programs in a wide variety of settings and contexts. This stimulating collection considers different approaches to materials design - including teacher-developed classroom materials, commercial materials, and technology-driven materials. Discussion questions and tasks follow each chapter to make this volume useful to both prospective and practicing teachers alike"--Provided by publisher.

The Complete Guide to the Theory and Practice of Materials Development for Language Learning

Author : Brian Tomlinson
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

English Language Learning Materials

Author : Brian Tomlinson
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This research collection presents a critical review of the materials used for learning English around the world. The first section includes a discussion of materials for specific learners and purposes, such as young learners, self-study, academic writing and general proficiency. The second section presents a detailed study of the materials used in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia, and critically evaluates their effectiveness in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Taking both the teacher's and the learner's needs into consideration, the book makes a positive contribution to the future of research in materials development, and has practical applications. This comprehensive, critical analysis of materials in use around the world will be useful for academics researching materials development and applied linguistics and for students on post-graduate applied linguistics and ELT courses.

Teachers Use of English Language Learning Materials in Kurdistan

Author : Zana Hassan
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There are very little, if any, research in the field of Material Evaluation in Kurdistan, Iraq. This book can be regarded as a very courageous step which takes the EFL teachers' view on using teaching materials in their classes. The collected data has been analyzed and many interesting arguments have been put forward based on the theory in the field of EFL materials evaluation. One might think of making some pre-arrangements before deciding on what to teach. However, by reading this work, you can feel how sometimes EFL teaching might be so random! Regardless of the analyses, there are many other topics related to TESOL and TEFL which have been discussed in this research. Be sure that you will not waste your time reading this, and it is worth reading!

Designing Authenticity Into Language Learning Materials

Author : Freda Mishan
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This book puts forward an authenticity-centred approach to the design of materials for language learning. The premise of the approach is that language learning should be based on authentic materials drawn from a variety of genres found in the target language culture, and that the learning tasks involving these materials should be correspondingly authentic, by entailing interactions that are consistent with the original communicative purpose of the authentic text. It provides both a theoretical grounding to the authenticity-centred approach, and demonstrates its practical application in a teaching task reference section. In outline, the book: • Refines a definition of authenticity in the context of language pedagogy. • Traces the historical background to authenticity in language learning back over one millennium. • Grounds the use of authentic materials in language learning in L2 acquisition research. • Gives a critical analysis of the authenticity of contemporary language study course-books. • Discusses the use of seven authentic genres for language learning; broadcasting, newspapers, advertisements, music and song, film, literature and ICT (information and communications technology). • Offers a set of practical principles for the design of authentic learning tasks. • Includes a reference section providing step-by-step instruction for the design and classroom procedure of learning tasks for materials taken from each of the seven genres.

Materials and Methods in ELT

Author : Jo McDonough
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Materials and Methods in ELT is an essential resource for teachers or for those engaged in taking professional courses relating to all aspects of English language teaching. Now available in its 3rd edition, this popular teachers’ guide offers a comprehensive and useful introduction to the principles and practice of teaching English as a foreign/second language. It examines the ideas behind current methodology and teaching materials, in addition to offering a practical guide to approaching materials and methods, evaluation and adaptation, technology for materials and methods, and teaching in under-resourced classrooms. These principles are then related to the individual language skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The authors examine the different methodologies available to teachers for organizing and running an ELT classroom; discussing group and pair work, individualization, classroom observation, and the teachers’ role in the contemporary ELT context. Updated throughout, the 3rd edition features a new section on technology for materials and methods, as well as a new chapter on IT in English language teaching, and inclusion of new samples from current teaching materials.

An Introduction and Analysis of Teaching Material for English as a Foreign Language at Primary Level Playway Rainbow Edition

Author : Sebastian Heinrichs
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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2005 in the subject English - Pedagogy, Didactics, Literature Studies, grade: 1,0, Bielefeld University, 6 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: In order to check what influence the research results and the consequential demands on foreign language lessons at primary level had on the currently used teaching material, I want to examine the popular books Playway 3 and Playway 4 (Klett, 2001 - Rainbow edition), which are used in the classes 3 and 4, and the additional material. There is a special edition for North-Rhine Westphalia, which differs slightly from the federal version. When English became an official subject in 2003 and the first provisional guidelines had been published, the State Government decided to use Playway only after a few changes would have been made. However, this paper is concerned with the federal edition, which was published in 2001 and is still used in many schools.

Innovation in English Language Teaching

Author : David Hall
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This reader provides both theoretical perspectives and practical tools for analysing and understanding how ELT classroom curricula can be analysed, developed and evaluated. The commissioned and classic texts place curriculum change in a philosophical framework and also explore the political and institutional considerations. A series of case studies are provided to highlight both the role of the teacher in curriculum innovation and various processes of planning and implementation. The final section deals with evaluating curriculum and syllabus change.

Materials Development in Language Teaching

Author : Brian Tomlinson
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Materials Development in Language Teaching aims to help readers apply current theoretical principles and research findings to the practical realities of developing and exploiting classroom materials. The authors also suggest new ideas and directions in materials development, which readers can pursue for themselves. This book is accessible to readers with little previous experience in the field, and is essential reading for all those involved in developing materials for language teaching. In the second edition of this highly popular title, each chapter has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account both recent research and the significant technological developments since the first edition was published in 1998. Two new chapters have been added to assess the potential of electronic media for materials development. These chapters include an overview of the technologies available, as well as individual case studies and activities.

Authenticity in Materials Development for Language Learning

Author : Alan Maley
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This volume makes a unique contribution to the literature on materials development for language learning. It focuses on issues related to authenticity in materials development and includes research-based position statements, applications of theory to practice and developments of theory from observed practice. Each paper concentrates on a different aspect of authenticity and many of them introduce the reader to previously unexplored facets of authenticity. The chapters are sequenced so that the book moves from general discussion about the value of authenticity to reports of evaluations of authenticity to reports of the exploitation of authenticity in specific learning contexts. Many questions are raised, much revealing data is reported and analysed, and many pedagogic suggestions are made. The contributions here have been written so that they are of potential value to teachers, to materials developers, to post-graduate students and to researchers. They are written to be academically rigorous, but at the same time to be accessible to newcomers to the field and to experienced experts alike.

Teaching English Language Learners

Author : Shelley Hong Xu
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Grounded in research and practical expertise, this volume helps K–6 teachers skillfully support all of their English language learners (ELLs)—from a single student to an entire classroom. Ideas for teaching ELLs across different grade and proficiency levels include ways to link instruction to students’ lived experiences, use a variety of motivating print and electronic texts and materials, engage families, and conduct effective assessments. Chapters are packed with tools and activities for promoting ELLs’ development in oral language, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and grammar. Handy reproducibles and “Voice from the Classroom” teacher vignettes enhance the utility of the book.

Teaching and Learning the English Language

Author : Richard Badger
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Teaching and Learning the English Language is a practical guide for anyone seeking to improve their teaching, whether through formal study or on their own. Richard Badger explores teaching English as a problem-solving activity in which teachers must address three fundamental questions: · what aspect of language do students need to learn; · how might they learn this particular aspect of language; · and how can teachers support their learning. Offering a solid, research-based approach along with sound practical advice, this book equips teachers with skills needed to analyse their own contexts and develop their practice. It covers: · Fundamentals of English language · Psychological and social learning processes · TESOL teaching methods and approaches · Lesson planning and classroom management · Language evaluation and assessment · Teaching pronunciation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and discourse · Teaching listening, reading, writing and speaking · English teacher professional development Pedagogical features include chapter summaries, activities for students and key readings recommendations, and the book is also supported by online resources: video case studies, additional exercises and multiple choice quizzes. Including numerous international lesson examples and case studies, Teaching and Learning English Language is suitable for both trainee and practising teachers who speak English as a first, second or foreign language.

Authenticity in English Language Teaching

Author : Leo Will
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Authenticity is one of the most rampant buzzwords in ELT (English Language Teaching). Many have weighed in on what authenticity should mean and on how it may be achieved. The book at hand is an extensive analysis of authenticity as a term and as a concept within the academic field of ELT. The research data comprises virtually all definitions and conceptualizations of authenticity in the international ELT literature. However, only a limited number of texts contributes to what can be called an explicit negotiation of authenticity. A discourse analytical approach is taken to disentangle the hubbub of commentaries and to eventually extrapolate from it six distinct concepts which are attached to the term 'authenticity'. Michel Foucault's seminal theories are invoked, affording additional insights into discourse dynamics and power structures among individuals and institutions in ELT.

World Pass

Author : Susan Stempleski
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To help students expand their fluency, World Pass focuses on dynamic vocabulary building, essential grammar, and stimulating listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities that emphasize the language they need for real world communication.

From Experience to Knowledge in ELT Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

Author : Julian Edge
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Strategies and ideas to help you develop your personal teaching style. A guide to help teachers of English to develop teaching skills through drawing on practical classroom experience.

Strategies for Success with English Language Learners

Author : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
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Approximately 4.7 million designated English language learners attend public schools (Office of English Language Acquisition, 2002). It is predicted that by the 2030s, English language learners will account for about 40 percent of the school-age population. Yet very few teachers have been trained to address the needs of these students, and the questions they ask are the same as they asked decades ago: Who are English language learners and what are effective ways for schooling them? What kind of educational program brings about the best results? What are sound practices for facilitating English language acquisition? How can English language learners have academic success in subject areas? How do we teach English language learners in our classrooms? - p. 5.

Teaching Materials and the Roles of EFL ESL Teachers

Author : Ian McGrath
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Teaching Materials and the Roles of EFL/ESL Teachers is published amidst a decade long increase in academic publications and training courses concerned with the evaluation and design of English language teaching materials. It is timely to consider what effect the advice on offer has had on teachers' practice. Are teachers evaluating materials carefully, using textbooks in the ways expected by textbook writers, developing their own materials, and mediating between materials and learners in the ways advised in the professional literature? The book explores these issues from a variety of perspectives. The views of publishers/textbook writers, those contributing to the professional literature, and teacher educators are synthesised to establish a 'theory' of how teachers can best fulfil their roles vis-à-vis materials and learners. This is then compared with 'practice', as represented by published accounts of teachers' actual practices and learners' perspectives. The conclusion reached is that teacher education in materials evaluation and design is essential and suggestions are offered as to the form this might take. The book is intended particularly for MA students and teacher educators concerned with materials evaluation and design, but is of interest to all those concerned with the publication and use of English language teaching materials.


Author : Selviana Napitupulu
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The purpose of this book is to give new perspectives on how to teach English as a foreign language in Indonesia. English is one of the subjects taught in junior high school and senior high school which is based on the curriculum and syllabus determined by the government. The syllabus consists of the core competence, basic competence, objective, materials, methods, and evaluation. The subjects must contribute to the establishment of attitude, skills, and knowledge. This book is completed with something new: Curriculum 2013. The students of this subject are introduced with the history of language teaching, the spread of “Englishes”, and the concept of ENL, ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESL, and TESOL. The concept, the framework, and the standards in the new curriculum are also included in this book. In addition, the students are also introduced to scientific learning model such as thematic learning, discovery learning, and problem-based learning. Furthermore, the kinds of text as learning materials are also given. It is expected that upon completing this subject, the students are able to teach English as a foreign language in Indonesia using lesson plan based on the syllabus of curriculum 2013. The examples of syllabus and lesson plans used in teaching English for junior high school and senior high school are available in the appendix of this book.

Gender Representation in Learning Materials

Author : Abolaji S. Mustapha
File Size : 87.50 MB
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Representations of gender in learning materials convey an implicit message to students about attitudes towards culturally appropriate gender roles for women and men. This collection takes a linguistic approach to exploring theories about gender representation within the sphere of education and textbooks, and their effects on readers and students within an international context. In the opening section, contributors discuss theories of representation and effect, challenging the conventional Althusserian model of interpellation, and acknowledging the challenges of applying Western feminist models within an international context. Following chapters provide detailed analyses focusing on a number of different countries: Australia, Japan, Brazil, Finland, Russia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Germany, Qatar, Tanzania, and Poland. Through linguistic analysis of vocabulary associated with women and men, content analysis of what women and men say in textbooks, and discourse analysis of the types of linguistic moves associated with women and men, contributors evaluate the extent to which gendered representations in textbooks perpetuate stereotypical gender roles, what the impact may be on learners, and the ways that both teachers and learners interact and engage with these texts.

Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners

Author : Anete Vásquez
File Size : 52.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners provides readers with the comprehensive understanding of both the challenges that face ELLs and ways in which educators might address them in the language arts classroom.