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Epic Geography

Author : Michael A. Seidel
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In proposing that places, movements, and directions are deeply implicated in the narrative structure of Ulysses, Michael Seidel contends that Joyce recreates in Dublin the significant epic geography of the Odyssey. The author demonstrates how Joyce adjusts the spaces of Ulysses to accommodate the three theaters of Homeric action as mapped by Victor Berard's Lex Pheniciens et I'Odyssee. Originally published in 1976. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

James Joyce s Judaic Other

Author : Marilyn Reizbaum
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How does recent scholarship on ethnicity and race speak to the Jewish dimension of James Joyce’s writing? What light has Joyce himself already cast on the complex question of their relationship? This book poses these questions in terms of models of the other drawn from psychoanalytic and cultural studies and from Jewish cultural studies, arguing that in Joyce the emblematic figure of otherness is "the Jew.” The work of Emmanuel Levinas, Sander Gilman, Gillian Rose, Homi Bhabha, among others, is brought to bear on the literature, by Jews and non-Jews alike, that has forged the representation of Jews and Judaism in this century. Joyce was familiar with this literature, like that of Theodor Herzl. Joyce sholarship has largely neglected even these sources, however, including Max Nordau, who contributed significantly to the philosophy of Zionism, and the literature on the "psychobiology” of race--so prominent in the fin de siècle--all of which circulates around and through Joyce’s depictions of Jews and Jewishness. Several Joyce scholars have shown the significance of the concept of the other for Joyce’s work and, more recently, have employed a variety of approaches from within contemporary deliberations of the ideology of race, gender, and nationality to illuminate its impact. The author combines these approaches to demonstrate how any modern characterization of otherness must be informed by historical representations of "the Jew” and, consequently, by the history of anti-Semitism. She does so through a thematics and poetics of Jewishness that together form a discourse and method for Joyce’s novel.

The Epic of Pabuji

Author : John D. Smith
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Pabuji , a medieval Rajput hero from the deserts of Marwar, is widely worshipped as a folk diety capable of proctecting against ill fortune. This book chorincles the epic narrative in English free verse as well as interesting details about the words , the music and the par itself.

Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval India

Author : D.C. Sircar
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The earlier chapters of the present volume deal with a large number of topics relating to kingship, landlordism (sometimes mistaken feudalism), tenancy, royal charters. Panchayat system, etc. Some of the following chapters contain discussion on certain royal officers (also continued in one of the appendices), the function of some of them or their department.

Epic of the Dispossessed

Author : Robert D. Hamner
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Hamner describes Omeros as an epic of the dispossessed because each of its protagonists is a castaway in one sense or another. Regardless of whether their ancestry is traced to the classical Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, or confined to the Americas, they are transplanted individuals whose separate quests all center on the fundamental human need to strike roots in a place where one belongs.

Homer and Early Greek Epic

Author : Margalit Finkelberg
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This collection includes thirty scholarly essays on Homer and Greek epic poetry published by Margalit Finkelberg over the past three decades. The topics discussed reflect the author’s research interests and represent the main directions of her contribution to Homeric studies: Homer's language and diction, archaic Greek epic tradition, Homer's world and values, transmission and reception of the Homeric poems. The book gives special emphasis to some of the central issues in contemporary Homeric scholarship, such as oral-formulaic theory and the role of the individual poet; Neoanalysis and the character of the relationship between Homer and the tradition about the Trojan War; the multi-layered texture of the Homeric poems; the Homeric Question; the canonic status of the Iliad and the Odyssey in antiquity and modernity. All the articles are revised and updated. The book addresses both scholars and advanced students of Classics, as well as non-specialists interested in the Homeric poems and their journey through centuries.

Traditional Oral Epic

Author : John Miles Foley
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Until now, the emphasis in studies of oral traditional works has been placed on addressing the correspondences among traditions--shared structures of "formula," "theme," and "story-pattern." Professor Foley argues that to give the vast and complex body of oral "literature" its due, we must first come to terms with the endemic heterogeneity of traditional oral epics, with their individual histories, genres, and documents, as well as both the synchronic and diachronic aspects of their poetics. This book explores the incongruencies among traditions and focuses on the qualities specific to certain oral and oral-derived works.

The Twilight Age of the Kirghiz Epic Tradition

Author : Daniel Prior
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Unmasking the African Ghost

Author : Cyril Orji
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The story of Africa is a ghost story with two plots. One is foreign or imported and the other indigenous or local. The foreign plot has its origin in colonial history. The indigenous plot is African in origin. But both plots end in the same place: African trauma and culture complex. These narratives create in modern Africa a splintered consciousness and the political and economic conditions that lead to physical and psychological violence. Unmasking the African Ghost is both a theological exploration of the reasons the political and economic systems in African countries have failed and a proposal for the paths toward recovery, anchored in the belief that Africa is a continent continuously trying to redefine its identity in the face of Eurocentrism. For the church in Africa to be a church at the service of its people, theology in Africa must take misery and oppression as the context for its reflections and its reconstruction of the social order. An African solution to African problems must be able to meet the needs of the time. It must look to the African past to draw from its riches--particularly the African sociopolitical ethic of ubuntu. It must also look ahead and draw from the best available sociopolitical system of modern states: liberal democracy. A hybrid of these two yields ubuntucracy. Ubuntucracy removes the ghosts of both Africa and its Western colonizers and begins a new story that can help Africa survive its double bind.

Geography and Ethnography

Author : Kurt A. Raaflaub
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This fascinating volume brings together leading specialists, whohave analyzed the thoughts and records documenting the worldviewsof a wide range of pre-modern societies. Presents evidence from across the ages; from antiquity throughto the Age of Discovery Provides cross-cultural comparison of ancient societies aroundthe globe, from the Chinese to the Incas and Aztecs, from theGreeks and Romans to the peoples of ancient India Explores newly discovered medieval Islamic materials