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Even More Bad Parenting Advice

Author : Guy Delisle
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ONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S BEST GRAPHIC NOVELS OF 2014! Ever wanted to know how to be awarded the Best Dad in the Whole World? Guy Delisle has all the answers for you in these lighthearted, entertaining tales of parental mishaps and practical jokes gone wrong. Whether he’s helping remove a pesky, wobbly, but not quite loose tooth or trying to win at hide-and-seek, his antics will resonate with every parent who has wanted to give a sarcastic answer to a funny question from their kid. Even More Bad Parenting Advice marks Delisle’s second foray into the world of offering bad advice to parents, and a second opportunity to express the minor frustrations and many joys of parenting. His skillful hand at illustration and ironic way with words, which helped to popularize his travelogues about daily life in faraway places, are just as much the stars here as he or his children are. His sense of comic timing shines through in these simply told stories; with their lively flow, a change in facial expression or a few words can serve as the punch line. Even More Bad Parenting Advice celebrates the reality that parenting isn’t all first steps and gold-starred report cards; it’s stinky diapers and never-ending drives to the grocery store, too.

The Graphic Lives of Fathers

Author : Mihaela Precup
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This book explores the representation of fatherhood in contemporary North American autobiographical comics that depict paternal conduct from the post-war period up to the present. It offers equal space to autobiographical comics penned by daughters who represent their fathers’ complicated and often disappointing behavior, and to works by male cartoonists who depict and usually celebrate their own experiences as fathers. This book asks questions about how the desire to forgive or be forgiven can compromise the authors’ ethics or dictate style, considers the ownership of life stories whose subjects cannot or do not agree to be represented, and investigates the pervasive and complicated effects of dominant masculinities. By close reading these cartoonists’ complex strategies of (self-)representation, this volume also places photography and archival work alongside the problematic legacy of self-deprecation carried on from underground comics, and shows how the vocabulary of graphic narration can work with other media and at the intersection of various genres and modes to produce a valuable scrutiny of contemporary norms of fatherhood.

Parenting While Working from Home

Author : Karissa Tunis
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Parenting in December is very different from parenting in July―especially while working from home! As more parents work from home than ever before, there are unique challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of their job, helping their kids thrive, and finding even five minutes to take care of themselves. Parenting While Working from Home offers tips, strategies, and reflections to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids, and establish their inner strength over the course of a year. Parenting experts and founders of the popular website, Adore Them Parenting, Karissa Tunis and Shari Medini share actionable tips, heartfelt insight, and planning strategies to help you enjoy your own parenting journey while working from home. Building on the authors’ own experiences and the most common challenges they hear parents voicing today, Parenting While Working from Home encourages parents to make intentional changes that will result in happier families and thriving careers. This practical guide will teach you how to: Manage your time so that both your kids and your job get the attention they need Build a professional network and maintain your productivity from home Create a kid-friendly environment that encourages independence and strong sibling bonds Consistently tune in to your own needs so that you can meet your true potential And so much more While it isn’t always easy, working from home while raising a family can (and should) be an incredible experience. Parenting While Working from Home offers comfort in shared struggles, new solutions, and calmer days ahead!

Standing Up to Supernanny

Author : Jennie Bristow
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Parenthood, we are told, requires a massive adjustment to our lives, emotions, and relationships, and we have to be taught how to deal with that. But can it really be so bad that we need constant counselling and parenting classes? It is a myth that today's parents are hopeless and lazy: in many ways, we have become too diligent, too hopeful of great outcomes and clear rewards, to the point where we lose ourselves in trying to provide some kind of professional service to our children. The current obsession with perfect parenting increases our insecurity and distrust of each other, and diminishes our authority over our kids. This book is about asking: Why have we invited Supernanny into our living rooms - and how can we kick her out?

Child Trauma Handbook

Author : Ricky Greenwald
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Originally published in 2005, the Child Trauma Handbook is a user-friendly manual that teaches a comprehensive, research-based, phase-model approach to trauma-informed treatment for children and adolescents. Both new and experienced clinicians will find clear explanations and tips for making the connection between child/adolescent behaviors and traumatic histories; they’ll also learn practical skills for successful interventions. Each chapter and skillset is theory based and includes transcripts, case studies, exercises, and specific strategies for addressing problems.

The Economist

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Mommy Knows Worst

Author : James Lileks
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A whimsical compilation of outdated and questionable child care tips from the past covers everything from ads for obsolete items for the nursery to potty-training advice, dangerous party ideas, and more. Original. 40,000 first printing.

The Handbook to Lazy Parenting

Author : Guy Delisle
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And the award for worst dad ever still goes to . . . The Handbook to Lazy Parenting is the bestselling cartoonist Guy Delisle’s final tribute to the frequently hilarious and absurd situations that any parent will find themselves in when raising young children—all told with his trademark sarcastic wit. But even as his children grow older, wiser, and less interested in their father’s antics, Delisle has no shortage of bad-parenting stories, only now, sometimes the joke is on him! From trying to convince Louis to play video games instead of letting him do his homework, to forgetting Alice in a stationery store after buying a pen, to tricking the kids out of dessert to make up for his own blunder, Delisle tells relatable stories of parenthood, the mistakes we have trouble admitting to, and the impulse that we all sometimes have to give a comically serious answer to a child’s comically serious question. With impressive timing and pacing in these lighthearted vignettes, Delisle delivers his gut-wrenchingly funny punch lines in self-deprecating fashion, letting everyone know who is ultimately the butt of the joke. The Handbook to Lazy Parenting will delight parents, of course, but also anyone who has raised or known an inquisitive child and needs some pro tips on being, well, a bad dad!

Distinguishing Disability

Author : Colin Ong-Dean
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Students in special education programmes can have widely divergent experiences. This book argues that this inequality in treatment is directly linked to the disparity in resources possessed by the students' parents.

Stepparent is Not a Bad Word

Author : David Z. Nowell
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There are 1,300 new blended families formed every day. In this valuable, timely resource, Nowell covers every potential problem that can occur during these tough, transitional times--from discipline to disagreement over foundational beliefs--and provides important guidelines for dealing with stepchildren and an examination of the role of each family member.

Journal of Economic Literature

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Occupational Therapy for Children

Author : Jane Case-Smith
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"The strengths of this text include its comprehensiveness, its overall organization, and the study aids included in each chapter. The book lays the foundation for occupational therapy practice and identifies the broad knowledge base required for this endeavor. Building on this foundation, the book progresses logically from assessment through intervention with specific foci on postural control, hand function, visual perception, psychosocial and emotional development, feeding and oral motor skills, self-care and adaptation for independent living, play, handwriting, augmentative communication and computer access, and mobility. Specific strengths in content that merit emphases are the attention to the psychosocial development and needs of children, the use of technology to increase function, the importance of families and others in the child's system through the continuing process of adaptation, and the legislation that is relevant to children with disabilities and their families." (Foreword, p. ix).

The Onion Ad Nauseam

Author : Robert Siegel
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An anthology encompassing hundreds of articles from November 2001 through October 2002, includes "Area Man Not Exactly Sure When to Take Down American Flags" and such post-September 11 works as "Spaghetti-Os Discontinued as Franco-American Relations Break

First Things

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Zero to Three

Author :
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American Mom

Author : Mary Kay Blakely
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A lively memoir of more than twenty years of raising children, from the perspective of a divorced, working mother, questions the authority of parenting "experts" and offers a personal narrative about the issues confronting mothers in the 1990s. Tour.

Journal of the Center for Families Children and the Courts

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Good Kids Bad Behavior

Author : Peter A. Williamson
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A child psychologist takes an entirely new approach to discipline that will be a welcome relief to parents of two- to eight-year-olds. By emphasizing a teaching rather than a punishing attitude, Dr. Williamson creates a positive way to discipline effectively.

The Behavior Therapist

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How to Help Your Child Have a Spiritual Life

Author : Annette Hollander
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