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Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines

Author : Duodecim Medical Publications
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Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines fills the demand for a handbook discussing the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions encountered by health care professionals. The title was first published in Finland by the Finnish Medical Society, where it is now considered to be the single most important support tool for the physicians' decision making in their daily work. What sets EBM Guidelines apart from competing books? Provides physicians with fast and easy access to practice guidelines based on the best available research evidence Covers practically all medical conditions encountered in general practice Developed by over 300 experienced general practitioners and specialists worldwide Includes both diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines, and recommendations on diagnostic tests and drug dosage Presented in a user-friendly format with self contained chapters based on clinical subjects Clear and concise explanations of all available evidence results in the guideline for treatment The strength of evidence is graded from A-D making this title a quick and easy reference whenever and wherever you need it! Assumes no prior knowledge of EBM or statistics - all the work of searching and appraisal has been done for you! Seeks to include guidelines where clinical evidence is incomplete or unavailable Contains full-colour photographs and tables throughout Easy-to-read and fast support at the point of care - EBM Guidelines: Summarises the best available evidence - Cochrane reviews - DARE abstracts - Clinical Evidence topics - original articles in medical journals - abstracts in the Health Technology Assessment Database - NHS Economic Evaluation Evaluates and grades the strength of all individual evidence from A (Strong research-based evidence) to D (No scientific evidence) Suggests guidelines based on clinical evidence. If clinical evidence is inadequate or missing, an expert panel evaluate all other available information and suggests the appropriate guideline With over 1000 problem-orientated or disease-specific guidelines including reference to evidence summaries for all guidelines, this title is the most extensive collection of guidelines for primary care today. Here are just a few examples of the raving reviews for Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines: "An excellent resource… quick to use, even during consultations…very helpful to check whether our preferred diagnostic and therapeutic methods are adequate…competent suggestions based on real evidence…" —Heinz Bhend, PRIMARY CARE "clinically useful answers…easy-to-read …this resource is worth using…" —Carl Heneghan, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford, UK, EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE Journal

Evidence based Medicine

Author : Lesley Grayson
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What is evidence-based medicine? - Evidence-based medicine as a policy issue : Government interest ; The National Health Service response - Source of evidence : Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine ; Health Technology Assessment Programme ; NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination ; UK Clearing House for Information on the Assessment of Health outcomes ; UK Cochrane Centre/Cochrane Collaboration - Getting evidence into practice : the professional debate ; Teaching and learning EBM ; Audit and guidelines ; The role of libraries - The patient perspective

Evidence Based Medicine

Author : Jorgen Nordenstrom
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This lively handbook on the fundamentals of Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) leads the reader, step by step, through a process that proceeds from a patient’s medical history, via information searches and critical appraisal of the literature, to recommendations for treatment. Using a simple four-step approach, the author illustrates how to develop better questions and more effective searches, resulting in objective and clinically relevant information that can be evaluated and implemented in day-to-day practice. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, the famous fictional detectives, assist throughout, drawing parallels between criminal and medical investigation, and simplifying the processes and themes of EBM. Evidence-Based Medicine in Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps is a concise, accessible and instructive introduction to EBM for medical students, health care trainees, doctors and allied health professionals, and a valuable resource for anyone wanting to improve their ability to search, access and interpret the wealth of information at the fingertips of today’s medical community.

Evidence Based Medicine A Framework for Clinical Practice

Author : Daniel J. Friedland
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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. This book is a clinically oriented introduction to the new, emerging field of evidence-based medicine.

Evidence Based Treatment Guidelines for Treating Injured Workers

Author : Andrew S. Friedman
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Medical treatment guidelines are written from a clinical perspective, to guide clinical care. The review criteria that will be included in this issue of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinics are evidence based and are developed by practicing physicians and advisors who work in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Health care providers are expected to be familiar with the guidelines and follow the recommendations. Good medical judgment is important in deciding how to use and interpret this information.

Painless Evidence Based Medicine

Author : Antonio L. Dans
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This updated edition of Painless Evidence-Based Medicine presents basic concepts and application of research statistics in simple and practical manner creating an introductory approach to the complex and technical subject of evidence-based medicine from experienced teachers. A simplified introductory approach to the complex and technical subject of evidence-based medicine from experienced teachers Approaches learning from the vantage point of clinical questions on therapy, diagnosis, prognosis or harm rather than the framework of study designs Provides tables and boxed case studies throughout highlighting key topics, or difficult issues, in an easy to read manner Emphasizes applicability of EBM, encouraging readers to dissect the evidence and how results can be applied to individual patients with different circumstances, varying values and preferences New to the Second Edition are chapters on health screening, clinical practice guidelines, and major updates incorporating recommended trial criteria

Evidence Based Medicine E Book

Author : Sharon E. Straus
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Now in its fifth edition, this classic introduction to the practice and teaching of evidence-based medicine is written for busy clinicians at any stage of their career who want to learn how to practise and teach evidence-based medicine (EBM). It is short and practical, emphasizing direct clinical application of EBM and tactics to practise and teach EBM in real-time. The online toolkit includes Critical appraisal worksheets, Educational prescription, Pocket Cards, EBM calculators, Educational Prescriptions, Clinical Questions log, Self evaluations. Thoroughly updated with examples from latest evidence/studies. Revised electronic ancillaries, now available online Expanded coverage of audit and measuring quality improvement. Teaching moments now indexed for easy reference. New contributing authors Reena Pattani and Areti Angeliki Veroniki

Evidence Based Medicine for PDAs A Guide for Practice

Author : Allan Platt
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Evidence-Based Medicine for PDAs: A Guide for Practice is the first text to give medical practitioners and students the practical basics of PDAs and evidence-based medicine applications necessary for excellent, cost effective patient care. Offered in a clear and applicable format, this book covers information on the latest treatments, necessary equipment, basic software, reducing medical errors, and medical coding. Health care providers can review diagnoses, read about the latest therapy, check for harmful drug interactions, and obtain preventative information, even between patient examinations. Organized by an instructional case-based approach with an accompanying demonstration CD-ROM, this guide provides an interactive visual and auditory experience to accomodate all types of learners. A great resource to help medical educators, students and practicing clinicians integrate EBM into their daily patient care in a practical way.

The Pharmacist s Guide to Evidence Based Medicine for Clinical Decision Making

Author : Patrick J. Bryant
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While most practicing pharmacists are familiar with the term and the general concept of evidence-based medicine, few are adequately trained in the clinical application of these skills. Developed to give clinical pharmacists an edge, this book provides a practical approach for applying sound EBM principles to your clinical decision making process. Decision making based on personal experience alone, without knowledge from well-designed, controlled, randomized trials with adequate sample size, often overestimates the efficacy and underestimates the safety risks associated with drugs. This book provides a roadmap that is instructional and, most importantly, practical for the pharmacist so these new skills can be applied immediately in practice. Based on a five-step process perfected over ten years at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Pharmacy, this exciting new approach will: · Reduce complexity · Shorten time for decision making support · Maintain rigor · Categorize quality of the evidence in a simple, straightforward, and logical manner · Provide a process designed specifically for pharmacists making drug therapy decisions Use of examples, tables, diagrams, and key points highlighted throughout the book and summarized at the end of each chapter provide the pharmacist with skills they can implement the next day to begin applying EBM principles to their practice.

Essential Evidence Based Medicine

Author : Dan Mayer
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This is an ideal introductory text on Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) for medical students and all health-care professionals.