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Experiencing Nirvana

Author : Bruce Pavitt
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Presents a photographic chronicle of an eight-day period in 1989 during which the up-and-coming Nirvana toured overseas with Mudhoney and Tad and performed shows that set the stage for the rise of grunge rock.

Six Stages on the Spiritual Path

Author : Ruth Whitney
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In Six Stages on the Spiritual Path, we learn about spirituality and its stages as well as how spirituality helps to reduce our suffering and create more love. Writings from ancient to contemporary mystics across the world provide us with practical and spiritual wisdom that will make our lives happier and more loving. In the first stage on the mystic way, children experience awe and wonder, but they do not realize that this is a spiritual experience. While all indigenous people recognize awe as a mystical experience, only some adults and most artists do. When parents and religious leaders teach children about God, they cause their spiritual growth to flourish or to become stunted at an elementary school level. Awakening is an experience of the Divine that helps us realize that the Sacred Spirit is within us and loves us. Awakening produces love for our neighbors and ourselves. Then love nurtures more awakenings. Illumination and union are deeper mystical experiences that the Holy One is not only within all of us and all of creation, but also that we are within the ONE. Illumination creates more love for all people and all the universe.

Pathway to Nirvana

Author : Nirvana
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Pathway to Nirvana By Nirvana This is a book on how you can end depression and bring about a state in which you are naturally happy. Everything in this universe is working to achieve balance, and how you feel emotionally is the result of the balance your mind has achieved. By doing the techniques in this book you actively create a balance in your mind, resulting in your life becoming naturally happy. There are numerous benefits to becoming naturally happy, such as you generating positive energy and you becoming a quality person. About the Author For over two decades, Nirvana has experimented with different techniques to come up with the ones that are the most effective at increasing happiness. Nirvana's goal has been to push the envelope and see just how extreme the levels of happiness are of which we are capable of achieving. The techniques that bring about happiness would also have to be simple and easy to use, ones that anyone can do. Nirvana does not have a psychology or psychiatry degree, but rather he is a trailblazer coming up with the new ways to increase happiness.

Enjoying the Ultimate

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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For Buddhists seeking perfection, the Sanskrit word "nirvana" is held as the unreachable goal. But in this definitive, direct translation of the Chinese Dharmapada by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, nirvana is not what you think it is. "Nirvana is our daily business," Thich Nhat Hanh says. Based on talks given in his home monastery of Plum Village in France at the peak of his long teaching career, The Nirvana Chapter conveys Thich Nhat Hanh's insights on the 36 verses on nirvana in the Chinese Dharmapada. Described there as "the absence of notions that cause suffering," we discover that nirvana can be experienced at any time. Previously unavailable in English, these teachings on the experiential path which can help us touch nirvana are an "instant classic" for Buddhists and meditation practitioners. With his fluency in Classical Chinese and his knowledge of Sanskrit and Pali, Thich Nhat Hanh is the perfect guide to lead the way to a new understanding of nirvana for an international audience. Through his commentary, ranging freely in his vast knowledge of Vietnamese Buddhist history, we gain a master practitioner's view of a tradition of Zen Buddhism that has been, until now, inaccessible to Western students. We also gain insights into the elusive "space outside of space" of nirvana's ultimate dimension.

Reasons and Faiths

Author : Ninian Smart
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Whatever Arises Love That

Author : Matt Kahn
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An exploration of unconditional love as the most powerful force for transforming every part of your life For spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, there are four simple words that point the way toward freedom and fulfillment: “Whatever arises, love that.” With Whatever Arises, Love That, Kahn explores the vast potential within that seemingly simple phrase. Kahn provides a series of deeply healing insights and practices to ignite the spark of your highest potential, illuminating concepts such as surrendering on the spiritual journey, untangling the energetic roots of the ego, reclaiming the joy of your true innocent nature, and reuniting the heart and mind as a doorway to spiritual evolution. Here you will also discover: The surprising first step for finding inner peace Why the ego feeds on unprocessed emotional stimulation How to observe and understand the constant chatter of the mind Recognizing the significance of every arising moment, no matter its content The critical importance of slowing down to fully experience the present moment Mastering the vital skill of conscious communication to uplift every relationship and encounter Why “awakening” is different for everyone—and almost always unexpected The journey required to meet your own Ascended Masters As Matt often says, “The deepest invitation in any moment is to heal the root of human suffering and celebrate the Spirit in all by opening your heart to its absolute potential. In a universe of endless questions, love is the only answer.” Whatever Arises, Love That is a new blueprint for exploring spiritual evolution in the most heart-centered way.

Pathways of Buddhist Thought

Author : Ven Nyanaponika
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Originally published in 1971. The essays in this volume cover some of the most important aspects of Buddhism and include discussion of such themes as the nature of Buddhism, Buddhist ethics and philosophical concepts, Buddhism and science, the Power of Mindfulness, Anatta and Nibbana.


Author : Cyrus Panjvani
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This book philosophically introduces the basic truths, doctrines, and principles of Buddhism. Its goal is to explain the teachings of the Buddha and of Buddhism clearly and consistently. Though the book treads beyond the Buddha’s life, including into the Abhidharma and Mahayana traditions, it remains throughout a philosophical discussion and elaboration of the Buddha’s thought. It is meant to be an accessible guide for those who have no background in Buddhism, and to be beneficial to the philosophical understanding of those who do.

A History of the World s Religions

Author : David S. Noss
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A History of the World's Religions bridges the interval between the founding of religions and their present state, and gives students an accurate look at the religions of the world by including descriptive and interpretive details from the original source materials. Refined by over forty years of dialogue and correspondence with religious experts and practitioners around the world, A History of the World's Religions is widely regarded as the hallmark of scholarship, fairness, and accuracy in its field. It is also the most thorough yet manageable history of world religion available in a single volume, treating many subjects largely neglected in other texts.

A Heart as Wide as the World

Author : Sharon Salzberg
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The Buddhist teachings have the power to transform our lives for the better, says Sharon Salzberg, and all we need to bring about this transformation can be found in the ordinary events of our everyday experiences. Salzberg distills more than twenty-five years of teaching and practicing meditation into a series of short essays, rich with anecdotes and personal revelations, that offer genuine aid and comfort for anyone on the spiritual path. Many chance moments, both small and profound, serve as the basis for Salzberg's teachings: hearing a market stall hawker calling "I have what you need!"; noting hotel guests' reactions to a midnight fire alarm; watching her teacher, Dipa Ma, bless a belligerent dog; seeing the Dalai Lama laughing uproariously at his own mistake. Each passing moment, Salzberg shows, can help us down the path toward "a seamlessness of connection and an unbounded heart."