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Exploring the Solar System

Author : Mary Kay Carson
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In this stellar activity book, kids delve into the rich history of space exploration, where telescopes, satellites, probes, landers, and human missions lead to amazing discoveries. Updated to include the recent discovery of Eris which, along with Pluto, has been newly classified as a &“dwarf planet&” by the International Astronomical Union, this cosmic adventure challenges kids to explore the planets and other celestial bodies for themselves through activities such as building a model of a comet using soil, molasses, dry ice, and window cleaner; or creating their own reentry vehicle to safely return an egg to Earth's surface. With biographies of more than 20 space pioneers, specific mission details, a 20-page field guide to the solar system, and plenty of suggestions for further research, this is the ultimate guidebook to exploring the solar system.

Space Exploration For Dummies

Author : Cynthia Phillips, PhD
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Your comprehensive guide to remarkable achievements in space Do you long to explore the universe? This plain-English, fully illustrated guide explains the great discoveries and advancements in space exploration throughout history, from early astronomers to the International Space Station. You'll learn about the first satellites, rockets, and people in space; explore space programs around the world; and ponder the controversial question: Why continue to explore space? Take a quick tour of astronomy get to know the solar system and our place in the galaxy, take a crash course in rocket science, and live a day in the life of an astronaut Run the Great Space Race trace the growth of the Space Age from Sputnik to the Apollo moon landings and meet the robots that explored the cosmos Watch as space exploration matures from the birth of the Space Shuttle to the creation of the Mir Space Station to successes and failures in Mars exploration, see how space programs reached new levels Journey among the planets check out the discoveries made during historic voyages to the inner and outer reaches of the solar system Understand current exploration review the telescopes in space, take a tour of the International Space Station, and see the latest sights on Mars Look into the future learn about upcoming space missions and increased access to space travel Open the book and find: Descriptions of space milestones and future missions An easy-to-follow chronological structure Color and black-and-white photos The nitty-gritty details of becoming an astronaut A grand tour of the solar system through space missions Explanations of tragedies and narrow escapes Facts on the creation of space stations by NASA and the USSR Ten places to look for life beyond Earth

Exploring the Solar System and Beyond

Author : Ailynn Collins
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People have long been curious about the solar system. Since the 1960s, several probes, orbiters, landers, and rovers have been sent out to explore and study the planets and their moons. What incredible discoveries were made during these daring missions? And what will be needed for humans to visit the planets in person? In this nonfiction graphic novel, Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists learn about various missions to other planets and the risks involved with sending people across the solar system and beyond.

Exploring the Solar System

Author : Mary Kay Carson
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Discover the history of space exploration including some very recent finds.

Exploring The Solar System

Author : Amanda Doering Tourville
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Learn About How Physics, Math, And Science Work Together To Help Us Understand Our Solar System And Beyond.

DK Guide to Space

Author :
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Let s Explore Mars Solar System

Author : Baby Professor
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Mars, A.K.A The Red Planet, has been the topic of many alien life speculations for so many years. With this picture book, you will finally learn about Mars; maybe enough to decide for yourself whether life can exist in it or not. Reading a picture book fuels the imagination and makes facts more easily understood. Order your copy today!

Solar System

Author : Marcus Chown
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Now updated with the journeys of the 2012 Mars rover Curiosity and the 2020 Mars rover Perseverance, Solar System undertakes an astonishing visual journey through time and space through fascinating text, original graphics, and stunning photographs. Never before have the wonders of our solar system been so immediately accessible to readers of all ages. Award‑winning writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown combines science and history to visually and narratively explore our neighboring planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, comets and more, as well as the historical figures who aided in their discoveries. From the explosive surface of the sun to the new missions on Mars; from the gargantuan rings of Saturn to the volcanoes of Io; from the latest images of Pluto from NASA's New Horizons probe, to a simulation of what the Oort Cloud might look like, Solar System offers a window seat from which to view the beauty and magnificence of space.

My First Book of Planets

Author : Bruce Betts
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Blast off on an exploration of our solar system--a fun space book for kids 3 to 5 Get even the smallest astronomer excited for the big universe of space, from the bright and burning sun to our own blue Earth to ice-capped Pluto and every planet in between. With this book, kids will explore the entire solar system through incredible photos and fascinating facts on what makes each planet so special--like their size, distance from the sun, what the surface is like, how many moons they have, and more! This planets for kids book includes: Big, beautiful images―Vibrant photos will take kids deep into space and onto each planet―no telescope required. Astronomy for kids―Learn all about the eight planets in our solar system, plus dwarf planets Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Haumea, and Makemake. Fun space facts―Did you know the bubbles in soda are the same gas that's on Venus? Out of this world facts will keep kids glued to the page and excited to explore the sky. Show kids the amazing universe that surrounds them with this fun and engaging astronomy book.

Unmanned Exploration of the solar system

Author : George W. Morgenthaler
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