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Fateful Choices

Author : Ian Kershaw
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The history of the Second World War, with its horrible twists and turns, is so well known that the major events and their outcomes have taken on a sort of inevitability. It has become, in effect, a tragedy with each leader and each country playing an assigned part. Ian Kershaw's extraordinarily thought-provoking and gripping new book, Fateful Choices, demolishes any such sense of inevitability. He examines closely eleven episodes at the heart of the War where there was an immense range of options open to planners and decision-makers. From declarations of war down to operational priorities, choices were made that could have resulted in an almost unrecognisably different conflict. Other viewpoints were passionately and articulately argued by powerful, ruthless advocates. In no case was the decision that prevailed to any degree foreordained. Kershaw, not least through his immense work on the career of Adolf Hitler, has spent many years thinking about the contingent nature of history. Fateful Choices dramatizes brilliantly and distressingly events that between them could have resulted in disaster or victory - either for the Allies or for the Axis.

Fateful Choices

Author : National Academy of Engineering
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This volume describes a vision for the future of U.S. academic research and the near-term actions and policies required to maintain the quality of academic research in the United States. It also describes longer-term strategic considerations for the enterprise in the next century, concluding with a discussion of new approaches to decision making within the academic research enterprise.

Fateful Choices

Author : Ian Kershaw
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In 1940 the world was on a knife-edge. The hurricane of events that marked the opening of the Second World War meant that anything could happen. For the aggressors there was no limit to their ambitions; for their victims a new Dark Age beckoned. Over the next few months their fates would be determined. In Fateful Choices Ian Kershaw re-creates the ten critical decisions taken between May 1940, when Britain chose not to surrender, and December 1941, when Hitler decided to destroy Europe’s Jews, showing how these choices would recast the entire course of history.

SUMMARY Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed The World 1940 1941 By Ian Kershaw

Author : Shortcut Edition
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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. By reading this summary, you will discover how the decisions of the rulers of the great countries between 1940 and 1941 were decisive in shaping our world. You will also discover : that the decision of the United States to break out of its isolationism was a determining factor in the Allied victory; that the United Kingdom nearly negotiated with Hitler after the defeat of France in June 1940; that the process of exterminating the Jews was much more complex than "Mein Kampf" announced; how Stalin was able to remain deaf to the warnings of Nazi Germany's imminent invasion of the USSR. Between 1940 and 1941, the war was not yet global, but was approaching it dangerously. Ian Kershaw, an eminent historian and professor at the University of Sheffield, specializes in modern and contemporary history. Here he revisits a crucial page in our history. Indeed, the destiny of the world could have been quite different if certain decisions had not been taken. These choices had a strong impact, both on the Allies' and the Axis' side. What are the positions taken during those dark years that shaped the world as you know it? *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!


Author : Stephen Fritz
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On June 22, 1941, Germany launched the greatest land assault in history on the Soviet Union, an attack that Adolf Hitler deemed crucial to ensure German economic and political survival. As the key theater of the war for the Germans, the eastern front consumed enormous levels of resources and accounted for 75 percent of all German casualties. Despite the significance of this campaign to Germany and to the war as a whole, few English-language publications of the last thirty-five years have addressed these pivotal events. In Ostkrieg: Hitler’s War of Extermination in the East, Stephen G. Fritz bridges the gap in scholarship by incorporating historical research from the last several decades into an accessible, comprehensive, and coherent narrative. His analysis of the Russo-German War from a German perspective covers all aspects of the eastern front, demonstrating the interrelation of military events, economic policy, resource exploitation, and racial policy that first motivated the invasion. This in-depth account challenges accepted notions about World War II and promotes greater understanding of a topic that has been neglected by historians.

A Fateful Choice

Author : Rachel Lee
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There is just one escape from the pain Jennifer Fox has felt each day since her husband and children were killed in a plane crash--a plane she was supposed to be on. She wants to die, and she's willing to hire her own killer. But when Jennifer learns that the fatal crash was sabotage--and that she was the intended victim--she finds a reason to live--vengeance.

From Native Son to King s Men

Author : Robert McParland
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This book looks at authors and their works during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century, focusing on works that resonated with readers. A sweeping social, literary, and cultural history, this book explores the courage and hopes of the “greatest generation” through its imaginative literature.

Israeli Statecraft

Author : Yehezkel Dror
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This book offers a systematic examination, analysis and evaluation of Israeli national security statecraft in terms of challenges and responses. Providing an in-depth analysis of Israeli statecraft challenges and responses, this interdisciplinary book integrates social science and security studies with public policy approaches within a long-term historical perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict. These scholarly approaches are synthesized with extensive personal knowledge of the author based on involvement in Israeli political-security policy making. This book makes use of conceptualizations of statecraft such as 'fuzzy gambling' and interventions with critical mass in ultra-dynamic historical processes to help clarify Israel's main statecraft successes and failures, alongside the wider theoretical apparatuses these concepts represent. While focused on Israel, these theoretical frameworks have important implications for the academic study of statecraft and statecraft praxis worldwide. This book will be of much interest to both statecraft practitioners and to students of Israeli politics and security, the Middle Eastern conflict, strategic studies and IR/security studies in general.

Genocide Perspectives VI

Author : Nikki Marczak
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Genocide Perspectives VI grapples with two core themes: the personal toll of genocide, and processes that facilitate the crime. From political choices governments and leaders make, through to denialism and impunity, the crime of genocide recurs again and again, across the globe. At what cost to individuals and communities? What might the legacy of this criminality be? This collection of essays examines the personal sacrifice genocide takes from those who live through the trauma, and the generations that follow. Contributors speak to the way visual art and literature attempt to represent genocide, hoping to make sense of problematic histories while also offering a means of reflection after years of “slow violence” or silenced memories. Some authors generously allow us into their own histories, or contemplate how they may have experienced genocide had they been born in another time or place. What facets contribute to the processes that lead to, or enable the crime of genocide? This collection explores those processes through a variety of case studies and lenses. How do nurses, whose role is inherently linked to care and compassion, become mass killers? How do restrictions on religious freedom play a role in advancing genocidal policies, and why do perpetrators of genocide often target religious leaders? Why is it so important for Australia and other nations with histories of colonial genocide to acknowledge their past? Among the essays published in this volume, we have the privilege and the sorrow of publishing the very last essay Professor Colin Tatz wrote before his passing in 2019. His contribution reveals, yet again, the enormous influence of both his research and his original ideas on genocide. He reflects on continuing legacies for Indigenous Australian communities, with whom he worked for many decades, and adds nuance to contemporary understanding of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust, two other cases to which he was deeply committed.

Evil Hours

Author : Raymond Benson
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