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Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Author : Michael P. Goodman
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Female genital plastic surgery has become an increasingly sought-after option for women seeking improvement in genital appearance, relief from discomfort, and increased sexual pleasure. These surgeries are a combination of gynecologic, plastic, and cosmetic procedures. Every year sees a higher demand for physicians properly trained and able to perform them. This unique text from the acknowledged experts in the field covers; the anatomy of the area the specific surgical procedures and all their variations patients' rationales for surgery training guidelines and ethical issues outcome statistics sexual issues patient selection potential risks and complications. Examining the issues from individual patient's perspectives, it is written in an academic but easy-to-read style with understandable and unambiguous drawings and photographs. It contains a step-by-step surgical approach, how to best select the right surgical candidates, how to treat this select group of patients, the sexual issues involved, how to individualize techniques for each specific patient, how to deal with criticism from colleagues or journalists, psychosexual issues, and patient protection.

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Author : Sarah M. Creighton
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A cross-disciplinary take on the rising phenomenon of female genital cosmetic surgery, from world-leading experts, in a single volume.

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Author : Christine A. Hamori
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Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classifications, and Techniques Interest in the field of female genital rejuvenation, once neglected by physicians, has received increasing prominence as a result of media coverage of the topic. Women worldwide have learned that there are options to enhance the appearance of their external genitalia, which may have altered over time from childbirth or the effects of aging. To increase their self-confidence and sense of attractiveness, women are more frequently requesting aesthetic vaginal surgery. The editors have created this timely, unique, comprehensive resource for the field of female aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery. The book offers the following for surgeons adding these increasingly popular procedures to their armamentarium: Applied anatomy and classification of variations in shape and morphology Stepwise guidance for performing a range of reduction and augmentation procedures, including fat grafting, as well as hymenoplasty, perineoplasty, and vaginoplasty Discussion of culturally defined concepts of genital beauty Exciting new advances, such as the O-Shot® and vaginal rejuvenation with fractional erbium laser and transcutaneous temperature-controlled radiofrequency techniques More than 350 color photographs and beautifully detailed surgical illustrations Multiple fully narrated video clips showing details of surgery Both print and electronic formats for easy access everywhere To meet the ever-increasing patient demand for these updated procedures, all surgeons desiring to enhance their knowledge of and skills in female cosmetic genital surgery will want this valuable resource on their shelf!

Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Author : Lina Triana
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This book schematically discusses the available techniques for aesthetic vaginoplasty, including vagina rejuvenation and other related surgical and non-surgical approaches. By furthering our understanding of the field, it promotes a better surgical practice on aesthetic vaginal surgeries. More specifically, this book will enable surgeons to correctly assess patients, choose and plan procedures, and reproduce the most common surgical aesthetic vaginal procedures. Each chapter is written in a pedagogical way, promoting a direct applicability. For each surgical procedure discussed, it features topics such as consultation and patient’s intentions, clinical examination, anatomy and important landmarks, surgical technique and possible complications. Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery: A Practical Guide is intended for any medical professional interested in vagina aesthetic and rejuvenation procedures, especially those in the fields of plastic surgery, gynecology and urology.

Aesthetic and Functional Labiaplasty

Author : Stefan Gress
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This book provides surgeons with insights into performing aesthetic labiaplasty. After a short introduction on the anatomy and function of the external female genitals, surgical techniques used for reducing the labia minora as well as procedures to reshape the labia majora are described in detail. With the help of high quality pictures and illustrations, readers gain information not only on the surgical procedures themselves, but also on aftercare, risks, complications and the information patients should receive before surgery. The demand for surgery to enhance the appearance and function of the external female genital area is increasing throughout the western world. However, to date no guidelines or standards have been published in a concise book format. Furthermore, this procedure is not yet included in any trainee program for specialist surgeons. As a consequence, a growing number of cases are unsuccessful, with unpleasing aesthetic and functional results. This book is a valuable source of information for plastic surgeons and also gynecologists who are interested in learning from one of the experts in this field.

Straight Talk about Cosmetic Surgery

Author : Arthur W. Perry
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Examines current surgical and nonsurgical appearance-changing procedures, assessing the benefits and possible complications, identifying ineffective treatments, and offering criteria for selecting good doctors and facilities.

Cosmetic Surgery

Author : Robert Grant
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Full-color, step-by-step guidance on how to perform the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery Using more than 250 full-color illustrations and photos, and clear, concise text, Cosmetic Surgery teaches you how to perform the latest and most in-demand surgical and non-surgical procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. Each chapter includes patient selection and preparation, technique, complications, outcomes assessment, and references, and many illustrations that have been prepared specifically for this book. FEATURES: A consistent, easy-to-navigate approach that facilitates quick learning More than 250 full-color illustrations that clarify each step of every procedure Expert authorship by experienced plastic surgeons COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE OF: Facial surgeries including facelift, brow lift, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, and chin implants Breast surgery, body contouring, and bariatric plastic surgery including breast augmentation, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, and liposuction Non-surgical options including Botox, injectable fillers, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and laser surgery Other considerations such as new developments in cosmetic surgery, the business of cosmetic surgery, and the public’s view of cosmetic surgery

The Lancet

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Human Sexuality

Author : Tina S. Miracle
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Human Sexuality is an accessible, comprehensive introduction to human sexuality as it relates to basic human needs. Major concepts discussed are neither over simplified, not overly technical. This book discusses all aspects of human sexuality—from sexual anatomy and sexual dysfunction to gender roles and sexual orientation—in terms of five different categories: Physical Needs, Social Needs, Emotional Needs, Spiritual Needs, and Cognitive Needs. For health professionals, sexual health professionals, or anyone interested in a book that emphasizes the totality of human sexuality.

Vulvar Reconstruction Following Female Genital Mutilation Cutting FGM C and other Acquired Deformities

Author : Dan mon O ́Dey
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This book describes essential operative techniques that can be used to anatomically reconstruct the outer female genital in acquired deformities derived from ritual genital mutilation/cutting, and diseases causing similar deforming defects. Following an introduction with general insights on the topic, the main chapters deal with basic considerations and special anatomical information. With the help of high-quality videos and images, the reader receives detailed instructions on clitoral and vulvar reconstruction with techniques invented by the author, named the NMCS-procedure, the OD-flap and the aOAP-flap procedures. The book is rounded out with chapters describing postoperative care and how to manage complications. The integrity of their outer genitals is important for patients’ physical and psychological wellbeing. As such, the vulva is now receiving increasing attention and will likely continue to grow in importance in plastic surgery. The author, who has developed outstanding procedures for vulvar and clitoral reconstruction over the years, shares his considerable experience and hopes to highlight the importance of these methods to overcome the burden of female genital mutilation/cutting.

Read My Lips If Vaginas Could Talk

Author : Ryan A. Stanton, M.d.
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Read My Lips...If Vaginas Could Talk" is both a catchy and a bit spicy quick read about the true world of female genital cosmetic surgery (i.e. plastic surgery of the vulva and vagina). Dr. Ryan A. Stanton, a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA and specialst in this area wrote this book to inform both those curious eyes and ears as well as the general public in hopes of dispelling the many myths and tabboo about procedures such as Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty. As well, Dr. Stanton gives a little refresher course on the pertinent (and very private) anatomy and explanations for its wide variation from one woman to the next. Armed with this new factual knowledge and some enticing illustrations, testimonials, and real-life before and after photos, the reader will likely see plastic surgery of the vulva and vagina as not only acceptable but extremely empowering for women. These procedures have now literally changed the lives of women by not only boosting their self-esteem but thus also their pleasure in the sexual experience.

Female Genital Cutting Human Rights and Resistance

Author : Máire Ní Mhórdha
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The Bioethics Reader

Author : Ruth Chadwick
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'The Bioethics Reader' traces some of the most important concerns of the 1980s, such as the ethics of euthanasia, reproductive technologies, the allocation of scarce medical resources, surrogate motherhood, and a range of issues debated today, particularly in the field of genetics.

Trends and Techniques Aesthetic Plastic Surgery E Book

Author : Lina Triana
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Bring your practice fully up to date with the most effective and innovative techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. Trends and Techniques: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery covers today’s sought-after procedures— from male-specific aesthetic techniques to liposuction technologies and vaginal rejuvenation—all innovative new procedures that will greatly benefit your patients’ quality of life. In this outstanding resource, you’ll learn not only from Dr. Lina Triana, but also from other internationally recognized aesthetic surgeons in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and dermatology. Chapters cover high-demand procedures such as facelifts and lip enhancements, liposuction and J plasma, mamopexy after breast implant removal, hoodplasty, vaginal tightening, scrotal lift, penis enhancement, and more. Offers expert commentary from world-renowned surgeons, including surgical tips and tricks that help you achieve the best outcomes and avoid complications. Discusses gender differences in body definition and non-surgical procedures, as well as marketing in the plastic surgeon’s practice. Allows today’s cosmetic surgeons to offer top procedures with optimal outcomes, enabling increased patient satisfaction and repeat consultation.

New York

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Microsurgery in Urology

Author : Lothar V. Wagenknecht
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast

Author : R. Barrett Noone
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Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine Cr H

Author : Jason Payne-James
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Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery

Author :
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