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First Family

Author : Richard Scowcroft
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Life of prosperous family in western town during "Roaring" 20's and "Busted" 30's.

First Family

Author : David Baldacci
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In this #1 New York Times bestseller, a child is kidnapped at a presidential retreat and two former Secret Service agents must become private investigators in a desperate search that might destroy them both. A daring kidnapping turns a children's birthday party at Camp David, the presidential retreat, into a national security nightmare. Former Secret Service agents turned private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell don't want to get involved. But years ago Sean saved the First Lady's husband, then a senator, from political disaster. Now the president's wife presses Sean and Michelle into a desperate search to rescue a kidnapped child. With Michelle still battling her own demons, the two are pushed to the limit, with forces aligned on all sides against them-and the line between friend and foe impossible to define...or defend.

First Family

Author : Joseph J. Ellis
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The Pulitzer Prize–winning, best-selling author of Founding Brothers and His Excellency brings America’s preeminent first couple to life in a moving and illuminating narrative that sweeps through the American Revolution and the republic’s tenuous early years. John and Abigail Adams left an indelible and remarkably preserved portrait of their lives together in their personal correspondence: both Adamses were prolific letter writers (although John conceded that Abigail was clearly the more gifted of the two), and over the years they exchanged more than twelve hundred letters. Joseph J. Ellis distills this unprecedented and unsurpassed record to give us an account both intimate and panoramic; part biography, part political history, and part love story. Ellis describes the first meeting between the two as inauspicious—John was twenty-four, Abigail just fifteen, and each was entirely unimpressed with the other. But they soon began a passionate correspondence that resulted in their marriage five years later. Over the next decades, the couple were separated nearly as much as they were together. John’s political career took him first to Philadelphia, where he became the boldest advocate for the measures that would lead to the Declaration of Independence. Yet in order to attend the Second Continental Congress, he left his wife and children in the middle of the war zone that had by then engulfed Massachusetts. Later he was sent to Paris, where he served as a minister to the court of France alongside Benjamin Franklin. These years apart stressed the Adamses’ union almost beyond what it could bear: Abigail grew lonely, while the Adams children suffered from their father’s absence. John was elected the nation’s first vice president, but by the time of his reelection, Abigail’s health prevented her from joining him in Philadelphia, the interim capital. She no doubt had further reservations about moving to the swamp on the Potomac when John became president, although this time he persuaded her. President Adams inherited a weak and bitterly divided country from George Washington. The political situation was perilous at best, and he needed his closest advisor by his side: “I can do nothing,” John told Abigail after his election, “without you.” In Ellis’s rich and striking new history, John and Abigail’s relationship unfolds in the context of America’s birth as a nation.

First Family

Author : L.A. Carnell
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What would you do if your child was murdered by the very people He was there to save? While the Lord grieved the death of His only Son, demon’s spewed forth from hell, indiscriminatingly infecting all in their path. By the time God’s attention returned to Earth, evil coursed through the veins of many. Including a rabbi and his family. Standing vigil over Jesus’s broken body as it drooped forward in death, iron nails tearing through flesh and bone, they were at the forefront of the assault. Returning home, one of the rabbi’s twin daughters, Hannah, rips out the heart of her husband and young child. After centuries of taking anything they desired, the family realised they despise everything they’ve become. In the hope of atoning for their sins, they hunt the planet’s most evil human or demon; they have no preference. For Hannah, finding her way back comes with a price. The horror of murdering the two she loved most constantly haunts her. Two young children found on the edge of a road in Mississippi lead them to evil beyond anything they have only encountered once before.

The First Family

Author : Mike Dash
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Before Al Capone and Lucky Luciano, there was the one-fingered, cunning Giuseppe Morello and his murderous coterie of brothers. Had it not been for Morello, the world may never have heard of 'men of honour', the code of omertaor Mafia wars. This explosive book tells the story of the first family of New York, and how this extended close-knit clan of racketeers and murderers left the backwaters of Sicily to successfully establish themselves as the founding godfathers of the New World. First Family will explain in thrilling, characterful detail how the American Mafia established itself so successfully. Combining strong narrative and raw violence - set against the raucous bustle of early twentieth-century New York, and the impoverished rural life of nineteenth-century Sicily - this impeccably researched, groundbreaking study of a crucial period of American history is a compelling portrait of the early years of organised crime.

Connecticut s First Family

Author : Bruce Colin Daniels
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William Pitkin arrived in Hartford, Connecticut in 1659 from England and died there in 1694.

Our First Family s Home

Author : Mary Alice Mairose
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This richly illustrated volume tells the story of the home that has served as Ohio's executive residence since 1957, and of the nine governors and their families who have lived in the house. Our First Family's Home offers the first complete history of the residence and garden that represent Ohio to visiting dignitaries and the citizens of the state alike. Photographs by award-winning environmental photographer Ian Adams and artwork by Dianne McElwain showcase the beauty of the home's architecture and the myriad of native plants that grace the three acres on which the Residence stands. Finally, First Lady Frances Strickland discusses the increasing focus on green energy at the Governor's Residence and First Lady Emerita Hope Taft explains how native plants can help sustain the environment.

England s First Family of Writers

Author : Julie A. Carlson
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Publisher description

Film s First Family

Author : Terry Chester Shulman
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Scandal, adultery, secret marriages, celebrity, divorce, custody battles, suicide attempts, and alcoholism -- the trials and tribulations of the Costellos were as riveting as any Hollywood feature film. Written with unprecedented access to the family's personal documents and artifacts -- and interviews with several family members, including Dolores Barrymore Bedell (the daughter of John Barrymore and Dolores Costello) and Helene's daughter Deirdre -- this riveting study explores the dramatic history of the Costellos and their extraordinary significance to the stage and screen. This eccentric, tragic, yet talented clan was one of the twentieth century's most accomplished families of actors -- second only to the Barrymores, with whom they intermarried and begat a film dynasty riddled with jealousy, resentment, and heartbreak. Inevitably, the Costellos' brilliant achievements would be eclipsed by their own immutable penchant for self-destruction. Patriarch Maurice "Dimples" Costello (1877--1950) was considered the first screen idol and the first great movie star until his screen career, marked by accusations of spousal abuse, drunkenness, and physical assault, abruptly ended. His daughter Dolores married John Barrymore, arguably the most famous man in Hollywood during the late 1920s and early '30s, and their son would carry on the Barrymore name to successive generations of famous actors. Costello's other daughter, Helene, was the first actress to star in an all-talking picture, The Lights of New York (1928). However, her career was wracked by scandal in 1932 during her very public divorce from actor-director Lowell Sherman, who testified that his wife was a drunk and an avid reader of pornography. The original members of this pioneering family may be gone, but the name and legacy of the Costellos will live on through their accomplishments, films, and descendants -- most notably, actress Drew Barrymore.

First Family in Space

Author : Raymond Bean
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Ten-year-old Starr, the middle child in her family, is not thrilled to learn that they are all moving again: she is sick of changing schools, and leaving friends behind--but this time the move is to a space station in orbit around the Earth.

The Marshlandic Saga First Family

Author : Douglas V. Maurer
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Find yourself riveted with an unabridged historical saga of the Marshlands and its most illustrious mythic family, the Ribaults. In The Marshlandic Saga: First Family. This richly detailed, fascinating novel chronicles the part-historical, part-fictional saga of the Ribaults as the First Family of the Marshlands of Northeast Florida and America. Impeccably researched, it depicts the consequences of the European invasion beginning with Ponce de Leon in 1513 and the founding of St. Augustine Americas oldest city by the Spanish in 1565. As the novel chronicles the Ribaults tumult, misfortunes and victories, it also portrays highly significant events that touched off Europes invasion of the Marshlandic Kingdom.

First Family The Kennedys

Author : Brent Sprecher
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One of the most influential and prominent family in American politics and government. From Camelot to the present, see the impact that the Ted Kennedy and the last child of the Kennedy dynasty has had in shaping the new America! This comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News and Politco.

The First Family Detail

Author : Ronald Kessler
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “Ron Kessler appears to get everything first.”—Slate As in a play, presidents, vice presidents, and presidential candidates perform onstage for the public and the media. What the nation’s leaders are really like and what goes on behind the scenes remain hidden. Secret Service agents have a front-row seat on their private lives and those of their wives and children. Crammed with new headline-making revelations, The First Family Detail by New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler tells that eye-opening, uncensored story. The First Family Detail reveals: • Vice President Joe Biden regularly orders the Secret Service to keep his military aide with the nuclear football a mile behind his motorcade, potentially leaving the country unable to retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack. • Secret Service agents discovered that former president Bill Clinton has a blond mistress—code-named Energizer by agents—who lives near the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York. • The Secret Service covered up the fact that President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff overruled the agency to let unscreened spectators get close to Reagan as he left the Washington Hilton, allowing John W. Hinckley Jr. to shoot the president. • Because Hillary Clinton is so nasty to agents, being assigned to her protective detail is considered a form of punishment and the worst assignment in the Secret Service. “Kessler’s such a skilled storyteller, you almost forget this is dead-serious nonfiction.”—Newsweek

A First Family of Tasajara

Author : Bret Harte
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A heart-rending fiction by Harte which enthralls you with its vivid descriptions and eloquent language. Spellbinding!

The Amtrak Wars First Family

Author : Patrick Tilley
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Hundreds of years after civilisation has been destroyed by nuclear war, the Earth is divided between the Trackers of the Amtrak Federation – a community living in vast subterranean cities – and the Mutes, who have evolved to withstand the radiation that has driven their foes underground. A long war for possession of the overground has killed and enslaved many of the Mutes, leaving only the Plainfolk to resist the Federation. After escaping from the clan M'Call in his handmade glider, wingman Steve Brickman expects a hero's welcome from his fellow Trackers. Kidnapped on his first mission above ground by the Mutes, he has spent the last five months under the enforced tutelage of Mr Snow, clan M'Call's wise and magically gifted wordsmith. The months have also garnered a friendship with Cadillac, Mr Snow's protégé, a dawning love of the beautiful Clearwater, and a realisation that the Mutes are not the sub-humans that his masters would have him believe. But instead of a happy homecoming, he receives suspicion and interrogation. Still officially 'dead' until he receives the proper clearance, Brickman must face long hours of speculation and questioning at the hands of the First Family. Only the chance of seeing his kin-sister Roz – with whom he shares a psychic connection – offers any comfort. He is soon drawn into the complicated world of AMEXICO, a top-secret intelligence force where nothing is as it seems, and Brickman must face the reality that everything he has believed in could be false. If the First Family have lied to them about the Mutes, then what else have they been covering up? Is there really any harmful radiation left in the blue-sky world at all? Split by a terrible division of loyalties, what will Brickman choose? The world he knows of order and duty? Or the new life glimpsed through his love for Clearwater? Either way, his role in the Mute prophesy of the Talisman is far from over. First Family, first published in 1985, is the second instalment of Patrick Tilley's internationally best selling science fiction epic, The Amtrak Wars Saga.

First Family on Mars The Space Station

Author :
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By encouraging students to read both fiction and non-fiction in depth, to research interesting topics, and to respond to texts in different ways, teachers can increase their students' knowledge of how texts work and help them develop research skills. There are 12 books and one teachers' guide in Set B Double takes. Each book contains two separate but linked titles - one fiction, one non fiction, covering content area themes and topics. There is also a dedicated web page for each book. Teachers can use these books in different ways. Each of the 12 books is supported by a six page teaching plan based on the Read - Research - Respond model. The accompanying teachers' guide is a practical planning and teaching tool - to help assess and identify the needs of individual students and groups and to teach essential literacy skills, based on the foundation of guided reading.

The First Family

Author : Michael Paul Merlie
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Foster a First Family of Alabama

Author :
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William Foster (1795- ) married Sabrine Roberts in 1821 in Dallas County, Alabama. Descendants and relatives lived in Alabama, Maine, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and elsewhere.

America s First Family the Savages of Virginia

Author : August Burghard
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Thomas Savage (d.1633) immigrated from England to Jamestown, Virginia in 1608. Descendants lived in Virginia, Florida and elsewhere.

First Families

Author : L. Frank
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When L. Frank and Marina Drummer went on the road in 2002, they set out to visit as many people from different California tribes as possible. Crisscrossing the state, they taped hundreds of hours of interviews and collected copies of nearly fifteen hundred family photos. The documentary project, funded by the California State Library and LEF Foundation, paints an unprecedented portrait of California's indigenous people using their own words and photographs from their own family albums. In turns moody, beautiful, warm, and humorous, First Families is a one-of-a-kind book that combines extremely personal images with text that gives readers a broader, deeper view of Indian history and many complex living cultures.