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Fork in the False Trail

Author : C. M. Wendelboe
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"Tucker Ashley returns to his Black Hills ranch only to find that Indians have raided it. They've killed livestock and taken his best friend and business partner Jack captive. Tucker has no choice but to head out after the Indians. Meanwhile, Hack Reed, his nemesis from his recent prison stint, has just broken out of jail, and his gang of cutthroats is hot after Tucker. The Reed gang attacks the posse, killing everyone except their tracker, who narrowly escapes with a gunshot wound. The fact that Tucker was not with them only fuels Reed's fury. Tucker, tracking the Indians who kidnapped Jack, sees they have taken others captive. Among the familiar faces are a murderer of miners, and a rancher and his daughter. Suddenly Tucker has more pressing issues. The gang springs an ambush that Tucker should have seen coming. Still, he manages to kill some of Reed's men and make his escape. Resuming the hunt for Jack, his pursuit of the Indians is more difficult now that Tucker is on foot. In a desperate act, the captives cut their bonds and flee the Indians. The murderer and the rancher are killed right off. The posse tracker that was left for dead catches up with Tucker. Together, they follow the Indians, unaware that the rancher's daughter and Jack escaped. They made it far enough away to hide out in the forest, safe for now. It's a tight line Tucker walks between surviving himself and saving his friend. Will Tucker find Jack before he is killed by the Indians, or will Reed and his killers find Tucker first?"--

Rustlers of West Fork

Author : Louis L'Amour
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In this first of four classic frontier novels, Louis L'Amour adds his own special brand to the life and adventures of one of America's favorite fictional cowboys, Hopalong Cassidy. In The Rustlers of West Fork, the quick-thinking, fast-shooting cowpuncher heads west to deliver a fortune in bank notes to his old friend, Dick Jordan. When he arrives at the Circle J, he discovers that the rancher and his daughter, Pam, are being held prisoner by a desperate band of outlaws led by the ruthless Avery Sparr and his partner Arnold Soper. Even if Hopalong Cassidy can free Jordan and Pam, he will have to lead them across rough and untamed Apache country, stalked by the outlaws who have vowed to gun him down. But Hopalong is no stranger to trouble, and before his guns or his temper cool, he's determines to round up Sparr and his gang and bring the outlaws to justice ... dead or alive! This classic tale of pursuit and survival is vintage L'Amour and adds new life and luster to the legend of Hopalong Cassidy.

Colorado s Continental Divide Trail

Author : Tom Lorang Jones
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Written for both through-hikers of Colorado's more than 700-mile portion of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and segment hikers doing a section at a time. Book jacket.

Encyclopedia of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Author : Elin Woodger
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Provides facts and information about the travels of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and their Corps of Discovery and its importance in relation to Native Americans and the westward expansion in the United States.

Cathexis Necromancer s Dagger

Author : Philip Blood
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Cathexis is a four book epic fantasy series. It is high fantasy, based on true good and evil. In the first book, Necromancer's Dagger, the epic saga of the Ardellen family begins. It starts them on a journey that will embroil much of the world before the epic conclusion in the fourth and final novel of the Cathexis Series. The story starts out fairly simply as you follow a dark plot by a necromancer, a noble and a mercenary who are bent on the destruction of the ruling family of Lindankar. But as the story continues through the series more and more is revealed until everything is wrapped up into a Gordian knot that will all be resolved in the grand climax. Join the Ardellen family on this exciting action packed adventure. Wars, magic battles, ancient evil, alternate planes of existence, horrid creatures and dark plots all tangled in a battle for control of the world. This is high fantasy with the darkest of evil against the purest of good. Love, sacrifice, friendship, revenge, betrayal, and triumph all wrapped up in one massive tale. Come join the Ardellens and experience the world of Cathexis as the story begins to unfold in book one, Necromancer's Dagger.

Kauai Trails

Author : Kathy Morey
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From enchanted Hanelei Bay to the rainbows of Waimea Canyon, from Wailua Falls to the sculptured NaPali Coast, Kaua'i has an unmatchable landscape and miles of trails for hikers and backpackers. This new edition details 59 hikes: you'll walk along steep cliffs above turquoise water, relax next to immense waterfalls, drink in the sweet scent of Kaua'i hibiscus, and stroll on beaches at sunrise.

Five Star Trails Tucson

Author : Rob Rachowiecki
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Tucson lies in a saguaro-studded desert basin surrounded by four mountain ranges and book-ended by two national parks. In an hour you can drive from an arid canyon in the Arizona-Sonora desert to a pine-forested mountain at 9000 feet. Hiking trails are plentiful and as varied as the terrain. Five-Star Trails: Tucson by Rob Rachowiecki guides you to diverse hikes suitable for anyone from wheelchair-using nature lovers to hikers looking for an all-day workout. Each trail has been thoroughly researched, recently hiked and includes a detailed description, trail profiles and map. At a glance categorical ratings, such as Scenery, Trail Condition, Difficulty, Solitude and kid-friendliness, let you quickly select a trail that fits your tastes and ability. Other key information such as fees, restrictions for dogs on the trail as well as advice on when to visit offers you the best information so you can plan your trip with ease. Sized to fit in a pocket, this guide is convenient to keep in the car or toss into a backpack. Driving directions direct hikers to the nearest trailhead parking areas, and GPS trailhead coordinates get them to the start of the trail.

New Mexico s Continental Divide Trail

Author :
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The landscape of New Mexico inspires a sense of peace, awe, and grandeur unlike any other state -- and it contains some of the country's most remote and unexplored natural areas. For day hikers, campers, or backpackers planning a long trek, this guide is absolutely essential for charting your way through this rugged and dramatic landscape. Well-known writer Bob Julyan's precise and entertaining prose, combined with Tom Till's extraordinary photographs, lead the reader through hundreds of miles of breathtaking scenery.

Two Fires in the Night

Author : Richard Jepperson
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The Art of Urban Survival a Family Safety and Self Defense Manual

Author : Stefan Verstappen
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The complete guide to survival in the concrete jungle. The modern urban environment is rife with dangers. Crime, violence, natural disasters, wars, and terrorism are real life possibilities for which few people are prepared. The Art of Urban Survival offers readers simple, safe, and practical advice on how to prepare for, and react to dozens of life threatening situations. The author draws from psychology, sociology and anthropology to provide a deeper understanding of the laws of the urban jungle. In addition, elements of military strategy, eastern martial arts, and wilderness survival techniques are included to provide information on the full spectrum of urban survival skills.