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From Perception to Meaning

Author : Beate Hampe
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The 1987 landmark publications by G. Lakoff and M. Johnson made image schema one of the cornerstone concepts of the emerging experientialist paradigm of Cognitive Linguistics, a framework founded upon the rejection of the mind-body dichotomy and stressing.

From Perception to Meaning

Author : Beate Hampe
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The 1987 landmark publications by G. Lakoff and M. Johnson made image schema one of the cornerstone concepts of the emerging experientialist paradigm of Cognitive Linguistics, a framework founded upon the rejection of the mind-body dichotomy and stressing the fundamentally embodied nature of meaning, imagination and reason - hence language. Conceived of as the pre-linguistic, dynamic and highly schematic gestalts arising directly from motor movement, object manipulation, and perceptual interaction, image schemas served to anchor abstract reasoning and imagination to sensori-motor patterns in the conceptual theory of metaphor. Being itself informed by preceding crosslinguistic work on semantic primitives in the linguistic representations of spatial relations (carried out by L. Talmy, R. Langacker, and others), the notion has inspired a large amount of subsequent research and debate on diverse issues ranging from the meaning, structure and acquisition of natural languages to the embodied mind itself. From Perception to Meaning is the first survey of current image-schema theory and offers a collection of original and innovative essays by leading scholars, many of whom have shaped the theory from the very beginning. The edition unites essays on major issues in recent research on image-schemas - from aspects of their definition and linguistic formalization, their psychological status and neural grounding to their role as semantic universals and primitives in language acquisition. The book will thus not only be welcomed by linguists of a cognitive orientation, but will prove relevant to philosophers, psychologists, and anthropologists interested in language, and indeed to anyone studying the embodied mind.

An Investigation of Women s and Men s Perceptions and Meanings Associated with Food Risks

Author : Andrea Bieberstein
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Concern about food risks is widespread. Consumers, however, are found to differ in terms of how they evaluate these risks. One of the most prominent findings in this regard is the differences between women and men. Many studies report that men are less worried about environmental and technological risks than women, which is also the case for food risks. At the same time it is criticized that these differences are often exaggerated, similarities overlooked, and systematic investigations are lacking. Andrea Bieberstein gives a comprehensive overview of theoretical approaches to risk perception and empirical work that has been conducted in the field of risk perception research. Furthermore, she provides a systematic investigation of how food risks are constructed for women and men by uncovering the meanings in terms of associations, feelings, and values that they attach to various food risks. This allows a deeper understanding of the gender differences in risk perception in terms of their relevance and meaning.

Fluctuations of Attention and the Perception of Meaning

Author : R. N. R. Wallace
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Perception Meaning and Identity

Author : Irena C. Veljanova
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This eBook contains a selection of papers presented at the Third Global Conference of Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity held in Salzburg, Austria, between the 10th and 12th of November 2009. The conference facilitated a multidisciplinary dialogue between authors within and beyond Academe.

The Effect of Intonation Upon the Perception of Meaning

Author : Kjell G. Westin
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Beyond Meaning A Journey Across Language Perception and Experience

Author : Gaetano Fiorin
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Natural languages – idioms such as English and Cantonese, Zulu and Amharic, Basque and Nicaraguan Sign Language – allow their speakers to convey meaning and transmit meaning to one another. But what is meaning exactly? What is this thing that words convey and speakers communicate? Few questions are as elusive as this. Yet, few features are as essential to who we are and what we do as human beings as the capacity to convey meaning through language. In this book, Gaetano Fiorin and Denis Delfitto disclose a notion of linguistic meaning that is structured around three distinct, yet interconnected dimensions: a linguistic dimension, relating meaning to the linguistic forms that convey it; a material dimension, relating meaning to the material and social conditions of its environment; and a psychological dimension, relating meaning to the cognitive lives of its users. By paying special attention to the puzzle surrounding first-person reference – the way speakers exploit language to refer to themselves – and by capitalizing on a number of recent findings in the cognitive sciences, Fiorin and Delfitto develop the original hypothesis that meaningful language shares the same underlying logical and metaphysical structure of sense perception, effectively acting as a system of classification and discrimination at the interface between cognitive agents and their ecologies.

Beyond Perceptions Crafting Meaning

Author : Cheryl R. Lehman
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Researching accounting’s participation in financial regulation, banking practices, managerial incentives and environmental disclosures this volume presents scholarly work adopting interdisciplinary approaches in auditing and accountability realms.

Symbolic Perception and Meaning

Author : Harvey S. Levensohn
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Language Thought and Perception

Author : Uhlan von Slagle
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