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From Reaction to Conflict Prevention

Author : Professor of International Affairs at Norman Paterson School of International Affairs Fen Osler Hampson
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Includes statistics.

Conflict Prevention from Rhetoric to Reality

Author : Albrecht Schnabel
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Together with local actors, many governments, regional organizations and the UN are embracing preventive action as a viable path towards sustainable peace. The contributions to this volume trace conflict prevention efforts in various regional contexts and explain how preventive thinking is being successfully mainstreamed into the activities of regional organizations and the UN.

Exploring Subregional Conflict

Author : International Peace Academy
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Selected bibliography pp. 193-199

Early Warning and Conflict Prevention

Author : Klaas Van Walraven
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Background Sketch: Howard Adelman.

Preventing Violent Conflicts

Author : Peter Wallensteen
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Conflict Prevention in Project Management

Author : Wolfgang Spiess
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Tis handbook has three primary objectives : (?) to give the project managers gu- ance to avoid con?icts in project execution and to understand the procedures in case of legal proceedings, (?) to give lawyers the understanding of the technical problems in project management, and (?) to give students an introduction into the technical and legal aspects of managing big international projects. Te case studies and qu- tions at the end of each chapter are especially directed to the student and the young project managers, who try to enter the ever more complicated world of managing international projects. Tis book does not try to give legal advice, but it tries to help engineers and project managers how to thoroughly plan their project in order to avoid con?icts during execution. In this way it also helps lawyers to better understand their clients, when they have to defend them in con?icts regarding big international projects. Te authors’ many years of experience in managing international projects on one side and in assisting as experts and monitors of litigation on the other side have led them to write this book and thus to help other project managers avoid the mistakes that they themselves and other project managers have made in the past.

Social Cohesion and Conflict Prevention in Asia

Author : Nat J. Colletta
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This book is based on discussions from the Asian Regional Consultation on Social Cohesion and Conflict Management that was sponsored by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Participants, speaking in their personal capacity, included representatives from government, civil society, and donor organisations. The papers included in this volume cite a multiplicity of traditional obstacles to social cohesion and integration in the region, ranging from xenophobic nationalism to poverty, socioeconomic disparities, gender inequality, and ethnic, religious, and cultural discrimination.

Breaking Cycles of Violence

Author : Janie Leatherman
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* Offers strategies for conflict transformation, based on a "conflict prevention toolbox," which deals with all aspects of the conflict cycle * Burundi and Macedonia make powerful case studies Breaking Cycles of Violence studies how the international community, working with local partners, can effectively pinpoint key breaking points and target resources for societies at risk of violent conflict. This book provides policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and students with a framework for recognizing and tackling the complexities of internal and intrastate conflicts in order to avert violence and mass human suffering. It presents guidelines for using early warning indicators to assess the causes of conflict; using preventative action to contain it; and using multidimensional strategies to rehabilitate societies through the cycle of post-conflict peacebuilding.

Contemporary Conflict Resolution

Author : Oliver Ramsbotham
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Since the end of the Cold War, conflict prevention and resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding have risen to the top of the international agenda. The second edition of this hugely popular text charts the development of the field from its pioneers to its contemporary exponents and offers an assessment of its achievements and the challenges it faces in today′s changed security environment. Existing material has been thoroughly updated and new chapters added on peacebuilding from below, reconciliation, responses to terror, gender issues, the ethics of intervention, dialogue, discourse and disagreement, culture and conflict resolution, and future directions for the field. the authors argue that a new form of cosmopolitan conflict resolution is emerging, which offers a hopeful means for human societies to transcend and celebrate their differences. Part I offers a comprehensive survey of the theory and practice of conflict resolution. Part II enters into the controversies that have surrounded conflict resolution as it has become part of the mainstream. Contemporary Conflict Resolution is essential reading for students of peace and security studies, conflict management and international politics, as well as those working in non–government organizations or think–tanks.

The Price of Peace

Author : Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict
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In this provocative study, policy-savvy scholars examine a wide range of cases—from North Korea to South Africa to El Salvador and Bosnia—to demonstrate the power of incentives to deter nuclear proliferation, prevent armed conflict, defend civil and human rights, and rebuild war-torn societies. The book addresses the 'moral hazard' of incentives, the danger that they can be construed as bribes, concessions, or appeasement. The cases demonstrate that incentives can sometimes succeed when traditional methods—threats, sanctions, or force—fail or are too dangerous to apply.

Early Warning and Conflict Management in the Horn of Africa

Author : Cirû Mwaûra
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The Horn of Africa has come to be defined by the,frequency and intensity of its violent conflicts.,Yet, whereas in other regions conflict prevention,stresses formal, top-down inter-governmental,structures, in the Horn of Africa an alternative,conflict management regime that seeks to build on,local capacity and is based on inclusive and,collaborative decision-making has emerged. This,publication outlines the two-year process of,CEWARN's and IGAD's development.

Conflict Prevention from Rhetoric to Reality

Author : David Carment
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Offers a critical evaluation of existing and emerging approaches to applied conflict prevention that involve nontraditional actors ranging from the corporate sector and NGOs to regional and multilateral economic and political organizations. The volume suggests best practices for individuals within these organizations to use the array of political, economic, social and developmental instruments available to them.

Preventive Diplomacy Preventive Defense and Conflict Resolution

Author :
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Conflict Prevention

Author : Bruce R Smoller
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Offering a new perspective, the authors show how efforts to prevent violent civil wars could be much more effective if they incorporate the business sector.

The Costs of Conflict

Author : Michael E. Brown
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When it comes to conflict resolution, is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? Scholars present an analytical and methodological framework for evaluating this question with case studies from various countries to test this assertion.

Conflict Prevention

Author : Peter Wallensteen
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"The prevention of conflicts became important early after the end of the Cold War. Cases such as the genocides in Rwanda, ethnic wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina and state failure in Somalia pointed to the necessity of finding means to avert conflicts from escalating into war, human disasters and regional instability. The purpose of international action to deal with such situation was to curtail the spread of violence and find a solution at an early stage. It is these ambitions that oftentimes are described as conflict prevention. Experiences has shown that it is now time to be more nuanced and ask which actions by whom are more likely to get an effective response. Contents include: Introduction, The Concept of Conflict Prevention, Towards a Prevention Theory?, Outlining a Systematic Study, Conclusion, Appendix, References."

Conflict Prevention in Practice

Author : James S. Sutterlin
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This book is truly unique in that it presents a series of cases in which conflict prevention efforts have been successful at the United Nations and in other international organizations. It presents detailed case studies of the methods used and the diplomacy applied to head off conflicts or to contain them swiftly. Some of the chapters are riveting in their details. The book is the first on conflict prevention as actually applied in practice. It gives a convincingly positive answer to the question: 'Does conflict prevention work in practice?'.It does! The book also contains up-to-date accounts of the policies and practices of early warning and preventive action in a series of international and regional organizations, including ASEAN, the African Union, IGAD and the United Nations. Practice is thus presented alongside evolving policies and programmes. The book deals not only with efforts to prevent conflicts but also to head off gross violations of human rights - an urgent challenge of our times. As Professor Paul Kennedy of Yale University writes in his Foreword, the excellent essays in this volume make it a truly valuable book. At a time when the United Nations is searching for the way forward, this book provides valuable leads for the practice of conflict prevention. It is essential reading for peace-builders, peacemakers and human rights practitioners.

Conflict Prevention in the Workplace

Author : Robert Bacal
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The Art of Conflict Prevention

Author : Luise Drüke
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FR-GOV-DOC (copy 1): From the John Holmes Library collection.


Author : Luc Reychler
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"We genuinely believe that any action in or around existing or potential conflict areas has an influence on war and peace. Building sustainable peace is not just a matter of direct intervention through mediation. It also requires indirect intervention through development and relief aid, media coverage, or any other activity relating to existing or potential violent conflicts. Peacebuilding: A Field Guide therefore aims at making the reader aware of the bigger picture involved in the building of sustainable peace, while also providing some real guidelines on how to maximize all contributions to peacebuilding."--Preface.