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Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy Website

Author : Janice Gow Pettey
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Practical tools and techniques to incorporate ethical standards and practices in nonprofit fundraisingNonprofit Fundraising Strategy features a wealth of practical tools to help fundraising practitioners, board members, and governing boards implement these essential concepts into their own organizations.


Author : Michael J. Worth
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Fundraising: Principles and Practice provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to fundraising. Taking a balanced perspective, bestselling author Michael J. Worth offers insights on the practical application of relevant theory. The text is designed to engage readers in thinking critically about issues in fundraising and philanthropy to prepare them for careers in the nonprofit sector. Worth explores donor motivations and fundraising techniques for annual giving programs, major gift programs, planned giving, and corporate and foundation giving and campaigns. Traditional methods, including direct mail and personal solicitations, are discussed as well as new tools and practices, including online fundraising, crowd-funding and social networks, analytics, and predictive modeling. Written specifically for nonprofit career-oriented individuals, this book helps readers become successful fundraisers.

Ethical Fundraising

Author : Janice Gow Pettey
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Fund Raising

Author : James M. Greenfield
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"Proper application of the fund development process can define anorganization's potential for public support and the direct means toachieve it, and can realize, even predict with reliability, theincome an organization can and should expect at any moment intime."--James M. Greenfield. As the driving force behind every not-for-profit, fund raising is akey to an organization's success in fulfilling its mission.However, while it's important to develop the skills needed to raisemoney, it's equally important to know how to allocate it properlyin order to meet your goals. Now revised and expanded, thispractical resource provides an accessible game plan for not onlyraising funds, but also developing them effectively for increasedproductivity and profitability. Written by James M. Greenfield, a leading authority in the field,Fund Raising takes you step-by-step through the entire funddevelopment process, from planning and marketing to communityrelations and donor management. Beginning with an examination ofphilanthropic history and perspective, it goes on to describe theindividual elements of the development process, as well as theorganizational requirements needed for the process to work. Withdetail and clarity, Greenfield covers such essential bases as theevaluation of program effectiveness, policies and procedures forpublic solicitation, the fund raising environmental audit, matchinggift programs, donor recognition, special projects campaigns, andmuch more. Threaded throughout the book is the theme of "friendraising and relationship building," both vital components ofincreasing capability and capacity to address the needs of today,with an eye toward those of tomorrow. Along with an added, in-depth discussion of ethics, the SecondEdition introduces new best practices that have developed over thepast few years, and features updated data, useful worksheets, suchas economic statistics, demographics, and reports from the AmericanAssociation of Fund-Raising Council. Packed with numerous examples,case studies, and checklists, this exhaustive resource is essentialreading for anyone looking to achieve--and maintain--fund-raisingsuccess. "There is the current need for a better understanding of how thefund development process can best be utilized and improved so thatcommunity benefits can be realized with adequate funding. This bookis intended to be a contribution to that end." --from thePreface Now revised and expanded, this practical resource takes you throughthe entire fund development process, giving you the master plannecessary for realizing the full fund-raising potential of yournonprofit organization. Covering everything from accountability andstewardship to public solicitation and donor relations, the SecondEdition has been updated to include the latest economic figures,demographics, and reports from the American Association ofFund-Raising Council, as well as an added, in-depth discussion ofethics, worksheets for performance analysis, and new best practicesthat have developed over the past few years. Jacket Design: Andrew Liefer

Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations

Author : Karen Brooks Hopkins
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Fundraising experts Karen Brooks Hopkins of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Carolyn Stolper Friedman of the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago offer important insights into today's best fundraising strategies for arts and cultural organizations of all sizes. New to this edition is an in-depth examination of corporate sponsorships, as well as a detailed chapter on endowment campaigns. All statistics, appendixes, and examples have been updated, and many helpful examples, including pledge forms, campaign statements, and sponsorship contracts, are also included.

The Nonprofit Manager s Resource Directory

Author : Ronald A. Landskroner
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A newly revised and updated edition of the ultimate resource fornonprofit managers If you're a nonprofit manager, you probably spend a good deal ofyour time tracking down hard-to-find answers to complicatedquestions. The Nonprofit Manager's Resource Directory, SecondEdition provides instant answers to all your questions concerningnonprofit-oriented product and service providers, Internet sites,funding sources, publications, support and advocacy groups, andmuch more. If you need help finding volunteers, understanding newlegislation, or writing grant proposals, help has arrived. Thisnew, updated edition features expanded coverage of important issuesand even more answers to all your nonprofit questions. Revised to keep vital information up to the minute, The NonprofitManager's Resource Directory, Second Edition: * Contains more than 2,000 detailed listings of both nonprofit andfor-profit resources, products, and services * Supplies complete details on everything from assistance andsupport groups to software vendors and Internet servers, managementconsultants to list marketers * Provides information on all kinds of free and low-cost productsavailable to nonprofits * Features an entirely new section on international issues * Plus: 10 bonus sections available only on CD-ROM The Nonprofit Manager's Resource Directory, Second Edition has theinformation you need to keep your nonprofit alive and well in thesechallenging times. Topics include: * Accountability and Ethics * Assessment and Evaluation * Financial Management * General Management * Governance * Human Resource Management * Information Technology * International Third Sector * Leadership * Legal Issues * Marketing and Communications * Nonprofit Sector Overview * Organizational Dynamics and Design * Philanthropy * Professional Development * Resource Development * Social Entrepreneurship * Strategic Planning * Volunteerism

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Author : Kathryn A. Agard
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Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations tackles issues and leadership topics for those seeking to understand more about this dynamic sector of society. A major focus of this two-volume reference work is on the specific roles and skills required of the non-profit leader in voluntary organizations. Key features include: contributions from a wide range of authors who reflect the variety, vibrancy and creativity of the sector itself an overview of the history of non-profit organizations in the United States description of a robust and diverse assortment of organizations and opportunities for leadership an exploration of the nature of leadership and its complexity as exemplified in the non-profit sector availability both in print and online - this title will form part of the 2010 Encyclopedia Collection on SAGE Reference Online. The Handbook includes topics such as: personalities of non-profit leaders vision and starting a nonprofit organization nonprofit law, statutes, taxation and regulations strategic management financial management collaboration public relations for promoting a non-profit organization human resource policies and procedures.

Fundraising for Nonprofit Institutions

Author : Sandy Dolnick
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Foundations in Library and Information Sciences

Women as Fundraisers Their Experience in and Influence on an Emerging Profession

Author : Julie C. Conry
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Within the last decade, one of the most striking changes in fundraising has been the composition of the workforce itself-the dramatic increase in the numbers of women pursuing fundraising careers. This issue of New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising addresses the opportunities and challenges created by these marked shifts in the gAnder make-up and workplace culture of fundraising. Using personal histories, demographic trAnds, statistical data, and life and work experiences, the authors highlight the significant ways the nonprofit sector is being shaped by women's leadership in fundraising and greater participation in the professional ranks. They outline a number of professional development strategies for women in fundraising; examine the current status of women in fundraising as measured by compensation rates and organizational position; and analyze the impact of women's changing socioeconomic role on the organizational structures and policies of traditional fundraising institutions, such as religious organizations and the YWCA. This is the 19th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising.

Critical Issues in Fund Raising AFP Wiley Fund Development Series

Author : Dwight Burlingame
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Table of contents

Fundraising Principles and Practice

Author : Adrian Sargeant
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The complete guide to fundraising planning, tools, methods, and more Fundraising Principles and Practice provides a unique resource for students and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of fundraising in the current nonprofit environment. Based on emerging research drawn from economics, psychology, social psychology, and sociology, this book provides comprehensive analysis of the nonprofit sector. The discussion delves into donor behavior, decision making, social influences, and models, then uses that context to describe today's fundraising methods, tools, and practices. A robust planning framework helps you set objectives, formulate strategies, create a budget, schedule, and monitor activities, with in-depth guidance toward assessing and fine-tuning your approach. Coverage includes online fundraising, major gifts, planned giving, direct response, grants, corporate fundraising, and donor retention, with an integrated pedagogical approach that facilitates active learning. Case studies and examples illustrate the theory and principles presented, and the companion website offers additional opportunity to deepen your learning and assess your knowledge. Fundraising has become a career specialty, and those who are successful at it are among the most in-demand in the nonprofit world. Great fundraisers make an organization's mission possible, and this book covers the essential information you need to help your organization succeed. Adopt an organized approach to fundraising planning Learn the common behaviors and motivations of donors Master the tools and practices of nonprofit fundraising Manage volunteers, monitor progress, evaluate events, and more Fundraising is the the nonprofit's powerhouse. It's the critical component that supports and maintains all activities, and forms the foundation of the organization itself. Steady management, clear organization, effective methods, and the most up-to-date tools are vital to the role, and familiarity with donor psychology is essential for using these tools to their utmost capability. Fundraising Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the field, with in-depth coverage of today's most effective approaches.

Handbook of Special Events for Nonprofit Organizations

Author : Edwin Reisinger Leibert
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Successful Fundraising

Author : Meredith A. Butler
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The primary purpose of this book it to assist library directors and those who want to become fundraisers for libraries to learn more about fundraising and find answers to their questions. The 12 case studies presented in this book address issues of building a major gift program; developing library capital campaigns; competing for National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grants and Kresge Foundation Challenge Grants; building library endowments; finding support for technology and innovation and library renovation; raising funds for a new library; attracting donors through special collections programs; and raising money for international library associations. The book also provides information on the reasons why college and university presidents like to raise money for their libraries. Finally, the book provides an extensive annotated bibliography of the last decades of literature on library fundraising. (AEF).

Yours Mine and Ours

Author : Barry J. McLeish
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PRAISE FOR Yours, Mine & Ours: Creating a Compelling Donor Experience "Using the principles penned in this book, Barry McLeish has helped our nonprofit grow its customer base 400% with plans to double it yet again approved by our board. The creation of a compelling donor experience has increased gifts 1,000%." --Ron Ward Executive Director Camp Berea "Nonprofits face constant pressure from a public scrutinizing our every move, demanding more service for less cost. Into this perfect storm, Barry McLeish has cast a lifeline. He has given us the power to discern snake oil from salve and to craft custom strategies for our unique organizations. Those who survive the future shakeout and fragmentation of our industry will owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the likes of Barry McLeish and his tribe." --Tony Lee Associate Director of Development Habitat for Humanity "Becoming more donor-centric is not a choice--it's a strategic imperative. This timely book from a seasoned and very savvy practitioner sounds an urgently needed wake-up alarm for nonprofits that have yet to align their work with the hearts and minds of their donors. If you're an executive or board member of a nonprofit, after reading this book don't even dream of hitting the snooze button. In today's environment, it could well be your organization's last nap." --Larry F. Johnston, PhD President McConkey, Johnston International "Keeping up with the sea change in the business of philanthropy has become a full-time job for fundraisers and for managers of nonprofits. McLeish's book explores the expanded expectations of twenty-first-century donors and offers a road map to guide development professionals in building meaningful relationships that will insure years of engaged support. This book goes beyond conventional concepts of branding and marketing into the creation of authentic partnerships between donors and organizations." --Linda G. Steckley Vice President for Development and Executive Education The Brookings Institution "The words of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the biochemist, summarize Barry's latest thoughts: 'Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.' The reader who captures Barry's insights and personally adapts and applies them will benefit greatly." --Larry Fuhrer, Founder/President Presidential Services Ltd.

Principles of Fundraising Theory and Practice

Author : Wesley E. Lindahl
File Size : 32.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Principles of Fundraising: Theory and Practice provides readers with an overview of the theory and practice of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. It approaches fundraising from a marketing position, yet incorporates concepts from the law, economics, accounting, history, sociology, psychology, theology, and ethics. While many fundraising textbooks are heavily geared toward practice, this textbook balances the approach and provides a basis for further study in the field of fundraising.

Achieving Excellence in Fundraising

Author : Eugene R. Tempel
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Achieving Excellence in Fundraising is the go-to reference for fundraising principles, concepts, and techniques. With comprehensive guidance toward the fundraising role, this book reflects the latest advances in fundraising knowledge. Coverage includes evolving technologies, the importance of high net worth donors, global fundraising perspectives, results analysis and performance evaluation, accountability, and credentialing, with contributions from noted experts in the field. You'll gain essential insight into the practice of fundraising and the fundraising cycle, reinforced by ancillary discussion questions, case studies, and additional readings. With contributions from members of The Fund Raising School and the faculty of Indiana University's Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, this new edition includes detailed guidance on nonprofit accounting practices as defined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, rounding out the complete, thorough coverage of the fundraising profession. Designed to provide both theory and practical knowledge, this book is an all-in-one resource for anyone who performs fundraising duties. Understand donor dynamics and craft an institutional development plan Explore essential marketing and solicitation techniques Learn effective volunteer recruitment, retention, and management strategies Fundraising merges a variety of fields including psychology, business management, accounting, and marketing, making it a unique role that requires a uniquely well rounded yet focused skillset. Amidst economic uncertainty and a widening wealth gap the world over, it's more important than ever for fundraisers to have a firm grasp on the tools at their disposal. Achieving Excellence in Fundraising is the ultimate guide to succeeding in this critical role.

The Economics of Nonprofit Institutions

Author : Susan Rose-Ackerman
File Size : 42.65 MB
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Presents a collection of papers that generate insights into the voluntary non-profit sector and the private market economy.

Nonprofit Management

Author : Michael J. Worth
File Size : 51.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice provides an excellent overview of the complexities, management challenges, and importance of the nonprofit sector in the United States. It’s easy-to-use format is appropriate for undergraduates and entry-level nonprofit professionals who wish to develop a broader understanding of the nonprofit sector." —Crystal Tull, University of San Diego Michael J. Worth’s student-friendly best-seller, Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice, Fifth Edition, provides a broad, insightful overview of key topics affecting governance and management of nonprofit organizations. Worth covers the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of nonprofits, managing the nonprofit organization, fundraising, earned income strategies, financial management, nonprofit lobbying and advocacy, managing international and global organizations, and social entrepreneurship. Written specifically for students, this applied text balances research, theory, and practitioner literature with current cases, timely examples, and the most recent data available. New to the Fifth Edition New cases related to accountability and governance highlight new approaches to recent controversies and risks to nonprofits. Cases include the Wounded Warriors Project, Sweet Briar College, 4-H, Housing First, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the National Audubon Society, and an expanded study of governance issues at the Hershey Trust. Expanded discussions of risk management offer new insights on developing strategy, building capacity, and managing risk. New social networks and social media content provides students with practical strategies for using social media when fundraising and marketing. A new comprehensive case on the Girl Scouts of the USA recounts reforms undertaken by this iconic organization and current challenges it faces. The chapter on financial management has been substantially revised to reflect new requirements for nonprofit financial statements issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board in 2016, as well as an expanded discussion of audits. An updated chapter on fundraising includes information on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017, which has implications for charitable giving. New references at the end of every chapter guide readers to relevant cases in the Appendix, making it easy for instructors to incorporate the cases into classroom discussions. Instructors: Log into the password-protected Instructor Site at for case activities, chapter-specific discussion questions, a Microsoft® Word® test bank, PowerPoint® slides, and more!

Public Nonprofit Marketing

Author : Christopher H. Lovelock
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Strategic Planning for Fund Raising

Author : Wesley E. Lindahl
File Size : 75.35 MB
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This book offers a detailed strategic planning methodology that nonprofits can use to get the best results for their fund-raising dollars. Wesley Lindahl shows how nonprofit organizations--including health care providers, colleges and universities, and others--can optimize gift income by strategically allocating fund-raising resources. Lindahl explains how to analyze such programs as major gifts, planned giving, annual campaigns, direct mail appeals, and phone-a-thons, and distribute resources among them most effectively. Drawing on a specific example of how the methodology has been used at Northwestern University, he describes each step in developing a strategic plan, from initiating the planning process to monitoring its results. And he explains how a range of institutions--from small groups using just two or three fund-raising techniques to large institutions with a wide array of programs--can adapt and utilize this strategic planning method. Lindahl summarizes the planning process in four major steps--mission strategy, budget, and control--and enumerates the benefits of using this method. He describes how to set up a steering committee and schedule the necessary planning sessions throughout the fiscal year. He explains how to interpret past results, survey the current economic and regulatory climate, and assess the public image of the organization--and how to use this information in planning fund-raising efforts. He specifies how electronic spreadsheets and special software can be used to determine the optimal allocation of resources, shows how to apply this analysis in a usable strategy, and discusses the strategic advantages of emphasizing long-term development programs.