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The Bewitched History Book 50th Anniversary Edition

Author : David L. Pierce
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For over fifty years, the beloved 1960s sitcom Bewitched has been enchanting television audiences. Created at a turbulent time in American history, Bewitched offered a brief respite from the worries of the day. The Bewitched History Book ties in the events of the times with each episode and breaks down each episode in depth. Within these pages you will learn everything about America’s favorite witch, Samantha Stephens, her dreary mortal husband, Durwood—er—Darrin, and the grand host of witches, warlocks, and marvelous mortals who accompanied them on their journey as television’s most unique couple. Rare trivia and photos accompany the episodes, as you learn which witch went which way along with what mortal madness materialized in the swinging 1960s of suburbia! David Pierce is considered to be the Bewitched Historian from his posts at and He is a brokerage case manager for disability insurance. This is his first book.

Funny But Risque Too

Author : C. J. Bruce
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Funny But Risque Too, like the other 6 books currently forming part of the Take Me To The Toilet Series, is a collection of jokes, tales and anecdotes gathered from friends around the world and matched to illustrations in the same vein as the text. The humour found in Funny But Risque Too is for adult readers without firebrand religious, political or racial views who appreciate off colour or slightly smutty humour. The jokes range from pure fiction to borderline fact and no nationality, group, gender or profession is excluded when an opportunity to poke fun at its members is presented. If you don't have a sense of humour you should not read his book. The jokes, etc., are gathered loosely under subject headings so that it is easy to select a joke for a particular occasion. All the books in the series are designed for easy reading in cramped spaces on trains, planes and buses; not to mention that most private of places where you may find the time to enjoy a good joke. All the jokes, tales and anecdotes found in Funny But Risque Too have been carefully selected for their funniness and not for materiel of a slightly salacious or gratuitous nature that may appear in some of them. I hope that you have as much fun reading this book as I have had compiling it. When you have finished it pass it on to someone who may need cheering up or keep it and add other books in the series to form a unique collection. Chris Bruce.

The Book of Contemplation

Author : Usama ibn Munqidh
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The volume comprises lightly annotated translation of a key medieval Arabic text that bears directly on the Crusades and Crusader society and the Muslim experience of them.

House Bites Man

Author : Silvester Nicholas Scherer
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hope you will all enjoy this little bit of Scherer history and I know he would have wanted all his family to share this part of his past. I think you will find it very interesting to go back into a part your family’s history.

My Seven Angels

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Winnie Lightner

Author : David L. Lightner
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Winnie Lightner (1899-1971) stood out as the first great female comedian of the talkies. Blessed with a superb singing voice and a gift for making wisecracks and rubber faces, she rose to stardom in vaudeville and on Broadway. Then, at the dawn of the sound era, she became the first person in motion picture history to have her spoken words, the lyrics to a song, censored. In Winnie Lightner: Tomboy of the Talkies, David L. Lightner shows how Winnie Lightner's hilarious performance in the 1929 musical comedy Gold Diggers of Broadway made her an overnight sensation. She went on to star in seven other Warner Bros. features. In the best of them, she was the comic epitome of a strident feminist, dominating men and gleefully spurning conventional gender norms and moral values. So tough was she, the studio billed her as "the tomboy of the talkies." When the Great Depression rendered moviegoers hostile toward feminism, Warner Bros. tried to craft a new image of her as glamorous and sexy. Executives assigned her contradictory roles in which she was empowered in the workplace but submissive to her male partner at home. The new persona flopped at the box office, and Lightner's stardom ended. In four final movies, she played supporting roles as the loudmouthed roommate and best friend of actresses Loretta Young, Joan Crawford, and Mona Barrie. Following her retirement in 1934, Lightner faded into obscurity. Many of her films were damaged or even lost entirely. At long last, this biography gives Winnie Lightner the recognition she deserves as a notable figure in film history, in women's history, and in the history of show business.

Stephen Gately and Boyzone Blood Brothers 1976 2009

Author : Emily Herbert
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Stephen Gately was a singer, songwriter and actor, who, alongside Ronan Keating, was one of two lead singers in one of the biggest pop bands in the world, Boyzone. With all of their albums reaching number one in the UK chart and a record-breaking sixteen consecutive singles in the top 5 UK Singles chart they were a huge pop phenomenon. After the initial break up of Boyzone in 2000 Stephen released a successful solo album which charted in the UK top ten and yielded three UK hit singles.• He then went on to star in various successful television and stage productions including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. In 2008 Stephen rejoined his friends as Boyzone reformed for a series of concerts and recordings. The first ever openly gay boy band member, Stephen married Andrew Cowles, first in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2003 and then in a civil partnership ceremony London in 2006. The discovery of Stephen's body, by Cowles, in their Spanish apartment on 10th October shocked the international music scene and left millions of fans devastated. From a childhood in the working-class Sheriff Street area of Dublin to the dizzy heights of international stardom this book charts the journey of a band and a boy whose tragic loss will be felt by millions.

Literary and Cultural Criticism from the Nineteenth Century

Author : Valerie Sanders
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This four volume collection of primary sources examines literary and cultural criticism over the long nineteenth century. The volumes explore the subjects of life-writing, including biography, autobiography, diaries, and letters, drama criticism, the periodical and newspaper press, and criticism written by women. This collection will be of great interest to students of literary history.

Mae West

Author : Jill Watts
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"Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" Mae West invited and promptly captured the imagination of generations. Even today, years after her death, the actress and author is still regarded as the pop archetype of sexual wantonness and ribald humor. But who was this saucy starlet, a woman who was controversial enough to be jailed, pursued by film censors and banned from the airwaves for the revolutionary content of her work, and yet would ascend to the status of film legend? Sifting through previously untapped sources, author Jill Watts unravels the enigmatic life of Mae West, tracing her early years spent in the Brooklyn subculture of boxers and underworld figures, and follows her journey through burlesque, vaudeville, Broadway and, finally, Hollywood, where she quickly became one of the big screen's most popular--and colorful--stars. Exploring West's penchant for contradiction and her carefully perpetuated paradoxes, Watts convincingly argues that Mae West borrowed heavily from African American culture, music, dance and humor, creating a subversive voice for herself by which she artfully challenged society and its assumptions regarding race, class and gender. Viewing West as a trickster, Watts demonstrates that by appropriating for her character the black tradition of double-speak and "signifying," West also may have hinted at her own African-American ancestry and the phenomenon of a black woman passing for white. This absolutely fascinating study is the first comprehensive, interpretive account of Mae West's life and work. It reveals a beloved icon as a radically subversive artist consciously creating her own complex image.

The Talented Mr Varg

Author : Alexander McCall Smith
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The second book in Alexander McCall Smith's new DETECTIVE VARG series . . . 'Reading the novel feels like a form of meditation . . . There is much to enjoy' Scotsman Spring is coming slowly to Sweden - though not quite as slowly as Detective Ulf Varg's promised promotion at the Department of Sensitive Crimes. For Varg, referred by his psychoanalyst to group therapy at Malmö's Wholeness Centre, life now seems mostly a circle of self-examination, something which may or may not be useful when it comes to the nature of his profession and the particularly sensitive cases that have recently come to light. All in a day's work for Detective Varg, except that one of his new investigations involves fellow detective Anna; it will require every ounce of self-discipline he has in order to remain professional. The other, more curious case is centred around internationally successful novelist Nils Personn-Cederström. According to his girlfriend, Cederström is being blackmailed - but by whom and for what reason? Accompanied by his irritating but kindly colleague Blomquist, Varg begins his enquiries and soon the answers fall neatly into place. Nothing and no one is ever that simple, however, and not for the first time he learns as much about his own emotional and moral landscape as he does about the motives of others. Now Varg must make a possibly life-changing decision. Will he choose his own happiness over that of his heart's desire?