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Gardens of a Chinese Emperor

Author : Victoria M. Siu
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Qianlong’s Yuanming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness) was a microcosm of his world, with lush plants, artificial mountains and lakes, and colorful buildings. From within these precincts, the emperor ruled his lands, performed imperial rituals, and observed various religious ceremonies of his people. Destroyed and looted in 1860 by Western forces, it is today only partially restored. Using images, maps, and color-plates, this book reveals the philosophical, political, and artistic concepts that the gardens represented.

A Particular Account of the Emperor of China s Gardens Near Pekin

Author : Jean Denis Attiret
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Chinese Garden Images and Their Relation to the Intellectual Movements of England and France During the Eighteenth Century

Author : Faye Ann Paske
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The Chinese Garden

Author : Maggie Keswick
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Dense with winding paths, dominated by huge rock piles and buildings squeezed into small spaces, the characteristic Chinese garden is, for many foreigners, so unlike anything else as to be incomprehensible. Only on closer acquaintance does it offer up its mysteries; and such is the achievement of Maggie Keswick's celebrated classic that it affords us--adventurers, armchair travelers, and garden buffs alike--the intimate pleasures of the Chinese garden. In these richly illustrated pages, Chinese gardens unfold as cosmic diagrams, revealing a profound and ancient view of the world and of humanity's place in it. First sensuous impressions give way to more cerebral delights, and forms conjure unending, increasingly esoteric and mystical layers of meaning for the initiate. Keswick conducts us through the art and architecture, the principles and techniques of Chinese gardens, showing us their long history as the background for a civilization--the settings for China's great poets and painters, the scenes of ribald parties and peaceful contemplation, political intrigues and family festivals. Updated and expanded in this third edition, with an introduction by Alison Hardie, many new illustrations, and an updated list of gardens in China accessible to visitors, Keswick's engaging work remains unparalleled as an introduction to the Chinese garden.

Oriental gardens

Author : Norah M. Titley
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The design and construction of gardens and the cultivation of flowers have been major pastimes in virtually all civilizations of the Near and Far East for centuries. The authors discuss the history and influence of these gardens as depicted in Oriental paintings and prints.

The Emperor s Private Paradise

Author : Nancy Zeng Berliner
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This exhibition catalogue offers a magnificent, thorough study of 90 objects from the Qianlong Garden in Beijing's Forbidden City. Objects include wall paintings, furniture, architectural fittings, ceramics, and stone. They have been on public view infrequently and only in the Qianlong Garden, which is now undergoing a 20-year restoration under the lead of the World Monuments Fund and Beijing's Palace Museum. The garden is a two-acre tract consisting of 27 buildings, their contents, and a mature landscape--the whole complex is characterized as a "multi-layered artwork." Following an introduction by Elliott (Harvard), Berliner (Peabody Essex Museum) presents the general characteristics of scholar and emperor gardens, and the early gardens of Emperor Qianlong, along with a minute analysis of the Qianlong Garden. Yuan Hongqi (Palace Museum), Liu Chang (Tsinghua Univ., Beijing), and Henry Tzu Ng (World Monuments Fund) treat the garden's subsequent history. Interlaced throughout are superb illustrations of the objects and the garden, followed by a catalogue with small illustrations of objects, and their curatorial data; a chronology; a comparative, annotated time line; maps; glossary; and Chinese pronunciation guide. This must-buy publication is a model of sensitive scholarship that places the garden and its objects in an understandable, universal context. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers. General Readers; Lower-division Undergraduates; Upper-division Undergraduates; Graduate Students; Researchers/Faculty; Professionals/Practitioners. Reviewed by D. K. Haworth.

Authentic memoirs of the Christian church in China from the German of J L de Mosheim Of the art of laying out gardens among the Chinese by Mr Chambers architect A description of the Emperor s garden and pleasure houses near Peking from the French of Frere Attiret Jesuit A description of the solemnities observed at Peking on the Emperor s mother entering on the sixtieth year of her age from the French of P Amyot Jesuit

Author : Thomas Percy
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A Jesuit Garden in Beijing and Early Modern Chinese Culture

Author : Hui Zou
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In this volume, Hui Zou analyzes historical, architectural, visual, literary, and philosophical perspectives on the Western-styled garden that formed part of the great Yuanming Yuan complex in Beijing, constructed during the Qing dynasty. Designed and built in the late eighteenth century by Italian and French Jesuits, the garden described in this book was a wonderland of multistoried buildings, fountains, labyrinths, and geometrical hills. It even included an open-air theater. Through detailed examination of historical literature and representations, Zou analyzes the ways in which the Jesuits accommodated their design within the Chinese cultural context. He shows how an especially important element of their approach was the application of a linear perspective the "line-method"-to create the jing, the Chinese concept of the bounded bright view of a garden scene. Hui Zou's book demonstrates how Jesuit metaphysics fused with Chinese cosmology and broadens our understanding of cultural and religious encounters in early Chinese modernity. It presents an intriguing reflection on the interaction between Western metaphysics and the poetical tradition of Chinese culture. The volume will be of interest to scholars and students in a variety of fields, including literature, philosophy, architecture, landscape and urban studies, and East-West comparative cultural studies.

Chinese Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Author : Dunzhen Liu
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You will gain deep insight not only into the art of gardening in China, but into its historical significance within the context of gardening and landscape design worldwide.".

The English Garden

Author : Rufus Cole
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Proceedings of the XXVII International Horticultural Congress on Global Horticulture Diversity and Harmony

Author : Jung-Myung Lee
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Chinese Gardens

Author : Dorothy Graham
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The Cosmos as Garden A Pictorial Contemplation of Chinese Private Gardens and Their Role in the Alteration of Time and Space

Author : Jürgen Hirschmann
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Diploma Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Landscape Management, grade: Sehr gut, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, language: English, abstract: Although China cultural as well as political is opening up since about thirty years, the Chinese manner of cerebration, except of few exemptions, has still keep refused most people in the western world. Primarily this has to do with the ancient Chinese ideology self. The Chinese, who are calling their country "The Empire of the Middle," were on principle in the past rarely attempted to leave their nation because the remaining world for them was not really livable. Outside the boundaries, there lived the so called barbarians, who in ancient times mostly were embodied by brutal Mongolian tribes, who martially tried to infiltrate China and from them the Chinese had to protect. So, they created their own world, a world in the world, enclosed by the thousands of meters long Great Wall (Chang Cheng), inside of they felt confident and could develop further. This retirement in an enclosed space and last but not least the retirement in oneself paved finally the way for their private gardens, in which they could undisturbed find an access to a better "world." This essay will deal with these little enclosed garden worlds, these micro-cosmos in a macro-cosmos. This work consists of a searching for their history and the holistically "religious" backgrounds, which first made enable these small but coevally "infinite" universes. It get to the bottom of the correlations between time and space, establish relationships between narrow and open, bright and dark, and last but not least inside and outside, which all are parts of an all-containing, super-ordinate "Great." It makes close connections to landscape paintings and the gardens self, which as major motif threads through the whole text, will find out that they are close correlated to the "Great" and grapple with the centre of the "Whole," with the "Z

Historic Chinese Architecture

Author :
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The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle a Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs

Author :
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Loves and Lives of Chinese Emperors

Author : Chia-yu Wang
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Georgian Gardens

Author : David Jacques
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The Athenaeum

Author :
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Quarterly Bulletin of Chinese Bibliography

Author :
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The Chinese Garden as Lyric Enclave

Author : Chi Xiao
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Charts the fate of Chinese lyricism in late imperial China