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Chase s Calendar of Events 2018

Author : Editors of Chase's
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Founded in 1957, Chase's observes its 60th anniversary with the 2018 edition! Users will find everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "One of the most impressive reference volumes in the world."--Publishers Weekly.

Yearbook of Higher Education

Author : Marquis Who's Who, LLC
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The Cultivator Country Gentleman

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Children Today

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Trilogy of Terror

Author : Stephen Gresham
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Now in one collection, three of Stephen Gresham's classic horror novels -- Moon Lake, Rockabye Baby, and Night Touch. *** Moon Lake: FEAR GROWS ON MOON LAKE … And so do hundreds of beautiful water hyacinths. Their lavender petals caress the fog-enshrouded surface. Their sweet-smelling fragrance speaks of passion and death … EVIL GROWS ON MOON LAKE … And honeymooners Michael and Sandy Williams sense the uneasiness. The humming of the insects is too shrill. The mist is too suffocating. The hyacinths are too overgrown … HORROR GROWS ON MOON LAKE … And there is no way to stop it. In the murky depths, through the lush purple flowers, an almost human face takes form. Its glowing eyes pierce the water. Its icy breath chills the night air. It reaches out to claim the innocent — to nourish the evil that lurks in MOON LAKE. *** Night Touch: HELPING HANDS Rob, Andrea, and Adam had been best friends ever since they were children. Rob and Andrea didn't care that Adam was blind and ugly and the other kids made fun of him. They always stood by him. But that summer—the summer they turned fifteen—their friendship would be put to the test in ways beyond their darkest nightmares … KILLING HANDS The mysterious stranger had called the marking on Adam's left hand the Cross of Dark Fortune, and because of it he was able to give Adam the "night touch." Suddenly Adam could see without seeing—drawing pictures, typing, playing the guitar just like everyone else. But his gift demanded a horrifically high price—a price to be paid in evil, death, and blood! *** Rockabye Baby: Mr. Macready was such a nice old man. He liked to watch the children walking home from school, especially the little girls. In fact, Mr. Macready knew all about the children of Granite Heights—their names, their houses, even the nights their parents were away. And when he put on his white nurse's uniform and smeared his lips with blood-red lipstick, any child would be happy to let him through the door. Oh, they always stared a bit at his clear plastic gloves. But that was nothing compared to how they stared when he got his hands around their fragile little necks and crooned … ROCKABYE BABY.

American Architect and Architecture

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Upending American Politics

Author : Theda Skocpol
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The election of Barack Obama in 2008 was startling, as was the victory of Donald Trump eight years later. Because both presidents were unusual and gained office backed by Congresses controlled by their own parties, their elections kick-started massive counter-movements. The Tea Party starting in 2009 and the "resistance" after November 2016 transformed America's political landscape. Upending American Politics offers a fresh perspective on recent upheavals, tracking the emergence and spread of local voluntary citizens' groups, the ongoing activities of elite advocacy organizations and consortia of wealthy donors, and the impact of popular and elite efforts on the two major political parties and candidate-led political campaigns. Going well beyond national surveys, Theda Skocpol, Caroline Tervo, and their contributors use organizational documents, interviews, and local visits to probe changing organizational configurations at the national level and in swing states. This volume analyzes conservative politics in the first section and progressive responses in the second to provide a clear overview of US politics as a whole. By highlighting evidence from the state level, it also reveals the important interplay of local and national trends.

Commerce Business Daily

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Marine Chronometers at Greenwich

Author : Jonathan Betts
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The Marine Chronometers at Greenwich is the fifth, and largest, of the distinguished series of catalogues of instruments in the collections of the National Maritime Museum. Housed at the Royal Observatory Greenwich -- the 'home of time' and the Prime Meridian of the world -- this extraordinary collection, which includes the celebrated marine timekeepers by John Harrison (1693-1776), is generally considered to be the finest of its kind in existence. The book is however much more than just a catalogue, and includes an accessible and engaging history of the chronometer, revealing why these instruments were important in our scientific and cultural history, and explaining, in simple terms, how they worked and were used. A comprehensive Glossary and Bibliography are included to ensure any technicalities are explained and that the reader has suggestions for useful 'further reading'. Over 480 photographs and illustrations, including many fine macro-photographs and line drawings, illustrate the 'jewel-like' beauty of the chronometer's construction and explain the function and subtleties of its mechanism. A chapter on 'How the Chronometer was Made', describes the fine sub-division of labour used to create these special machines, from bare metal, right up to delivery on board ship, and brief biographies of the makers tell the human story behind this important nineteenth-century industry. Another chapter, 'The Evolution of the Chronometer', aimed at collectors, historians and curators, provides clearly structured information on assessing and dating the chronometer, something many find difficult. And, for the dedicated specialist, there is extensive tabulated data on the technical structure of this important collection, a unique resource for future research.

The Country Gentleman

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