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Gateway to God

Author : Simone Weil
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Worship the Gateway to God

Author : Jim Burgdorf
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How do we bridge the gap between fable and everyday lifestyle, between beyond-my-reach and within-my grasp? Have you ever pondered amazing Biblical promises and honestly considered them hopelessly out of reach? "...Is there a place where I can connect the dots?" Worship is The Gateway to God.

Sacred Heart

Author : Wendy M. Wright
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"The hundreds of thousands of Sacred Heart shrines, monuments, statues, prints, paintings, holy cards, medals, scapulars and devotional paraphernalia that litter the landscape of Catholicism worldwide reflect the fact that the Sacred Heart was one of the defining symbols of the church through the mid-twentieth century. In fact, whether in scripture, prayer, iconography or theological reflection the image of the Heart of God has always been present in the Christian story, and in Sacred Heart Wendy Wright shows how it can become a window through which we might glimpse something of the divine mystery and through which the divine mystery might gaze upon us." "This book is both a richly detailed history and analysis of the devotion to the Sacred Heart, and a powerful and imaginative description of a spiritual journey."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Gateway to Heaven Doctrine and devotion

Author : Brian Reynolds
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This first volume lays out all the Marian doctrines and their evolution in a clear and easy-to-follow format as well as providing two chapters on patristic and medieval devotion.

A Gateway Between a Distant God and a Cruel World

Author : Reut Yael Paz
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Through a collective biographical methodology of four scholars 20th century scholars this book investigates how Jewish identity and intellectual ties to Judaic civilisation in the German speaking legal context influenced the international legal discipline.

Gateway To Heaven

Author : Apostle Carol J. Peay
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Gateway to Heaven is a collection of sermons that I wrote and have preached over the years. They were written between 2001 and 2009 to encourage, comfort, and transform. I pray that they will inspire you as you read them. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart enlighten and transform some part of your life. May God bless you as you continue traveling on your journey.

Gateway to God s Blessing

Author : Derek Prince
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"Explains how the biblical concept of the fear of the Lord is the source of wisdom and humility"--Provided by publisher.

God s Gateway

Author : James Lochtefeld
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A celebrated Hindu pilgrimage site, Hardwar lies on the river Ganges at the edge of the Himalayas. Its identity as a holy place is inextricably tied to the mythology and reality of the Ganges, and traditional sources overwhelmingly stress this connection. Virtually nothing has been written about Hardwar's history and development, although the historical record reveals striking changes of the past few centuries. These changes have usually reflected worldly forces such as shifting trade routes, improved transportation, or political instability. Yet such mundane influences have been ignored in the city's sacred narrative, which presents a fixed, unchanging identity. The city's complex identity, says Lochtefeld, lies in the tension between these differing narratives. In this fieldwork-based study, Lochtefeld analyzes modern Hardwar as a Hindu pilgrimage center. He looks first at various groups of local residents -- businessmen, hereditary priests, and ascetics -- and assesses their differing roles in managing Hardwar as a holy place. He then examines the pilgrims and the factors that bring them to Hardwar. None of these groups is as pious as popularly depicted, but their interactions in upholding their own interest create and maintain Hardwar's religious environment. In conclusion, he addresses the wider context of Indian pilgrimage and the forces shaping it in the present day. He finds that many modern Hindus, like many modern Christians, feel some dissonance between traditional religious symbols and their 21st-century world, and that they are reinterpreting their traditional symbols to make them meaningful for their time.

Gateway of the Gods

Author : Craig Hines
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This ground-breaking and provocative book presents new and astonishing interpretations of ancient history, mythology and world religions that will call many established beliefs into question. In Gateway of the Gods, author Craig Hines invites readers to reconsider preconceived notions concerning Biblical theology in light of recent scientific discoveries and inquiries concerning the nature of the universe. This fascinating exploration reveals a number of ideas that have been suppressed and obscured behind layers of symbolism and misguided propaganda for thousands of years... until now. Why is it that so many world cultures share details of an event when fallen angels descended upon the earth and fathered hybrid offspring called the Nephilim? Is it possible that these beings used "gateway" technology housed within pyramids and holy temples to travel between the heavenly and earthly realms? Do the latest advances in theoretical physics lend credibility to the idea that otherworldly beings might reside in dimensions parallel to our own? Do the recorded voices of the "dead," known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), indicate that we may be able to communicate with these other realms? Was a secret message embedded within ancient texts that could only be revealed after we have attained the knowledge and technology necessary to understand it? Does this message offer a solution to the approaching environmental disaster that scientists warn will be more devastating to human civilization than any others in recorded history? Drawing from a variety of historical sources and years of meticulous research, the author weaves together a compelling argument involving a range of seemingly disparate topics that when considered together, formulate a radically new narrative concerning the history and destiny of the human race.

Gateway of Life

Author : Mary Cunningham
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The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Author : Ronnie W. Floyd
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Popular pastor Floyd's insights on the often overlooked, always faith-strengthening discipline of prayer and fasting have been revised for this updated edition.

The Gateway to the Seer Realm

Author : Barbie Breathitt
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Look again to See Beyond! You can step into God’s gateway to receive personal insights from Heaven—today. The Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural is written by a gifted Seer who has years of personal experience interpreting dreams and ministering in the prophetic realm. Dr. Barbie Breathitt shares valuable insight into understanding the ways of God and the supernatural realms of vision, dreams, healing, and destiny. You will learn: What the Seer Realm is and why you need to access it. That intimacy and friendship with God are keys to hearing and understanding God’s ways. The natural and supernatural ways God communicates with you daily. How to walk into an entirely new dimension of revelation knowledge. From the “Yellow Car Dream” to “Turn Aside to See Your Future” to “Vampire Vapors” and “The Flying Scroll,” you will step into a realm of the impossible with the grace and favor of God resting upon you when you read The Gateway to the Seer Realm.


Author : Paula Gooder
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Heaven is one of those great mysteries that somehow symbolize what we don't know about ourselves and the world around us. At the same time it lifts our vision from the mundane realities of our everyday lives and reminds us that beyond the daily grind of our existence there is another, unseen reality. A reality that is as real--if not more so--than our everyday lives. Heaven suggests an answer to the familiar human feeling that there must be more than this, and prompts us to wonder whether there is indeed more in heaven and earth than can be dreamt of in all our philosophies. -Paula Gooder, from the Introduction

Gateway to Joy

Author : Elisabeth Elliot
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The authors thoughts & reflections on many of the great biblical themes she has written about for the past 40 years.

Gateway to Judaism

Author : Mordechai Becher
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Gateway to Judaism is an insider's engaging look at the mindset, values, and practices of Judaism in the 21st century. As a senior lecturer and outreach expert with Gateways Seminars, Rabbi Mordechai Becher has helped thousands of people reconnect with the beauty, wisdom and relevance of their Jewish heritage. Often asked to recommend "just one book" that would explain the essentials of Jewish life and thought , he decided to write it himself! Delving beneath common perceptions of Jewish tradition, Rabbi Becher presents fresh and meaningful perspectives that will educate and inspire you. Among the many intriguing topics he addresses are: Is there spirituality in Judaism? In our age of labor-saving devices, do we still need a Sabbath? What is Judaism's view on death and the afterlife? Why is Judaism so full of laws? Why should I pray? Does God really want to hear my complaints? Can Judaism enhance my marriage? Isn't circumcision just an ancient rite of initiation? Is it still relevant? Why is Israel so central to Judaism? Does a religion need a land? Why does a mourner say Kaddish? Wasn't keeping kosher a health measure? Does it still have a purpose today? How can I add meaning to my Passover Seder? Gateway to Judaism reveals Judaism's power to elevate your life. Whether you are new to Jewish tradition, familiar with its practice, or simply curious, you will find this book an illuminating guide to a joyous and fulfilling lifestyle. -- from dust cover.

Antietam 1862 Gateway to Emancipation

Author : T. Stephen Whitman
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This book explains how the Battle of Antietam—a conflict that changed nothing militarily—still played a pivotal role in the Civil War by affording Abraham Lincoln an opportunity to announce the emancipation of slaves in states in rebellion.


Author : Lawrence Dewyatt Abrams
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Gateway is the first novel in the series of novels that chronicle Acara. Gateway is the story of the refugees of Acara that flee to Baltimore through a crystal lined gateway to hide the savior of their people. The refugees are able to blend into the population of Baltimore since they look African-American. Once on Earth, the refugees use their knowledge of Earth to create a life for themselves among its people. They open Gateway Baptist Church on the site of their arrival and raise the savior of their race as their own. After 16 years of living on Earth and disguising themselves as Baptists, their presence on Earth is discovered by the tyrannical High Queen of their home world. In addition, they are called home by the living spirit of their home world the Avatar. With the help of a group of unlikely folk from Baltimore, Gateway tells the tale of how these refugees use their arcane skills to battle against dark forces to find their way home.

The Gateway of Understanding

Author : Carl A. Wickland
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard-to-find books with something of interest for everyone!

Gateway to Resurrection

Author : Maria Boulding osb
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Soul and the City

Author : Marcy Heidish
File Size : 57.49 MB
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Your City Guide to God Beneath the relentless rhythms of city life beats the heart of God, and award-winning author Marcy Heidish takes you into a more intimate relationship with him in the midst of crowds, chaos, and concrete. Her experiences from a curb in Brooklyn, the bay in San Francisco, a rooftop of Chartres Cathedaral in Paris, and the busy halls of Washington, D.C., help you see the city in a new light. She turns common city distractions, annoyances, and challenges into spiritual invitations or “gateways” to a new kind of contemplation where: •screaming sirens become cues to silent intercession, •skyscrapers, like spires, pull your eyes and thoughts heavenward, •and red traffic lights work as “pause” buttons that call for you to stop and pray. “In the city there is grit,” Marcy writes. And grime and garbage. But her practical tools in every chapter for reflection, discussion, and application help you see–whether you’re visiting, working, or dwelling in Philadelphia or Phoenix, New York or Los Angeles, Seattle or Syracuse–that in the city there is also grace.