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Gender and Survival in Soviet Russia

Author : Ludmila Miklashevskaya
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This first-hand witness account – originally written by Ludmila Miklashevskaya in 1976 and here translated into English by historian Elaine MacKinnon for the first time – tells the important story of one woman's persecution under Stalin. From Miklashevskaya's middle-class Jewish childhood in Odessa, to her life in exile as the wife of 'an enemy of the people' and false imprisonment in a labour camp for the attempted murder of NKVD leader Nikolai Yezhov, to her later attempts at rehabilitation, her memoir is a fascinating tapestry of Soviet artistic, intellectual, and political life set against the tumultuous backdrop of revolutions, wars, and repressive regimes. Accompanied by a translator's introduction and detailed historical explanatory notes, Gender and Survival in Soviet Russia sheds new light on the relationship between power, gender, and society in 20th-century Russia. This book is thus a vital primary resource for scholars of modern Russian history and gender studies, offering a compelling and personal route into understanding how the machinations of Soviet Russia destroyed everyday life, tearing families apart and leaving scars that never healed.

Women s Health in Post Soviet Russia

Author : Michele R. Rivkin-Fish
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Russia's maternal health crisis and postsocialist transition examined through ethnographic observation in clinics and hospitals.

Women s Experiences of Repression in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Author : Kelly Hignett
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Based on extensive original research, including studies of autobiographies and biographies, reminiscences and memoirs, archived oral history data and interviews conducted by the authors, this book provides a rich picture of how women experienced repression in the former Soviet bloc. Although focusing on key years when repression was at its height – 1937 for the Soviet Union, 1941 for Lithuania and Poland, 1948 for Czechoslovakia and 1956 for Romania – the book ranges more widely. It demonstrates that although far fewer women than men were the direct victims of repression, women experienced severe repression in many ways, including exile, deportation and as family members of those arrested, imprisoned and executed.

Celebrating Women

Author : Choi Chatterjee
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Annotation The first International Women's Day was celebrated in Copenhagen in 1910 and adopted by the Bolsheviks in 1913 as a means to popularize their political program among factory women in Russia. By 1918, Women's Day had joined May Day and the anniversary of the October Revolution as the most important national holidays on the calendar. Through the years, Women's Day celebrations temporarily empowered women as they sang revolutionary songs, acted as strong protagonists in plays, and marched in processions carrying slogans about gender equality. In speeches, state policies, reports, historical sketches, plays, cartoons, and short stories, the passive Russian woman was transformed into an iconic Soviet Woman, one who could survive, improvise, and prevail over the most challenging of circumstances. Choi Chatterjee analyzes both Bolshevik attitudes towards women and invented state rituals surrounding Women's Day in Russia and the early Soviet Union to demonstrate the ways in which these celebrations were a strategic form of cultural practice that marked the distinctiveness of Soviet civilization, legitimized the Soviet mission for women, and articulated the Soviet construction of gender. Unlike previous scholars who have criticized the Bolsheviks for repudiating their initial commitment to Marxist feminism, Chatterjee has discovered considerable continuity in the way that they imagined the ideal woman and her role in a communist society.

Gender State and Society in Soviet and Post Soviet Russia

Author : Sarah Ashwin
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One of the few English language studies to focus on the male experiences, this book addresses the important questions raised by the rise and fall of the Soviet experiment in transforming gender relations. Issues covered include; * the paternal role * women as breadwinners * men's loss of status at work * changing gender roles in the press * the relationship between the sexual and gender revoloutions. Featuring an outstanding panel of Russian contributors, this collection is a valuable resource for students and scholars of Politics, Gender Studies and Russian Studies.

Routledge Handbook of Russian Politics and Society

Author : Graeme Gill
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There is an ever-burgeoning number of books analyzing the Russian experience, or aspects of it. This Handbook is the first single volume which gives both a broad survey of the literature as well as highlighting the cutting edge research in the area. Through both empirical data and theoretical investigation each chapter in the Routledge Handbook Russian of Politics and Society examines both the Russian experience and the existing literature, points to research trends, and identifies issues that remain to be resolved. Offering focused studies of the key elements of Russian social and political life, the book is organized into the following broad themes: General introduction Political institutions Political Economy Society Foreign Policy Politically, economically, and socially, Russia has one of the most interesting development trajectories of any major country. This Handbook seeks to answer questions about democratic transition, the relationship between the market and democracy, stability and authoritarian politics, the development of civil society, the role of crime and corruption, and the creation of a market economy. Providing a comprehensive resource for scholars and policy makers alike, this book is an important contribution to the study of Russian Studies, Eastern European studies, and International Relations.

Post Soviet Women

Author : Mary Buckley
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This volume is the first to to take a systematic look at the position of women in the post-Soviet states of the former USSR.

Gender Equality and Difference During And After State Socialism

Author : R. Kay
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Gender, Equality and Difference During and After State Socialism examines gender as a socially and culturally constructed phenomenon which is influential in and influenced by state-led policies and structures, as well as social practices and relations and which shapes the experiences and lives of women and men.

Gender Violence in Russia

Author : Janet Elise Johnson
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Just a few years ago, most Russian citizens did not recognize the notion of domestic violence or acknowledge that such a problem existed. Today, after years of local and international pressure to combat violence against women, things have changed dramatically. Gender Violence in Russia examines why and how this shift occurred--and why there has been no similar reform on other gender violence issues such as rape, sexual assault, or human trafficking. Drawing on more than a decade of research, Janet Elise Johnson analyzes media coverage and survey data to explain why some interventions succeed while others fail. She describes the local-global dynamics between a range of international actors, from feminist activists to national governments, and an equally diverse set of Russian organizations and institutions.

Women in Russia and Ukraine

Author : Rosalind J. Marsh
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In this book, leading western specialists and Russian and Ukrainian feminists examine how gender has shaped Russian and Ukrainian history from the twelfth century to the present. In particular, they analyse the current backlash against women's emancipation. Using new archival materials and the insights of feminist theory, the contributors explore the relevance of gender equality and difference in Russian history. They find that women have not merely submitted to the patriarchal system, but instead have found creative ways of resisting it. Chapters focusing on contemporary Russia discuss abortion, pornography, sexual minorities, young women's lifestyles, the impact of economic reform on women and the development of the women's movement. This book will be of interest to students and specialists in Russian, Ukrainian and women's studies, as well as to historians, political scientists, sociologists and economists.