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Gender Bureaucracy and Democracy

Author : Mary M. Hale
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This book is the first to deal specifically with advances made by women in obtaining high-level positions in state government. The authors examine the extent to which equal opportunity has become a reality for women in state and municipal civil service careers.

Bureaucracy and Democracy Accountability and Performance 3E

Author : William T Gormley
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Given the influence and impact of public bureaucracies in policy implementation, and the accountability they owe to the American public, their performance must be assessed in a systematic manner. With this new edition, the authors revisit their four key perspective: bounded rationality; principal-agent theory; interest group mobilization; and network theory to help students develop an analytic framework for comprehensively evaluating bureaucratic performance.

Handbook on Gender and Public Administration

Author : Shields, Patricia M.
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This ground-breaking Handbook on Gender and Public Administration brings together a rapidly growing new field of study, exploring the emerging contexts of gender and public administration. Capturing the many facets of this dynamic trend, the book explores gender equity and further examines masculinity, intersectionality and beyond binary conceptions of gender.

The Promise of Representative Bureaucracy Diversity and Responsiveness in a Government Agency

Author : Sally Coleman Selden
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This text on representive bureaucracy covers topics such as: bureaucracy as a representative institution; bureaucratic power and the dilemma of administrative responsibility; and representative bureaucracy and the potential for reconciling bureaucracy and democracy.

The Promise of Representative Bureaucracy

Author : Sally Coleman Selden
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This prize-winning study examines the impact of the employment of women and ethnic and racial minorities in public organizations on the implementation of government programs by those agencies. Driving the study is the question of whether the concept of representative government applies also to the permanent government--the bureaucracy. What difference does it make if an administration is either more or less representative of the population it serves? To what extent, if at all, is an agency's responsiveness to different segments of the public a function of the demographic composition of the agency itself? This study, which won the Leonard D. White award, is the most systematic test to date of the concept of representative bureaucracy. Selden tests the relationship between the demographic representativeness of district office staffs and lending decisions in the Farmers Home Administration's Rural Housing Loans Program. In fleshing out the implications of representative bureaucracy, the book makes an important contribution to the debates on bureaucratic power and illuminates the tensions underlying the assumptions of bureaucratic neutrality and affirmative action.

Gender and Corruption

Author : Helena Stensöta
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The link between gender and corruption has been studied since the late 1990s. Debates have been heated and scholars accused of bringing forward stereotypical beliefs about women as the “fair” sex. Policy proposals for bringing more women to office have been criticized for promoting unrealistic quick-fix solutions to deeply rooted problems. This edited volume advances the knowledge surrounding the link between gender and corruption by including studies where the historical roots of corruption are linked to gender and by contextualizing the exploration of relationships, for example by distinguishing between democracies versus authoritarian states and between the electoral arena versus the administrative branch of government—the bureaucracy. Taken together, the chapters display nuances and fine-grained understandings. The book highlights that gender equality processes, rather than the exclusionary categories of “women” and “men”, should be at the forefront of analysis, and that developments strengthening the position of women vis-à-vis men affect the quality of government.

Making Democracy

Author : James Ockey
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Democracy in Thailand is the result of a complex interplay of traditional and foreign attitudes. Although democratic institutions have been imported, participation in politics is deeply rooted in Thai village society. A contrasting strand of authoritarianism is present not only in the traditional culture of the royal court but also in the centralized bureaucracies and powerful armed services borrowed from the West. Both attitudes have helped to shape Thai democracy's specific character. This topical volume explores the importance of culture and the roles played by leadership, class, and gender in the making of Thai democracy. James Ockey describes changing patterns of leadership at all levels of society, from the cabinet to the urban middle class to the countryside, and suggests that such changes are appropriate to democratic government--despite the continuing manipulation of authoritarian patterns. He examines the institutions of democratic government, especially the political parties that link voters to the parliament. Political factions and the provincial notables that lead them are given careful attention. The failure to fully integrate the lower classes into the democratic system, Ockey argues, has been the underlying cause of many of the flaws of Thai democracy. Female political leadership, another imported notion, is better represented in urban rather than rural areas. Yet gender relations in villages were more equitable than at court, Ockey suggests, and these attitudes have persisted to this day. Successful women politicians from a variety of backgrounds have begun to overcome stereotypes associated with female leadership although barriers remain. With its wide-ranging analysis of Thai politics over the last three decades, Making Democracy is an important resource for both students and specialists.

The Oxford Handbook of American Bureaucracy

Author : Robert F. Durant
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One of the major dilemmas facing the administrative state in the United States today is discerning how best to harness for public purposes the dynamism of markets, the passion and commitment of nonprofit and volunteer organizations, and the public-interest-oriented expertise of the career civil service. Researchers across a variety of disciplines, fields, and subfields have independently investigated aspects of the formidable challenges, choices, and opportunities this dilemma poses for governance, democratic constitutionalism, and theory building. This literature is vast, affords multiple and conflicting perspectives, is methodologically diverse, and is fragmented. The Oxford Handbook of American Bureaucracy affords readers an uncommon overview and integration of this eclectic body of knowledge as adduced by many of its most respected researchers. Each of the chapters identifies major issues and trends, critically takes stock of the state of knowledge, and ponders where future research is most promising. Unprecedented in scope, methodological diversity, scholarly viewpoint, and substantive integration, this volume is invaluable for assessing where the study of American bureaucracy stands at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, and where leading scholars think it should go in the future. The Oxford Handbooks of American Politics are a set of reference books offering authoritative and engaging critical overviews of the state of scholarship on American politics. Each volume focuses on a particular aspect of the field. The project is under the General Editorship of George C. Edwards III, and distinguished specialists in their respective fields edit each volume. The Handbooks aim not just to report on the discipline, but also to shape it as scholars critically assess the scholarship on a topic and propose directions in which it needs to move. The series is an indispensable reference for anyone working in American politics. General Editor for The Oxford Handbooks of American Politics: George C. Edwards III

Women in the Civil Services

Author : Trijita Gonsalves
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This book explores the personal and professional lives of women in the Indian Civil Services and analyses the dynamics of gender and workplace identities for women in government. Based on first-hand interviews of women civil servants at various levels and ages, this book presents a narrative of their work conditions, the degrees of authority they exercise and their perceptions of themselves – in relation to their children, husbands, family, male and female colleagues, politicians and the public at large. It addresses pertinent issues like work–family balance, workforce diversity, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment at the workplace, among others. Through this research, the author addresses questions such as, do women in public administration think differently from their male colleagues? And do they exercise different leadership styles, prioritise different issues, approach problems differently, make decisions in markedly different ways and play an actively representative role? This book helps to identify major obstacles that hinder the participation of women in decision-making and uncovers the bottlenecks that impede women’s advancement in the civil services specifically to policymaking positions. An important and timely study, this book will be useful for scholars and researchers of gender studies, public administration, management and leadership studies. It will also be of interest to organisations working on issues of equal opportunity and affirmative action in public institutions.

Handbook of Public Administration

Author : B Guy Peters
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The past two decades have been marked by a period of substantial and often fundamental change in public administration. Critically reflecting on the utility of scholarly theory and the extent to which government practices inform the development of this theory, the Handbook of Public Administration was a landmark publication which served as an essential guide for both the practice of public administration today and its on-going development as an academic discipline. The Concise Paperback Edition provides a selection of 30 of the original articles in an accessible paperback format and includes a new introduction by B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre. It is an essential point of reference for all students of public administration.