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Gendered Choices

Author : Sue Jackson
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This important book breaks new ground in addressing issues of gendered learning in different contexts across the (adult) life span at the start of the 21st century. Adult learning sits within a shifting landscape of educational policy, profoundly influenced by the skills agenda, by complex funding policies, new qualifications and the widening/narrowing participation debate. The book is unique in highlighting the centrality of gendered choices to these developments which shape participation in and experiences of lifelong learning. Gendered Choices critically examines the continued expansion of a skills-based approach in areas of lifelong learning, including career decisions, professional identities and informal networks. It explores key intersections of adult learning from a gender perspective: notably participation, workplace learning and informal pathways. Drawing on research from a range of contexts, Gendered Choices demonstrates that for women the public/private spaces of work and home are often conflated, although the gendering of ‘choice’ has largely been ignored by policy makers. The themes of the book bring together some of these critical issues, explored through the multiple and fractured identities which constitute gendered lives. The book addresses these in an international context, with contributions from Canada, Spain and Iran that provide a wider international perspective on shared issues.

The Gendered Selection of Activites and the Reproduction of Gender Segregation in the Labor Force

Author : Shelley Joyce Correll
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A Gendered Choice

Author : David W. Chadwell
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A comprehensive road map for single-gender initiatives, this experience-based resource offers a step-by-step process with design and implementation tools for developing and sustaining high-quality single-sex programs.

Reading Gender gendered Readers

Author : Elizabeth Dutro
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Gendered in justice

Author : Pamela J. Schram
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This collection examines the gender and environmental factors that precede criminal behavior and the effects of gender on how the criminal justice system perceives and treats adult women offenders. Divided into four sections, section I is an overview of feminist theory in criminology, from its early influence to its recent contributions. Section II addresses gender issues important to understanding women and the crimes they commit and emphasizes the need to study how gender organizes criminal activity. The articles in section III discuss the laws and policies affecting women offenders, including the effects of stereotypes on sentencing and the rising rates of incarceration due to drug laws. The final section analyzes the treatment of women in prison and programs for female offenders from a feminist perspective.

Reading Between the Lines

Author : Amanda Konradi
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Drawing from a wide selection of current research and writings, "Reading Between the Lines" brings together accessible readings that examine a broad range of social problems and reflect different conceptual approaches. The text provides a conceptual framework for understanding social problems and enables an integrated race, class, and gender analysis..

Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology

Author : Trauth, Eileen M.
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"This two volume set includes 213 entries with over 4,700 references to additional works on gender and information technology"--Provided by publisher.

Men as Caregivers

Author : Betty J. Kramer
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Despite the proliferation of books and articles on caregiving over the past three decades, the vast majority of research has centered on the experience of the female caregiver. This focus on women is neither unwarranted nor surprising given that women generally predominate in caregiving roles. Nonetheless, recent studies estimate that between 14 and 18 percent of men ranging in ages from nineteen to later middle age are providing care to a family member or friend with a serious illness or disability. And in men 75 or older, there are more husbands caring for wives than vice versa. Also among persons caring for AIDS sufferers in central cities, over 50 percent are men. In light of these substantial numbers, plus demographic trends that will probably increase the proportion of male caregivers in the future, it is important to study men in caregiving roles to further our understanding of this critical area of healthcare. Drs. Kramer and Thompson, both experienced researchers in the area of men as caregivers, provide an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the topic in this collection of articles from various experts. Part I provides the rationale for the volume, explores styles of caregiving, and critiques the premise that men do not do hands-on care. Part II reviews theoretical explanations of the gendered division of labor in family care and provides a critical review of methods used in studies that focus exclusively on male caregivers. Part III consists of nine chapters that both review the literature and present original research on male caregivers. Special consideration is given to gay male caregivers of partners with AIDS, men who care for a family member with dementia, fathers of adult children with mental disabilities, spousal care of women with cancer, and sons caring for parents. Part IV profiles gender-sensitive interventions, skills, supports, and services that draw upon research and clinical wisdom for working with the male caregiver. This valuable collection of current research addresses a neglected but increasingly important area of caregiving.

Motherhood and the Reproduction of Gender Stratification

Author : Nancy Lane Lantham
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Mapping the Social Landscape Readings in Sociology

Author : Susan J Ferguson
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Drawing from a wide selection of classic and contemporary works, the 60 selections in this best-selling reader represent a plurality of voices and views within sociology. In addition to classic works by authors such as Karl Marx, Max Weber, C. Wright Mills, David Rosenhan, Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore, this anthology presents a wide range of contemporary scholarship, some of which provides new treatments of traditional concepts. By integrating issues of diversity throughout the book, Ferguson helps students see the inter-relationships of race, social class, and gender, and the ways in which they have shaped the experiences of all people in society.

Mapping the Social Landscape

Author : Susan J. Ferguson
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Drawing from a wide selection of classic and contemporary works, this best-selling reader includes 56 readings that represent a plurality of voices and views within sociology.

Gendered Situations Gendered Selves

Author : Jocelyn A. Hollander
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The most renowned naval officer of the mid-nineteenth century, Thomas Cochrane, tenth Earl of Dundonald (1775–1860), led an eventful life. Due to a financial scandal, he left the Royal Navy for a period and became a celebrated mercenary. Volume 1 of this two-volume work, published in 1859, concerns his activity in the wars of independence of Chile and Peru, covering his taking command of the Chilean navy in 1818, his recruitment of British and American officers, attacks on Spanish shipping, littoral warfare on Spanish forts, seizure of booty, and his troubled relationship with the Chilean government. It goes on to recount his command of a Chilean expedition to liberate Peru from the Portuguese in 1820 and his departure from Chile in 1822 before further unrest. Cochrane was the quintessential naval hero of the age, and his memoir remains of interest to both scholars and readers of maritime adventure.

Gender in Intimate Relationships

Author : Barbara J. Risman
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Capabilities Freedom and Equality

Author : Bina Agarwal
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Gender and Authenticity

Author : Steven Hitlin
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Women s Studies Journal

Author :
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Living Gender After Communism

Author : Janet Elise Johnson
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How has the collapse of communism across Europe and Eurasia changed gender? In addition to acknowledging the huge costs that fell heavily on women, Living Gender after Communism suggests that moving away from communism in Europe and Eurasia has provided an opportunity for gender to multiply, from varieties of neo-traditionalism to feminisms, from overt negotiation of femininity to denials of gender. This development, in turn, has enabled some women in the region to construct their own gendered identities for their own political, economic, or social purposes. Beginning with an understanding of gender as both a society-wide institution that regulates people's lives and a cultural "toolkit" which individuals and groups may use to subvert or "transvalue" the sex/gender system, the contributors to this volume provide detailed case studies from Belarus, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. This collaboration between young scholars-most from postcommunist states-and experts in the fields of gender studies and postcommunism combines intimate knowledge of the area with sophisticated gender analysis to examine just how much gender realities have shifted in the region.Contributors are Anna Brzozowska, Karen Dawisha, Nanette Funk, Ewa Grigar, Azra Hromadzic, Janet Elise Johnson,Anne-Marie Kramer, Tania Rands Lyon, Jean C. Robinson, Iulia Shevchenko, Svitlana Taraban, and Shannon Woodcock.Janet Elise Johnson is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.Jean C. Robinson is Professor of Political Science at Indiana University.Russia & Eastern Europe, Political Science, Gender

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English Journal

Author :
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Women and Gender

Author : Janice D. Yoder
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Well-grounded in current research, Women and Gender describes how psychology is continuously transformed by a gender-sensitive and women-centered approach. The third edition has been thoroughly updated and redesigned with 14 chapters. A new first chapter sets the tone for the entire book by linking gender differences to deeper issues of privilege, oppression, and power. A new Chapter 10 looks at women's bodies and appearance. As with the two previous editions, Women and Gender encourages readers to draw on research, theory, and personal experience to enhance their understanding of how biology, socialization, personality, and social contexts combine to influence the identities of women and men. Emphasizing the true diversity of women, Women and Gender also includes coverage of personal identity, race and ethnicity, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic class.