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Girl with a Camera

Author : Carolyn Meyer
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The daring and passionate life of photographer Margaret Bourke-White -- the first female war photojournalist in World War II and the first female photographer for Life magazine -- is captured in this historical novel. Growing up, Margaret Bourke-White intended to become a herpetologist, but while she was still in college, her interest in nature changed to a fascination with photography. As her skill with a camera grew, her focus widened from landscapes architecture to shots of factories, trains, and bridges. Her artist's eye sharpened to see patterns and harsh beauty where others saw only chaos and ugliness. Totally dedicated to her work, and driven by her ambition to succeed, she eventually became a well-known and sought after photographer, traveling all over the United States and Europe. A comprehensive author's note provides additional information to round out readers' understanding of this fascinating and inspiring historical figure.

Camera Girl

Author : Doreen Spooner
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A moving and inspiring memoir of Doreen Spooner. Struggling to hold her head high through the disintegration of her family through alcoholism, she began a career as Fleet Street's first female photographer. While the love and family life she'd always dreamed of fell apart, Doreen walked into the frantic world of a national newspaper. Determined to save her family from crippling debt, she captured the Swinging Sixties through political scandals, glamorous stars, and cultural icons, while her home life spiraled further out of control. The two sides of this story take you through a touching and emotional love story, coupled with a hugely enjoyable portrait of post-war Britain.

Girl With Camera

Author : Joy Rip
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"GIRL WITH CAMERA: A Ghost Story" is the new graphic novel by author and artist Joy Rip. It is the haunting, disturbing story about the last one hundred pictures found on the camera of a missing girl - a girl with great ambitions of becoming a world recognized photographer and photojournalist. "Girl With Camera" is an experimental ghost story. This ghost story creates a more lasting haunting experience for the reader by using the graphic novel to examine the ghostly fragmentary nature of all stories, all storytelling, and the ends to which we will go with our minds to create a sense of purpose, a sense of destiny and well-being, in a hostile, lonely, violent universe. In this graphic novel, the structure and genesis of storytelling is broken down into fragmentary words and pictures in order to examine how our thirst for meaning, for stability, cohesion, consistency and continuity in our lives creates a logic of its very own - a logic supplied by both reader and author - that brings (imaginary or real) order to chaos and gives a sense of permanence to our existence where none may in fact exist. Danny Heitman in his article "Great Books About the Beach" in The Wall Street Journal writes "The Best beach books are what all good writing should be -- a call to attention; a sense of mystery; a raised alertness to what is permanent...and what is transitory." Don't let the thickness of this book fool you. Joy Rip's 300-page graphic novel "GIRL WITH CAMERA: A Ghost Story" is a breezy read. But it is a haunting read. And it does it with paintings and words that set a host of ghostly anonymous figures against vast skies and spaces evoking simultaneous impressions of expansive desert flats and infinite seaside seascapes conceived as sun drenched wastelands and wondrous beauty.

Girl with a Movie Camera

Author : Marshall
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A writing journal with white paper and a glossy cover. 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches and 9.9 ounces. Each page features a small pencil illustration at the top of the page.

Young Man with Camera

Author : Emil Sher
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A picture is worth a thousand words -- and with a unique photographic format, a stunning original voice, and a provocative portrayal of bullying, YOUNG MAN WITH CAMERA is a book to get people talking. T-- is used to getting grief. He gets it from his mom, who blames herself for his accident years earlier. He gets it from Mr. Lam, who suspects every kid of stealing from his shop. Worst of all, he gets it from Joined at the Hip, a trio of bullies so vicious that they leave T-- terrified of even using his entire name. But T-- has his own strength too: his camera, which captures the unique way he sees the world. His pictures connect him to Ms. Karamath, the kind librarian at school; his friend Sean, whose passion for mysteries is matched only by his love for his dog; and especially Lucy, a homeless woman who shares his admiration for the photographer Diane Arbus. When Lucy is attacked by Joined at the Hip, T-- documents the assault on film. But the bullies know he has the photographs, and their anger could be deadly. What's the right thing for T-- to do? Do pictures ever tell the whole truth? And what if the truth isn't always the right answer?

The Girl with the Leica

Author : Helena Janeczek
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WINNER The Strega Prize Gerda Taro was a German-Jewish war photographer, anti-fascist activist, artist and innovator who, together with her partner, the Hungarian Endre Friedmann, was one half of the alias Robert Capa, widely considered to be the twentieth century's greatest war and political photographer. She was killed while documenting the Spanish Civil War and tragically became the first female photojournalist to be killed on a battlefield. August 1, 1937, Paris. Taro's twenty-seventh birthday, and her funeral. Friedmann, who would henceforth assume the moniker Robert Capa alone, leads the procession. He taught Taro to use a Leica. Together, they left for the Spanish Civil War to bear witness to fascist war crimes. He is devastated, but there are others, equally bereft, in the procession: Ruth Cerf, Taro's old friend from Leipzig with whom she fled to Paris; Willy Chardack, ex-lover; Georg Kuritzkes, another lover and a key figure in the International Brigades. They have all known a different Gerda, and one who is at times radically at odds with the heroic anti-fascist figure who is being mourned by the multitudes. Gerda Taro is at the heart of this kaleidoscopic novel but another of its main characters is the era itself, the 1930s, with economic depression, the rise of Nazism, hostility towards refugees in France, the century's ideological warfare, the cultural ferment, and the ascendency of photography as the age's quintessential art form. The Girl with the Leica is a must-read for fans of historical fiction centered on extraordinary women's lives.

The Busy Girl s Guide to Digital Photography

Author : Lorna Yabsley
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This is the only complete guide to photography that is designed specifically for women looking to improve their photography skills for pleasure and profit. With inspirational case studies and examples from professional and semi-pro female photographers, user-friendly technical explanations and image critiques, this book is a practical and useful toolkit for busy girls who enjoy photography. Becoming an accomplished and competent photographer needs to be approached in three stages:- Understand your camera and learn how to drive it- Composition - tune in and understand your subject- Post production - share and print. However, rather than explain every technical function from the outset, the aim of this book is to demystify the jargon and take you, step by step, back to the basic fundamental principals of photography; first putting you in control of the camera which will, in turn, free up the composition and creativity. The more advanced features of the camera and in-depth processes can be explored once the basic principals are understood. This is a fun, contemporary photography book that will become your essential tool for taking your passion for photography to the next level.

A girl a stolen camera and a borrowed bike

Author : Nikhil Singh Shaurya
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Sonali, a gleeful and cheerful medical graduate is on her trip to Goa with some friends when she discovers a camera; a camera that redefines her life and reshapes her journey. The camera revamps her journey in pursuit of ‘someone’ that the pictures talk of. The tale of a journey is an account of Sonali’s expedition to the one the camera beholds and intrigues her about. The book is a narrative of the girl’s exploration of Jai Singh Koranga and the stories that pass by on the borrowed bike. What is it in the camera that intrigues Sonali? Who is Jai Singh Koranga? Is her journey a quest in itself? Is it a quest to know about Jai or a quest to discover her own self?


Author : Withn Notebook
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College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). A Girl With A Camera At A Blue Night. 157508345237

Kodak Girl

Author : Alison Devine Nordström
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This book tells the remarkable story of the Kodak Girl, one of the most durable and successful marketing campaigns in advertising history. Created by George Eastman, inventor of the inexpensive hand-held camera, the Kodak Girl traces the intersection of American culture with photography as it evolved from a studio-bound practice to a snapshot obsession for the masses. Martha Cooper's extensive collection of Kodak Girl material ranges from advertising, by Kodak and other camera manufacturers, to photographs from all periods, engravings, trading cards, matchbooks as well as commemorative stamps and Valentine's Days cards. This rich collection considers the relationship of the Kodak Girl to the birth of the snapshot during the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries, and is accompanied by two essays on the seminal role of women - on both sides of the camera - in photography's early history.


Author : Theresa M. Senft
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This book is a critical and ethnographic study of camgirls: women who broadcast themselves over the web for the general public while trying to cultivate a measure of celebrity in the process. The book's over-arching question is, «What does it mean for feminists to speak about the personal as political in a networked society that encourages women to 'represent' through confession, celebrity, and sexual display, but punishes too much visibility with conservative censure and backlash?» The narrative follows that of the camgirl phenomenon, beginning with the earliest experiments in personal homecamming and ending with the newest forms of identity and community being articulated through social networking sites like Live Journal, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. It is grounded in interviews, performance analysis of events transpiring between camgirls and their viewers, and the author's own experiences as an ersatz camgirl while conducting the research.


Author :
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Shoot Edit Share

Author : Kirsten Johnson
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Shoot, Edit, Share is an interactive, accessible introduction to video production techniques, concepts, and terminology. With the increasing availability of affordable video equipment, many students and professionals need to learn the basics of video production without being overwhelmed by technical details and equipment lists. Covering preproduction, production, editing in post, and distribution, this book shows you how to produce video quickly and effectively for a range of clients, from commercial firms to community service organizations. Key features include: A companion website including video interviews with professionals that demonstrate and reinforce techniques covered in the book; Service-learning exercises that engage readers in real-world learning experiences, encouraging them to interact with their communities and new clients; Clear, easy to follow and heavily illustrated guides for all of the equipment and processes that go into video production; Focus on creating stories for a target audience, and building convincing and engrossing narrative through videos; A thorough breakdown of all the techniques needed in post-production, through editing, well-designed graphics, and quality sound; A best-practices guide to viral videos, sharing video content online and increasing its exposure on social media sites; QR codes throughout the book, that when scanned, demonstrate video techniques and concepts related to what was read.

LEGO Friends Lights Camera Girl Power Chapter Book 2

Author : Cathy Hapka
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A full-color chapter book based on LEGO(R) Friends--a buildable play world for girls!Best friends Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie can't want to enter the contest to be a guest on their favorite TV show,"Girl Power"! In order to win, each girl must capture the "heart" of their hometown, Heartlake City. May the best girl win!

Miss America

Author : Alexander Black
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Girl with a Zebra

Author : Perdita Buchan
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College student's relationship with a mysterious girl studying biology is complicated by a zebra imported for scientific purposes.

A Guy with a Camera Trying to Impress a Girl

Author : Eddie Cunningham
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If you enjoy nature, looking at the architecture old and new, this would be a great addition to your library. The photos in this book were taken over a 6 month period in North Dakota and Minnesota. Filled with plants, sunsets, sunrises and buildings old and new, you can take a journey through some of the most beautiful parts of the region. And never have to leave the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

Adorable Retro Little Girl Photographer with Her Vintage Camera Journal

Author : Benton Press
File Size : 39.91 MB
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This journal with 150 ruled pages awaits your writing pleasure. You can use it to record your hopes and dreams, express your gratitude, to keep a bucket list, as a daily diary, or to jot down your "To-Do" lists. The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours. Enjoy!

The Camera

Author :
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Camera Notes

Author :
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