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Global Talent Management

Author : Akram Al Ariss
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This book bridges the research and practice of global talent management. It opens important theoretical and practical avenues to understand the concept internationally while focusing on developing and emerging countries. Chapters derive from various geographic regions and embrace cross-national, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives. An open and inclusive approach is used in assessing the challenges of global talent management, strategies to overcome these challenges, and in charting opportunities for future talent management. These three dimensions are crucial to academic researchers and business practitioners for envisioning a positive future role of talent management in businesses and societies. ​

Global Talent Management

Author : David G. Collings
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The second edition of Global Talent Management (GTM) offers a state of the art overview of the key areas of talent management in theory and practice. Drawing on contributions from the leading global contributors to talent management research, the book is structured around three key sections. Section one provides a contextual overview of talent management. The second section explores in depth some of the core areas of GTM practice which includes the meaning of talent in the global context, internal talent identification, developing leadership talent, employee turnover, employer branding and the role of the corporate HR function in GTM. The final section considers three key contemporary issues in GTM, namely, data analytics in GTM, managing virtual talent and managing globally diverse talent. The chapters in the volume provide advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students with an interest in global talent management with a cutting-edge overview of the key topics in the field. It is also an invaluable resource for the reflective practitioner looking for an overview of key research in this important area of practice.

Competencies and Global Talent Management

Author : Carolina Machado
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This book covers the main issues on the study of competencies and talent management in modern and competitive organizations. The chapters show how organizations around the world are facing (global) talent management challenges and give the reader information on the latest research activity related to that. Innovative theories and strategies are reported in this book, which provides an interdisciplinary exchange of information, ideas and opinions about the workplace challenges.

Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNEs

Author :
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This volume provides insights into multinational enterprises’ (MNEs) global staffing and global talent management (GTM), and covers issues of global mobility from organizational, individual and contextual perspectives.

Global Talent Management

Author : Sonal Minocha
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An international and cross-industry account of Global Talent Management, giving readers an overview of individuals as global talent, organisations as hubs for global talent, and the relationship of global talent with policy, society and economies.

Global Talent Management

Author : Günter K. Stahl
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The Routledge Companion to Talent Management

Author : Ibraiz Tarique
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The field of Talent Management has grown and advanced exponentially over the past several years as organizations, large and small, public and private, global and domestic, have realized that to gain and sustain a global competitive advantage, they must manage their talents effectively. Talent Management has become a major theoretical and empirical topic of intellectual curiosity from various disciplinary perspectives, such as human resource management, arts and entertainment management, international management, etc. This Companion is an indispensable source that provides an authoritative, in-depth, and comprehensive examination of emerging Talent Management topics. Divided into five thematic sections that provide a unique overarching structure to organize forty-one chapters written by leading and renowned international scholars, this Companion assesses essential knowledge, trends, debates, and avenues for future research in a single volume: Evolution and Conceptualization of Talent Management; The External Context of Talent Management; The Internal Context of Talent Management; Individuals, Workforce, and Processes of Talent Management; and Outcomes of Talent Management. In this way, the Companion is essential reading for anyone involved in the scholarly study of Talent Management, including academic researchers, advanced postgraduate and graduate students, and management consultants. For further debate on Talent Management, readers might be interested in the supplementary volume Contemporary Talent Management: A Research Companion, sold separately.

Talent Management of Self Initiated Expatriates

Author : V. Vaiman
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A collection of research papers about self-initiated expatriates and their experiences. As traditional talent management can no longer fulfil the needs of globally operating organisations, self-initiated expatriates have become an ever more important, albeit neglected source of the global talent flow.

Global Leadership Talent Management

Author : Jürgen Deters
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Global Leadership Talent Management, as an integrated process, supports the sustainable success of global organizations. This book shows how specifically the selection process can be created as an exchange process in which mutual expectations and perceived fairness and justice play an important role.

Global Talent Management

Author : Hugh Scullion
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This book draws on recent theoretical contributions in the area of global talent management and presents an up to date and critical review of the key issues which MNEs face. Beyond exploring some key overarching issues in global talent management the book discuses the key emerging issue around global talent management in key economies such as China, India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In contrast to many of the currently available texts in the area of global talent management which are descriptive and lacking theoretical rigor, this text emphasizes the critical understanding of global talent management in an organizational context. Drawing on contributions from the leading figures in the field, it will aid students, practitioners and researchers alike in gaining a well grounded and critical overview of the key issues surrounding global talent management from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Research Handbook of International Talent Management

Author : Yipeng Liu
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International talent management has become a critically important topic for scholarly discussion, in policy debates, and among the business community. Despite this, however, research into talent management tends to lack theoretical underpinnings, especially from an international, multidisciplinary, and comparative perspective. This Research Handbook fills this gap, bringing together a range of leading researchers, scholars, and thinkers to debate and advance the conceptualization and understanding of this multifaceted subject.

Driving Multinational Enterprises Through Effective Global Talent Management

Author : Tamzini, Khaled
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Managing organizational talent, of both current employees and possible recruits alike, is a key factor of running a successful business. A company is only as good as the staff, and studying the most effective ways to cultivate these groups can allow business managers an easy way to boost efficiency within their ranks. Driving Multinational Enterprises Through Effective Global Talent Management provides a comprehensive examination of the latest strategies and methods for attracting, selecting, training, developing and promoting employees within an organization. Highlighting innovative practices and applications across a variety of areas such as expatriate staffing, talent identification, and multinational company practices, this book is an ideal reference source for company owners, organization managers, practitioners, business students, and researchers that are interested in learning more about current trends and techniques in talent management.

Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management

Author : George C. Thornton Iii
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Globalization, innovation, market share, identifying visionary leaders and, particularly, talent management ...are just some of the issues that benefit from using assessment and development centres. Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management focuses on topics that influence the design of the assessment centre in terms of the competencies being assessed, the exercises that are used and the nature of the event, so that they can deliver what is required; often to change organizational culture and values. Practical examples and case studies are sprinkled throughout the book as international contributors explore cross-cultural implications, and consider how the design, development and use of assessment centres should be adapted to different cultures. Some of the world's leading researchers and practitioners outline their research into new applications for assessment centre methods, showing how they have used it to design and implement specific assessment and development centres. This is a book from which practitioners can see how science informs good practice, and scholars will find the 32 chapters a rich source of ideas for conducting research into emerging issues in the field.

Entrepreneurship and Talent Management from a Global Perspective

Author : Huiyao Wang
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Talent has become the most important resource for organizations across a wide range of sectors throughout the world including business, non-profit, and government. These organizations are now engaged in an increasingly fierce competition to acquire the best talent as they seek to gain the upper hand in today’s fast changing environment. By combining the body of knowledge on entrepreneurship and talent management from a global perspective, this book provides a synthesized understanding of entrepreneurial mobility and talent management in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. The expert contributors combine empirical evidence and case studies to provide a nuanced understanding of global talent management from an international comparative perspective. The topics discussed include China’s return migration and its impact on Chinese development, local engagement and transformation of Chinese communities in England, and reverse migration from the US to China. Furthermore, from a comparative perspective, contributors examine global talent and entrepreneurial mobility in the contexts of Silicon Valley, European university spin-off practices and entrepreneurial ecosystems in France, Italy, and South Korea, respectively. Scholars and students in entrepreneurship and talent management will find the scope for future research useful in their work. Entrepreneurs, managers, and policymakers will benefit from the examination of global perspectives and different national contexts.

Global Talent Management at Novartis

Author : Jordan Siegel
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Strategic Talent Management

Author : Paul Sparrow
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Drawing on recent theoretical contributions, this Cambridge Companion presents an up-to-date, critical review of talent management within a global context.

Talent Management in Latin America

Author : Jordi Trullen
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In a period of about 20 years, Latin America (LATAM) moved from having highly unstable closed economies ruled by authoritarian regimes, to becoming more democratic, stable and open to investment and trade, attracting by 2020 close to 11% of world total foreign direct investment. In parallel, the region has seen the emergence of large multinational companies (so called multilatinas), which have become true global players. There is still relatively little knowledge about how to manage employees in these countries and there is a need for more research addressing people management problems. In comparison with other world regions, Human Resource Management research on Latin America remains scarce. Focusing on this region, this book seeks to offer a more up to date review of the main developments in HRM and talent management that have recently occurred in Latin America, paying attention to local cultural and institutional factors; illustrate examples of idiosyncratic problems or issues that require approaches to TM that differ significantly from those commonly established in current literature; and describe and reflect on the transfer of Talent Management policies from and to LATAM within the context of local and foreign multinational companies. Talent Management in Latin America updates main HRM topics in Latin America, with a local focus on culture and institutions. It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest both to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of human resource management, critical management studies, and international business.

Strategy Driven Talent Management

Author : Rob Silzer
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A Publication of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Praise for Strategy-Driven Talent Management "Silzer and Dowell's Strategy-Driven Talent Management provides a comprehensive overview of the different elements of the best talent management processes used in organizations today. This is a valuable resource for leaders and managers, HR practitioners and anyone involved in developing leadership talent." —Ed Lawler, Professor, School of Business, University of Southern California "Talent is the key to successful execution of a winning business strategy. Strategy-Driven Talent Management by Silzer & Dowell provides a thorough and very practical guide to building and managing talent based on the strategic needs of the organization. Business leaders will find this an excellent resource with many interesting examples and best practices from leading companies." —Herbert L. Henkel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ingersoll Rand "Thanks to Strategy-Driven Talent Management, we can move from an attractive idea of talent management to practices that deliver. This book brings the work of practitioners—the people who are inventing, crafting, and shaping the field of talent management—to the forefront. Their collective experiences and insights will certainly enrich your own research and practice." —Cynthia McCauley, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership "It is exciting to see that Rob Silzer and Ben Dowell have given us the state of the art in 2010 of integrating human resource issues into strategic management. This volume is a must read for human resource and line leaders alike. The journey is far from over, but this volume of work will chart the course for further progress." —Noel Tichy, Professor, Management and Organizations, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Global Talent Management and Rewards Study

Author :
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Macro Talent Management in Emerging and Emergent Markets

Author : Vlad Vaiman
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Macro Talent Management in Emerging and Emergent Markets is the first book to focus specificially on country-level activities that are aimed at attracting, developing, mobilizing, and retaining top talent for economic success in emerging or emergent markets. The book serves as a guide that orients the reader toward activities that increase their country’s global competitiveness, attractiveness, and economic development through strategic talent management. This book brings together leading experts from around the world to address such issues as cross-border flows of talent, diaspora mobility, knowledge flows, global labour markets, and policies. The book is structured in three parts: Part I covers emerging markets, Part II emergent markets, and Part III pan-national themes such as migration and clusters. Bringing together research from the fields of human resource management, international business, economic geography, comparative international development, and political economy, this is a definitive, comprehensive treatment of the topic aimed at advanced students and practitioners.