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God and the Gods

Author : Walter Beltz
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Analyzes the stories of the Old and New Testaments in terms of their origins, and compares them with earlier myths and religions

Of God and Gods

Author : Jan Assmann
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For thousands of years, our world has been shaped by biblical monotheism. But its hallmark—a distinction between one true God and many false gods—was once a new and radical idea. Of God and Gods explores the revolutionary newness of biblical theology against a background of the polytheism that was once so commonplace. Jan Assmann, one of the most distinguished scholars of ancient Egypt working today, traces the concept of a true religion back to its earliest beginnings in Egypt and describes how this new idea took shape in the context of the older polytheistic world that it rejected. He offers readers a deepened understanding of Egyptian polytheism and elaborates on his concept of the “Mosaic distinction,” which conceives an exclusive and emphatic Truth that sets religion apart from beliefs shunned as superstition, paganism, or heresy. Without a theory of polytheism, Assmann contends, any adequate understanding of monotheism is impossible. Best Books for General Audiences, selected by the American Association of School Librarians, and Best Books for Special Interests, selected by the Public Library Association

From Gods to God

Author : Yair Zakovitch
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"Published by the University of Nebraska Press as a Jewish Publication Society book."

The God of Gods A Canadian Play

Author : Carroll Aikins
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Carroll Aikins’s play The God of Gods (1919) has been out of print since its first and only edition in 1927. This critical edition not only revives the work for readers and scholars alike, it also provides historical context for Aikins’s often overlooked contributions to theatre in the 1920s and presents research on the different staging techniques in the play’s productions. Much of the play’s historical significance lies in Aikins’s vital role in Canadian theatre, as director of the Home Theatre in British Columbia (1920–22) and artistic director of Toronto’s Hart House Theatre (1927–29). Wright reveals The God of Gods as a modernist Canadian work with overt influences from European and American modernisms. Aikins’s work has been compared to European modernists Gordon Craig, Adolphe Appia, and Jacques Copeau. Importantly, he was also intimately connected with modernist Canadian artists and the Group of Seven (who painted the scenery for Hart House Theatre). The God of Gods contributes to current studies of theatrical modernism by exposing the primitivist aesthetics and theosophical beliefs promoted by some of Canada’s art circles at the turn of the twentieth century. Whereas Aikins is clearly progressive in his political critique of materialism and organized religion, he presents a conservative dramatization of the noble savage as hero. The critical introduction examines how The God of Gods engages with Nietzschean and theosophical philosophies in order to dramatize an Aboriginal lover-artist figure that critiques religious idols, materialism, and violence. Ultimately, The God of Gods offers a look into how English and Canadian theatre audiences responded to primitivism, theatrical modernism, and theosophical tenets during the 1920s.

God of the Gods

Author : Jon Hoffman
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We all have our own beliefs on the various theories of mankinds origin and most of us have chosen one theory over the other but what if we didn’t have to choose? What if there was a way to reconcile the many different ideas of creation, evolution, and the history of mankind? What if everyone was right (kind of)?

The Power of God and the Gods of Power

Author : Daniel L. Migliore
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In this accessible and enlightening book, Daniel Migliore offers a study of the nature of God's power. Migliore calls for a reassessment of our understanding of the power of God and, through his exploration of historical and biblical references, provides his own analysis of God's power. A complete understanding of the power of God, Migliore argues, will profoundly affect how we live and how we exert power as individuals and as nations.

Heidegger s Philosophy of Religion

Author : Ben Vedder
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In various texts, Martin Heidegger speaks of god and the gods, but the question of how exactly Heidegger's thought relates to theology and religion in a broad sense--and to God in a specific sense--remains unclear and in need of careful, philosophical excavation. Ben Vedder provides the first book-length study on Heidegger's relation to the philosophy of religion, offering greater accessibility into an area that continues to fascinate philosophers, theologians, and all those interested in the philosophy of religion. Heidegger's Philosophy of Religion: From God to the Gods deals intimately with hotly debated topics such as Heidegger's interpretation of Saint Paul, Nietzsche and the death of God, ontotheology, and Heidegger's discussion of the "last god," taking into account the early, middle, and later texts of Heidegger. Significantly, Vedder draws heavily on Heidegger's The Phenomenology of Religious Life, long available in German, but only recently available to English readers. Vedder describes the tension between religion and philosophy, on the one hand, and religion and poetic expression, on the other. If we grasp religion completely from a philosophical point of view, we tend to neutralize it; but if we conceive it in a simply poetic way, we tend to be philosophically indifferent to it. Vedder demonstrates how Heidegger speaks a "poetry of religion," a description of humanity's relationship to the divine, and why Heidegger's thinking is ultimately a theological thinking. Clearly written and comprehensive in scope, Heidegger's Philosophy of Religion: From God to the Gods represents a major step forward in Heidegger scholarship.

God Against the Gods

Author : Jonathan Kirsch
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Examining the roots of religious extremism, the author of The Woman Who Laughed at God describes the struggle between monotheism and polytheism in the ancient world, revealing the dark side of monotheism--holy war, inquistions, crusades, and martyrdom--and the brighter side of polytheism, including its emphasis on religious liberty and diversity. Reprint.

God and the Gods

Author : Luthard N. Eid
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Describing Gods

Author : Graham Oppy
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How do religious believers describe God, and what sort of attributes do they attribute to him? These are central topics in the philosophy of religion. In this book Graham Oppy undertakes a careful study of attributes which are commonly ascribed to God, including infinity, perfection, simplicity, eternity, necessity, fundamentality, omnipotence, omniscience, freedom, incorporeality, perfect goodness and perfect beauty. In a series of substantial chapters, he examines divine attributes one by one, and relates them to a larger taxonomy of those attributes. He also examines the difficulties involved in establishing the claim that understandings of divine attributes are inconsistent or incoherent. Intended as a companion to his 2006 book Arguing about Gods, his study engages with a range of the best contemporary work on divine attributes. It will appeal to readers in philosophy of religion.

God and the Gods

Author : Miriam Hellman
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Bible teacher Miriam Hellman puts forth the theory that UFOs and alien beings can be explained as fallen angels, whom the Bible calls "gods", who travel back and forth from the heavens to the earth on their errands of evil.

God and Gods

Author :
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Gods after God

Author : Richard Grigg
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An erudite but eminently readable guide to contemporary radical theologies.

Being and God

Author : Lorenz B. Puntel
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Being and God argues that defensible philosophical theorization concerning the topic “God” is both possible and necessary within the framework of an adequate systematic philosophy—which must include a theory of Being—but is not possible in the absence of such a framework. The book provides critiques of philosophical approaches to this topic that have not relied on such frameworks; targets include the most important and influential treatments presented by historical, contemporary analytic, and contemporary continental philosophers. The book also further develops the systematic framework presented in Puntel’s Structure and Being (2008), extending a line of argumentation to show that the absolutely necessary dimension of Being is, when more fully explicated, appropriately named “God.”

The Gods of Man Gods of Nature God of War

Author : Gary R. Varner
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Today the majority of humankind worships a single God. Although this God is said to be all loving and wanting peace for his worshippers there is very little peace among the three religions based on common theology. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all foster hatred for one another, causing millions of deaths and untold suffering for hundreds of years.This book explores the mythic, historical, and archaeological record to illustrate the history of these conflicts. The Gods of Man also looks at how monotheism eventually dominated and destroyed the ancient and peaceful goddess traditions that had existed for thousands of years before. Is the God of today simply used to enforce government edicts, justify war and to control society?Gary R. Varner has written several articles and books on ancient religions, folklore and mythology. He is a member of the American Folklore Society and the Foundation for Mythological Studies.

For Gods Glory and My Good

Author : Martha J. Harvin
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This powerful anointed and gifted book was written to give Gods people some encouraging healing words that will help them on a daily basis. Everyday, as a Christian we are faced with many trials and tribulations and often wonder why so much pain. This book is a quick reference guide to help you through some tough times you are facing or will be facing as a human being. Remember, all you go through is for Gods Glory and Your Good! You are Blessed by the Best and Not by the Less!!! Martha J. Harvin is a strong and awesome woman of God. She has dedicated her entire life to loving people, even when they hurt her so much. Ms. Harvin always goes that extra mile in making sure people are happy and safe in the word of God. She is a woman that do not entertain confusion or mess. While walking daily for God, she always strive to show the world how Jesus would handle things and always see the glory of God in everything. She also is the author of another book "Running Through Times - Trials and Tribulations of a Prophetic Woman of God." This book sold hundred of copies and healed everyone that read it. Ms. Harvin is truly sold out for God and takes no credit for none of the things that God has done for her in her life. Even while writing this book, the enemy tried in every area of her life to destroy her, just like Job in the bible. God knew that she was strong enough to hold on and make it.

The Gods of the Egyptians

Author : E. A. Wallis Budge
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Provides definitive coverage of the ancient Egyptian gods, mythological figures, religious cults, priesthoods, and esoteric practices and beliefs

Sex And The Single God

Author : J Starsinger
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Who says that one parent is a great idea for raising children? Anyone? No. The experts agree that you need two equally supportive and attentive parents and an extended family is even better. So why on earth have we decided to have only one holy creator? One single role model for all beings? And while we are at it, let's refer to him as He. Now where can this imbalance go off the rails? Minds have invented the One Creator Dude, and since our Divinities are our role models, we are left with only One Masculine God as our consciousness leader. God becomes an exclusive club and the rule of men is sanctified in all walks of life. This libertarian god is the downfall of Modernia. Now let me do some Granny-splaining just for you.Doesn't everyone want to belong to an exclusive club? There's that guy in his funny golf clothes, driving his battery powered golf cart while talking big business deals with a pal. Wow, they've got it made. Two OMG guys make deals that affect the lives of billions and the Earth, Herself. The Urban Dictionary defines "exclusive posh" as "rich, aristocratic, wealthy, loaded, fancy." The Google dictionary defines exclusive as, "excluding or not admitting other things." Do you get the idea here that singularity is not Democratic? It is not Of the People. If you can make the leap here, the One Male God religion is not Of the People, either. Another leap takes us to Patriarchy, which is in no way, For the People.The damage that The One God ideation has done to humun culture, humun consciousness and the Beings of Earth has become evident in the twentieth century with Climate Change, overpopulation and the plagues of civilization. If you belong to the One Male God Club, you are prompted to kill others who have Other Gods. TOG will brook no competition. The bylaws of TOG club clearly state: "Thou shall have no other gods before me. Kill the infidel."America is the current terrorist of Modernia but the other One Male Gods of history have all taken their turns. We have all killed and maimed other people, places and things in the name of One Ideology, a fake value. If we were truly democratic we would have many leaders, not just one jealous demagogue of physical or metaphysical proportions.

God and Gods

Author : F. B. Welbourn
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Muwatalli s Prayer to the Assembly of Gods Through the Storm god of Lightning CTH 381

Author : Itamar Singer
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Muwatalli's Prayer is the first full philological edition of the longest and best preserved Hittite prayer (290 lines). The two main duplicates were already published as early as 1916, but collation of the originals in Berlin by the author has provided numerous corrections and new observations on the redactional history of the text. Comparison with other prayers of Muwatalli and with the prayers of earlier and later kings sheds new light on the development of royal prayers in Hatti and in the ancient Near East in general. An in-depth study of the list of deities in the prayer, arranged by their cult centers, provides new insights into Hittite theology and history. Not least, Muwatalli's Prayer offers a better understanding of the poorly documented age of Muwatalli II and the theological climate, that led to the transfer of the Hittite capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa.