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Handbook of Phycological Methods Volume 4

Author : Phycological Society of America
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A comprehensive treatment of methodologies in the rapidly advancing field of marine benthic algal ecology.

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment Volume 4

Author : Jay C. Thomas
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In one volume, the leading researchers in industrial/organizational assessment interpret the range of issues related to industrial/organizational tests, including test development and psychometrics, clinical applications, ethical and legal concerns, use with diverse populations, computerization, and the latest research. Clinicians and researchers who use these instruments will find this volume invaluable, as it contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available on this important aspect of practice.

Handbook of Phycological Methods Culture methods and growth measurements edited by J R Stein

Author : Diane S. Littler
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Isolation and purification; General equipment and methods; Special culture methods; Growth measurements; Bioassay.

Handbook of Lichenology

Author : Margalith Galun
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First published in 1988: This easy-to-read handbook provides a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on lichens. The structure of lichens and their dual nature is explained, as well as the physiology of interaction of the symbionts. The way lichens reproduce and their ecology is included, with methods for cultivating them and their isolated symbionts. Extremely useful as a text of lichenology, this handbook will benefit students of lichenology and allied fields, those interested in symbiotic associations and ecology, and teachers of biology, botany, and ecology courses.

Guide to Information Sources in the Botanical Sciences

Author : Elisabeth B. Davis
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Works cited in this useful survey are appropriate for students, librarians, and amateur and professional botanists. These encompass the plant kingdom in all its divisions and aspects, except those of agriculture, horticulture, and gardening. The majority of the annotations are for currently available in-print or electronic reference works. A comprehensive author/title and a separate subject index make locating specific entries simple. With materials ranging from those selected for the informed layperson to those for the specialist, this new edition reflects the momentous transition from print to electronic information resources. It is an appropriate purchase for public, college, university, and professional libraries.

Handbook of Phycological Methods Developmental and cytological methods edited by E Gantt

Author : Elisabeth Gantt
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Handbook of Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology

Author : Antoine Rémond
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Rotifera VIII A Comparative Approach

Author : E. Wurdak
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Rotifera VIII: A Comparative Approach is a record of the proceedings of the VIIIth International Rotifer Symposium which was held in Collegeville, Minnesota, USA, on June 22-27, 1997. It contains review papers and reports of recent research findings along with the presentation of new methods in rotifer biology. The publications contained in this volume reflect the wide diversity of approaches, methods of analysis and conclusions that characterize research on the Rotifera. Some of the topics addressed are: rotifer distribution, responses to biotic and abiotic factors, genetic profile of individuals and populations, rotifer feeding and mating behavior, morphology, phylogeny and taxonomy. These studies will be of great interest to invertebrate zoologists and limnologists, particularly those interested in freshwater habitats.

Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes Volume 4

Author : William K. Estes
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Originally published in 1976, this is Volume 4 of a series that reflected the current state of the field at the time. In this title the focus shifts to modern developments in cognitive psychology. The emphasis is primarily on attention and short-term memory, as these concepts came to be understood in the decade leading up to publication. In addition to presenting the major concepts, the authors outline fundamental theories and methods, all in a way that will be readable by anyone with a reasonable scientific background. As the editor notes in the Foreword, each author "has taken on the assignment of giving explicit attention to the orienting attitudes and long-term goals that tend to shape the overall course of research in his field and to bring out both actual and potential influences and implications with respect to other aspects of the discipline." This volume, as all volumes of the Handbook, will be invaluable for those who want an organized picture of the current state of the field as it was at the time.

Algal Culturing Techniques

Author : Robert A. Andersen
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A comprehensive reference on all aspects of the isolation and cultivation of marine and freshwater algae.