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Handbook of Strategic Recruitment and Selection

Author : Bernard O'Meara
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This theory-based text with unique features that distinguish it from other books in the field. The inclusion of a strategic component differentiates it from most other books. However, the application of systems theory to recruitment and selection sets this book apart. While it includes mainstream topics such as interviews, job analysis and question

The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment

Author : Daniel M. Cable, PhD
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This handbook includes the most up to date, evidence-based, and comprehensive coverage of recruitment and retention, as written by the top leaders of recruitment research in the world.

Recruitment and Selection

Author : Elearn
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The red-hot competition for talented employees is still news. Employers everywhere recognise that they must evolve better recruitment, selection and retention strategies if they are to compete effectively with their rivals for the best people. This book discusses current practices in recruitment and selection and offers advice on how to take an approach that is strategically focused, effective, fair and based on best practice.

The Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management

Author : Peter F. Boxall
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Human resource management is central to management teaching & research. Presenting the trends & developments, this handbook is divided into: foundations & frameworks; core processes & functions; patterns & dynamics; & measurement & outcomes.

The Praeger Handbook of Human Resource Management

Author : Ann Gilley
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HR experts cover the personnel waterfront from hiring right to creating policies to laying the foundation for profitability and fun.

The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Assessment and Selection

Author : Neal Schmitt
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The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Assessment and Selection distills the science and practice of employee selection. Bringing together over forty chapters, this volume includes essential information about the validation process, individual difference constructs and measures, and performance outcomes and measures, and will be a comprehensive and authoritative reference and training tool in the field.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Recruitment Selection and Employee Retention

Author : Jonathan Passmore
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This handbook makes a unique contribution to the fields of organizational psychology and human resource management by providing comprehensive coverage of the contemporary field of employee recruitment, selection and retention. It provides critical reviews of key topics such as job analysis, technology and social media in recruitment, diversity, assessment methods and talent management, drawing on the work of leading thinkers including Melinda Blackman, Nancy Tippins, Adrian Furnham and Binna Kandola. The contributors are drawn from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of countries, giving the volume a truly international feel and perspective. Together, they share important new work which is being undertaken around the globe but is not always easily accessible to real-world practitioners and students.

The Complete Guide to Recruitment

Author : Jane Newell Brown
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Recruiting the right people is one of the most important activities organisations can undertake. Getting it right can mean fast, healthy growth and the fulfilment of business goals; getting it wrong can mean heavy costs, sinking morale and stunted growth. The Complete Guide to Recruitment is a practical self-help guide to best practice in recruitment. With international case studies demonstrating how recruitment contributes to business success, it covers every aspect of the recruitment process including: developing an effective recruitment strategy; relationship building for long-term hiring; assessing and selecting candidates; designing the contract of employment; and creating a great place to work. Also incorporating a broad range of sample adverts, contracts and assessment tests which are available to download and edit, The Complete Guide to Recruitment is ideal for companies of all types and sizes who want to attract and retain top talent.

The Professional Recruiter s Handbook

Author : Jane Newell Brown
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As recruitment becomes ever more important to a business achieving its corporate objectives, recruiters must raise their game, delivering new and innovative solutions while also doing their job well and achieving the results needed for their clients and candidates. The Professional Recruiter's Handbook, second edition, is a complete guide to achieving success in recruitment. The authors explore the techniques used by the most successful recruiters, both agency and client-side, to understand what creates excellence in recruitment. Containing up-to-date practical advice on attracting the right candidates and finding and retaining new clients, it explains how to develop a recruitment strategy to ensure the recruitment professional can successfully fulfil the roles taken on. The book is supported by numerous case studies and interviews with recruitment professionals.

Recruitment and Selection Revised Edition

Author : Elearn
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Stuck for ideas, inspiration or just want to work differently? Management Extra brings all the best management thinking together in one package. The books are practical and well structured to provide an in depth treatment of these management topics. Titles in the series: * Business Environment * Change Management * Development for High Performance * Effective Communications * Financial Management * Information and Knowledge Management * Leadership and Management in Organisations * Leading Teams * Making Sense of Data and Information * Managing Markets and Customers * Managing for Results * Managing Health, Safety and Working Environment * Managing Legal and Ethical Principles * Managing Yourself * Positive Working Relationships * Project Management * Quality and Operations Management * Reaching Your Goals Through Innovation * Recruitment and Selection * Reputation Management The series fuses key theories and concepts with applied activities to help managers examine how they work in practice. The books are created with individuals in mind. They are designed to help you improve your management skills. Management Extra can also be used in conjunction with management programmes of study aligned to standards. Each of the books has case studies, self assessments and activities all underpinned by knowledge and understanding of the frameworks and techniques required to improve performance. Management Extra provides managers and trainers with a handbook for action and development. "You found it – what a find! A practical resource packed with all the relevant theory and suggested activities to support your professional development. An essential resource to have at your fingertips, jump in and enjoy." --Russell Jeans, Learning and Development Manager, ntl "All the essential concepts are here, presented in an easily digestible format with lots of up to date case studies and references – but, most importantly, with plenty of thought provoking activities and self-diagnostic exercises to make the learning personal and transferable." --Peter Manning, Head of Training & Development, News International Newspapers Ltd

Human Resources Management Development Handbook

Author : William R. Tracey
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With 18 major topics and 102 chapters, this compendium of advice covers all aspects of human resource management and development, including: managing, staffing, directing; plant and facilities; programme elements; employee and labour relations (US style); employee services; organizational management and development; training; system design and evaluation. The book is written by the author of The Human Resources Glossary.

Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations

Author : Joan E. Pynes
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This book is a comprehensive guide to the essential areas of health care human resources management, and is an immediately useful practical handbook for practitioners as well as a textbook for use health care management programs. Written by the authors of Handbook for the New Health Care Manager and Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, the book covers the context of human resources management in the unique health care business arena from a strategic perspective includes SHRM and human resources planning, organizational culture and assessment, and the legal environment of human resources management. Managing volunteers and job analysis perfor­mance appraisal instruments, training and development programs, and recruitment, targeted selection and hiring techniques are covered. Compensation poli­cies and practices, employer-provided benefits management, implementation of training and organizational development programs, as well as labor-management relations for health care organizations and healthcare human resource information technology are covered, with practical examples and proven strategies amply provided in each chapter.

The Employee Recruitment and Retention Handbook

Author : Diane Arthur
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Today's best workers are demanding more before signing on--and requiring more to stay. How does a company find and hang on to great talent? Competition for skilled employees is fierce! This book provides comprehensive, practical advice to employers to get and keep the people they need. It covers such vital topics as what workers want--including a sense of making a real impact in their jobs and getting learning opportunities; why workers leave--sometimes just because they can (it's so easy to find a new job), often because they feel undervalued or bored where they are; and what best-practice companies are doing to attract and retain the talent necessary to remain competitive. Expert Diane Arthur discusses: * Both traditional and new strategies, including a huge array of special incentives and perks * Online recruiting via sites like or a company's own Web site * Successful programs from Cisco Systems, Bank of Boston, Eli Lilly, McDonald's, and dozens of other companies, including many small firms * Competency-based recruiting and interviewing, contingent workers, telecommuting and other alternative work arrangements, future trends, and more.

A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice

Author : Michael Armstrong
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Format : PDF
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A fully updated and revised tenth edition of this classic, best selling textbook. It remains the primary text for all students studying HRM - both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as for students of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) diploma. The Handbook also continues to be an essential reference source for all managers concerned with personnel and HRM issues. This new edition of A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice contains a number of significant additions and revisions including substantial revisions to seventeen chapters and new chapters on: Human Capital Management, the Role of the Front Line Manager; HR Strategies; Developing and Implementing HR Strategies and Learning and Development. The new edition also contains updated material based on recent developments in HRM policy and practice and a wide range of surveys and research projects conducted by professional associations and research bodies.

Handbook of Institutional Pharmacy Practice

Author : Thomas R. Brown
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Global Production

Author : Eberhard Abele
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Global production and purchasing operations create a platform for entry into new markets. However, it takes considerable effort to plan and implement a sustainable globalization strategy; this book will help in that task. The wealth of experience and analysis featured in this book is the result of an extensive survey among leading manufacturing companies as well as countless discussions with executives who have personally wrestled with the issues of "going global." The book treats the whole range of management challenges. In breadth and depth, the insights it offers surpass what a manager or most individual companies could acquire on their own.

The Interviewer s Handbook

Author : Sandra Bunting
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Interviewer's Handbook advises on interview techniques for a variety of workplace situations including recruitment interviews, performance appraisals, attendance and absence management, discipline and grievance management and accident investigation. This book offers essential advice on the use of effective questioning techniques and how to get the most out of an interviewee. It provides in-depth guidance on the role that body language plays and examines the significance of listening techniques. The Interviewer's Handbook also shows how to encourage dialogue and avoid conflict in sensitive situations. Case studies and scenarios are provided throughout to illustrate these vital techniques and how they get the best out of the interviewee and interviewer.

Competency Based Recruitment and Selection

Author : Robert Wood
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Much has been written on the various methods of recruiting and selecting staff, including how competencies, increasingly the building blocks of the recruitment and selection process, fit in. What, however, the personnel professional faced with recruiting wants to know is how to apply these mysterious methods. This book aims to do just that. Specifically, it provides a step-by-step guide for the recruitment, selection and assessment of candidates and includes: * the best practice aspects of recruitment and selection * the practical considerations important when implementing a process * leading edge, unreported methods developed in the field. HR managers will find this enlightening and instructive book enormously useful in their day-to-day functions. "For what is principally billed as a guide, the authors have provided a comprehensive and up to date collection of recruitment and selection practices with some valuable critiques of some of the more mysterious processes in use." Richard Donkin, Financial Times "Overall, it was refreshing to read a book that comes down firmly on their (competencies) side it forces you to take a fresh look at your current practices and to question how they are used." Sue Simons, People Management

The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management

Author : David G. Collings
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The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management offers academic researchers, advanced postgraduate students, and reflective practitioners a state-of-the-art overview of the key themes, topics, and debates in talent management. The Handbook is designed with a multi-disciplinary perspective in mind and draws upon perspectives from, inter alia, human resource management, psychology, and strategy to chart the topography of the area of talent management and to establish the base of knowledge in the field. Furthermore, each chapter concludes by identifying key gaps in our understanding of the area of focus. The Handbook is ambitious in its scope, with 28 chapters structured around five sections. These include the context of talent management, talent and performance, talent teams and networks, managing talent flows, and contemporary issues in talent management. Each chapter is written by a leading international scholar in the area and thus the volume represents the authoritative reference for anyone working in the area of talent management.

Aspa Handbook of Personnel and Industrial Relations Staffing policies and strategies

Author : Dale Yoder
File Size : 27.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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