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Harold Macmillan and Britain s World Role

Author : Richard Aldous
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When Harold Macmillan became prime minister in 1957, Britain had reached a critical point in its contemporary history. There was still evidence of Britain's status as a great power, yet the previous year's humiliation at Suez had undermined its credibility. By taking key areas of overseas policy - summitry, the Middle East, defence, Empire, and Europe - this volume looks at Macmillan's attempts to establish a new foreign policy agenda after Suez. Based on research in public and private archives in Britain, America and Germany, Harold Macmillan and Britain's World Role offers a critical reappraisal of British foreign policy between 1957 and 1963, addressing how successfully Macmillan answered his own key question: 'Why should the UK stay in the big game?'

Harold Macmillan and the Middle East 1955 1956

Author : Robert Cooper
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This thesis examines Harold Macmillan's role in formulating and implementing Britain's policy in the Middle East during the period from him becoming Foreign Secretary in April 1955 to the cessation of Suez hostilities on 6 November 1956. The intention is to explore what this reveals of his character and beliefs. The argument in the thesis is in three parts. Firstly that Macmillan's motivation was the preservation of Britain's economic interest in the region, principally oil. Secondly that as a result of his character and background his outlook was limited. He could not detach himself from an outdated historic attachment to the British empire. This made it difficult for him to consider other policies that might have been more successful in protecting British interests. Thirdly his concept of Britain's place in the world was allied to a conflict in himself between the pragmatic realist and the romantic imperialist. His attitude in regard to, and actions in respect of, the Baghdad Pact, Project Alpha, the Buraimi Oasis, the Aswan dam and the Suez affair are discussed. Intellectually he accepted that countries within the Middle East were seeking to free themselves from colonial shackles. Emotionally he regarded the relationship between those countries and Britain almost in feudal terms whereby Britain provided protection in return for loyalty. After the nationalization of the Suez canal his emotional side prevailed. This led to his central role in the ensuing debacle.

The Wind of Change

Author : L. Butler
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Harold Macmillan's 'Wind of Change' speech, delivered to the South African parliament in Cape Town at the end of a landmark six-week African tour, presaged the end of the British Empire in Africa. This book, the first to focus on Macmillan's 'Wind of Change', comprises a series of essays by leading historians in the field.

Britain s Policy Towards the European Community

Author : Helen Parr
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Harold Wilson’s apparent volte-face on European Community membership in the autumn of 1966 has long puzzled commentators and Wilson’s colleagues alike. Based on interviews, private papers and recently released evidence from the National Archives, this book provides a fresh interpretation of Wilson’s policy towards the European Community. Studying the development of Britain’s policy between 1964 when Harold Wilson took office, and 1967 when the French President General de Gaulle vetoed Britain’s membership application for a second time, this book examines the rationale behind the British approach, explaining why Wilson launched an initiative for membership when the French seemed certain to obstruct. Also discussing Wilson’s handling of the Cabinet, and shedding light on Britain’s diplomacy towards the Six, this work places British policy towards Europe within the context of its foreign policy transition from a global to a regional role. Examining an important event in Anglo-European relations, this is essential reading for students of post-war British history, and for those interested in Britain’s historical relationship with Europe.

British Foreign Policy since 1945

Author : Mark Garnett
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British Foreign Policy since 1945 brings a chronological approach to the study of British foreign policy since the Second World War in order to make the principal events and dynamics accessible within a broader historical and cultural context. The key features included in this book: a detailed chronological survey of developments in post-war British politics; an integrated discussion of foreign and domestic policy developments indicating connections and interlocking themes; illustrations of British foreign policy drawn from popular culture; analysis of Britain’s role in the world, particularly in regards to the UK’s 'special relationship' with the US and its decision to leave the EU; a range of in-text features including essay questions and seminar/discussion topics. This timely book will be essential reading for anyone interested in British politics, foreign policy analysis and British history.

Britain and the World since 1945

Author : Alasdair Blair
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This Seminar Studies title is a succinct study of modern British foreign policy, focusing on the period from 1945 to the present day. Since the end of the Second World War, Britain has been engaged in international conflicts from the Suez Crisis to the Gulf War and has actively sought involvement in transnational and global affairs. Starting with a brief overview of the rise and fall of the British Empire and continuing chronologically with detailed chapters covering the second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first, Alasdair Blair discusses the highs and lows of British foreign policy in an accessible yet analytical manner. Dealing with themes such as the issues triggered by decolonisation and the changing relationship between Britain and Europe, this text considers the pivotal moments in modern Britain’s engagement with the wider world. Included in this title are supporting materials, such as a chronology of important events from 1945, a Who’s Who of key government figures and a collection of relevant primary sources. Thorough yet concise, Britain and the World since 1945 is the ideal resource for students interested in the development of British foreign policy.


Author : D R Thorpe
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Great-grandson of a crofter and son-in-law of a Duke, Harold Macmillan (1894-1986) was both complex as a person and influential as a politican. Marked by terrible experiences in the trenches in the First World War and by his work as an MP during the Depression, he was a Tory rebel - an outspoken backbencher, opposing the economic policies of the 1930s and the appeasement policies of his own government. Churchill gave him responsibility during the Second World War with executive command as 'Viceroy of the Mediterranean'. After the War, in opposition, Macmillan was one of the principal reformers of the Conservatives, and after 1951, back in government, served in several important posts before becoming Prime Minister after the Suez Crisis. Supermac examines key events including the controversy over the Cossacks repatriation, the Suez Crisis, You've Never Had It So Good, the Winds of Change, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Profumo Scandal. The culmination of thirty-five years of research into this period by one of our most respected historians, this book gives an unforgettable portrait of a turbulent age. Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize.

Britain Detente and Changing East West Relations

Author : Brian White
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There is little systematic analysis available of Britain's contribution to East-West relations since 1945, and in particular of Britain's contribution to East-West detente. In general, British attempts to act as mediator between East and West have been regarded as ineffectual, and a rather desperate attempt to prove that Britain could still wield influence on the world stage. In this new contribution to the study of the evolution of post-war international relations, Brian White argues that Britain's contribution to detente cannot so easily be dismissed. Through narrative and analysis, he examines the persistent theme of Britain's attempts to steer East-West relations in a co-operative direction. In doing so, he has provided both an important revaluation of Britain's role in the post-war world and an invaluable case study in foreign policy formation and execution.

Occasional Paper

Author : Missouri. University at St. Louis. Center for International Studies
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Harold Macmillan Aspects of a Political Life

Author : R. Aldous
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Even 35 years after Harold Macmillan's resignation in 1963, opinions are sharply divided over his achievements as a politician and prime minister. This volume contributes to the debate about Macmillan's political role, his successes and his failures, by examining key aspects of his political life. Biographers, historians, and contemporaries present facets of Macmillan's life, his political visions, his skills, successes and failures in his personal life as well as in his domestic and foreign policies. With most official papers covering his active political life until his resignation now in the public domain, a more considered judgement about his party political and his governmental activities is possible. Taking account of this newly-available documentary evidence, there is much yet to be written on Harold Macmillan's career, but this collection bears witness to the fact that his was a magnificent life.