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Healing for a Bleeding Heart

Author : Leondra Harris
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This book is a miniseries that will help one embrace love in a different perspective and how to attain it.

Christian Praise hymns and tunes for public worship

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The Gospel Psalmist

Author : John Greenleaf Adams
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The Healing Heart for Communities

Author : Allison M. Cox
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The Healing Heart provides powerful examples of the use of stories and storytelling in encouraging resiliency, empathy, respect, and healing. These engaging books contain stories, and narratives about the use of the stories in activities with different populations (children, teens, those with disabilities, seniors, inmates, etc.) or which address specific social or community problems (addictions, poverty, violence, racism, environmental degra-dation, homelessness, abuse). The books are a collective effort containing the expertise of more than 60 storytellers and health professionals who illustrate the power of story in moving others to commitment and action, in building self-esteem and mutual respect. The Healing Heart ~ Families focuses on families, dealing specifically with healing through story, health promotion, disease prevention, early childhood intervention, children with medical problems, adopting families, schools, sexual identities, grief, and spiritual healing. The Healing Heart ~ Communities focuses on community-building, with sections on youth, violence prevention, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse and addiction, racism, elders, culture, environmental protection, homelessness, and community development. Allison Cox is a therapist and Prevention Specialist, in Tacoma, Washington, with 20 years experience as a professional storyteller, and is a founder of the Healing Story Alliance—part of the National Storytelling Network. David Albert is a storyteller, writer, and Senior Planner and Policy Analyst with the Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and a contributor to Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope (New Society, 2002).

The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for Members of the English Church

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The Songs and Ballads of Cumberland

Author : Sidney Gilpin
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This volume contains a collection of songs, ballads and poems from the Lake District, many of which illustrate the regional dialect.

Some Useful Wild Plants for Nourishment and Healing

Author : Dan Jason
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The home of the heart and other poems moral religious

Author : Marion Paul Aird
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Songs of Life

Author : Edward Hartley Dewart
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Pray About It

Author : Navashia' Akins
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This book was designed to shine light on situations that can take a person under. The pressure to do the right thing and live sometimes can be to much for an individual. Love is the only cure to a person that doesn't have any hope, and nothing to lose. So I wanted to express myself and at the same time bring healing to the bleeding hearts that have felt like me. My message is to trust the creator so the creator can bless us with the things he intended to bless us with. When we get our blessings from our creator our blessings will overflow, and God is no respecter person.

Recollections of a Bleeding Heart

Author : Don Watson
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The long awaited authorised biography of Paul Keating's four years as Australia's Prime Minister. Written by his speech writer, this book is based on notes made during his term of office.

Sacramental Meditations and Advices

Author : John Willison
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The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs

Author : Leslie Taylor
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Rainforests contain an amazing abundance of plant life—over half of the planet's vegetation. For centuries, tribal shamans have successfully used these botanicals as remedies for various health disorders. Now, scientists have begun to uncover the medicinal qualities of these plants, which offer new approaches to health and healing. The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs is a unique guide to these herbs and their uses. Detailing more than seventy rainforest botanicals, this book presents the history of the herbs' uses by indigenous peoples and describes current usage by natural health practitioners throughout the world. Discover Amazon healers' traditional knowledge, as well as the clinical studies that support what shamans have known for ages. Essential dosage and preparation methods are provided, while at-a-glance tables help you locate the best botanicals for each disorder. Here is a unique book that offers a blend of ancient and modern knowledge in an accessible reference format.

Elsevier s Dictionary of Plant Names and Their Origin

Author : D.C. Watts
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The dictionary contains about 30,000 vernacular and literary English names of plants (plus a few American), both wild and cultivated, with their botanical name and a brief account of the names' meaning if known. It was conceived as part of the author's wider interest in plant and tree lore, and ethnobotanical studies. Knowledge of plant names can give insight into largely forgotten beliefs. Why for example is, or was, the common red poppy known as "Blind Man"? An old superstition has it that if the poppy were put to the eyes it would cause blindness. Such names were probably the result of some taboo against picking the plant. Similarly, other names were likely to have been applied as a result of a country mother's warning to her children against eating poisonous berries. For the warning carries more weight when the name given to the berry reinforces the warning. Many such plants or fruits may be ascribed to the devil, Devil's Berries for Deadly Nightshade is an example. Names may also be purely descriptive, and can also serve to explain the meaning of the botanical name. Beauty-Berry is an example: it is the name given to the American shrub that belongs to the genus Callicarpa, which is made up of two Greek words that mean beauty and berry. Literary, or "book" names, have also been included in this dictionary, as being a very important part of the whole. Many of them provide links in the transmission of words through the ages. Thor's Beard, for example, is a book name for "houseleek", and has never been used in the dialect. But it highlights the legend that houseleek is a lightning plant, and by reverse logic is a preserver from fire.

The Natural Healing and Nutrition Annual 1992

Author : Mark Bricklin
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Bleeding Heart

Author : Martha Powers
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While investigating her father-in-law's murder, Maggie Collier peels back the placid, friendly top layers of her Wisconsin hometown to discover evil lurking underneath.

Healing the Split Madness Or Transcendence

Author : John E. Nelson
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An examination of the causes and treatment of serious mental illness draws on brain science, psychiatry, transpersonal psychology, and patient case histories to present an innovative view of the workings of the human mind

Healing and the Healer

Author : George F. Cairns
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The Lady s Home Magazine of Literature Art and Fashion

Author :
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Your Healing Journey Through Grief

Author : Stanley Cornils
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This book enables readers to translate knowledge into action. Grief is not a disease that needs to be cured, but an experience that can be worked through by following a normal, natural mourning process, which if properly dealt with and completed, can result in a resourceful and constructive outcome so that a person can recover from loss and life can go on. The loss of a spouse or other special loved one is the most difficult and challenging experience of a person's life and unresolved grief can last a lifetime. This book is a tool that can be used to learn how to survive loss. Stanley Cornils believes a person can do more than just survive a loss, he believes they can go on to lead a fulfilling life. During the course of his studies, Stanley Cornils discovered that grieving people go through similar phases and have certain problems in common: The shock and numbness that stunned them when they learned of their loved one's death, the denial of what happened, the dreadful and horrendous suffering during the first few months, the inability to accept the loss, the loneliness of having to adjust to life without their loved one, dealing with anger and guilt, the dread that comes with the approach of a holiday season, a birthday, or anniversary, dealing with money matters, and trying to get their lives back on a normal track. This book will help people understand that what they are experiencing is normal, and it's okay to cry and be angry, even with God. People do not drown because they fall into the water; they drown because they do not fight back in an effort to save themselves. After many years of performing funeral services and observing the suffering of grieving families, Stanley Cornils asked himself, 'Isn't there something more I can do for these people?' As a result, he developed his Grief Recovery Seminars and has presented them for the past twenty years. 'Your Healing Journey Through Grief' represents the culmination of