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Healing is a Whole Person Experience

Author : Anya Lawrence
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The book you hold holds power. It is a potent story of a woman's healing journey. It is a roadmap for healers in training. It is a guiding, loving light for those lost and solid grounding for those found. I speak from my own whole person experience reading this book, having walked with the author, guided to explore, heal, and thus awaken my past and present mind, body, and soul. This book is a process which serves to dissolve barriers, support integration, enhance awareness of personal purpose, and inspire aligned action. I am healed. I am whole. These statements exalt, and ground a power inherent in our words – our natural ability to heal self and other, within and without, through faithful proclamation of our intention. The package, form, or wrapped blessing carrying the intention is simply stylistic choice of delivery. Some speak, many lay hands, and others silently sing a subtle, yet universally powerful intention. Each is a gift equally qualified and definitely potent. In these pages you will be encouraged to expand your relationship with the healing power of your intention. This gift is yours to learn, master, and share. "Mahavatar" means "great avatar," which is another word for Master, Great Teacher, or Enlightened One. "Babaji" me Keywords: Healing, Inquiry, Chakras, Spiritual, Energy, Guidance, Avatar, Growth, Meditation, Breath

Healing the Whole Person the Whole Planet

Author : Molli Nickell
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Shares the message of eighteen spirits about our role in the universe

Healing the Whole Person

Author : Swami Ajaya
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Elements of yoga practices have become increasingly popular with both medical and mental health professionals, as well as the subject of much empirical research. Meditation, one of yoga's most important practices, has been found effective in the treatment of a wide variety of physical and psychological problems, including coronary artery disease, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Dossey Keegan s Holistic Nursing A Handbook for Practice

Author : Mary A. Blaszko Helming
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Dossey & Keegan's Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, Eighth Edition covers basic and advanced concepts of holism, demonstrating how holistic nursing spans all specialties and levels. This text is distinguished by its emphasis on theory, research, and evidence-based practice essential to holistic nursing.

The Lived Experience of Caring

Author : Ashwin Kumar
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A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing

Author : Johanna Lynch
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This book builds on the person-centred medicine movement to promote a shift in the philosophy of care of distress. It discusses the vital importance of whole person health, healing and growth. Developing a new transdisciplinary concept of sense of safety, this book argues that the whole person needs to be understood within their context and relationships and explores the appraisal and coping systems that are part of health. Using clinical vignettes to illustrate her argument, Lynch draws on an understanding of attachment, and trauma-informed approaches to life story and counsels against an over-reliance on symptom-based fragmentation of body and mind. Integrating literature from social determinants of health, psychology, psychotherapy, education and the social sciences with new research from the fields of immunology, endocrinology and neurology, this broad-ranging book is relevant to all those with an interest in person-centred healthcare, including academics and practitioners from medicine, nursing, mental health and public health.

Whole Person Healthcare Humanizing healthcare

Author : Ilene A. Serlin
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Whole Person Healthcare The arts and health

Author : Ilene A. Serlin
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Frontiers Of Health

Author : Christine Page
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Frontiers of Health is an essential guide to healing, combining medical expertise with unique insights into the human condition. Dr Christine Page illuminates our understanding of disease and its purpose for inner spiritual growth. In this excellent introduction to our subtle anatomy, Dr Page explores the chakras and their individual relationship to disease, pathology and soul unfoldment. Drawing upon her experience as a respected doctor, and observations of the many patients who have been her greatest teachers, Dr Page asks us to look fully at wholeness on all levels: body, mind and spirit. · 'A must for professional carers and aspiring healers' Light, The College of Psychic Studies · 'Fascinating and packed full of thought-provoking advice' Healthy Eating · 'A clearly written, very impressive and important bridge-building book ... for the first time, one can see exactly how healing comes from within the subtle bodies being reflected in their physical counterpart' Aromatherapy Quarterly · '... straightforward, comprehensive and clear. I applaud this very worthwhile book' New Humanity · 'There are some books that are written in such a way that you feel you are reading a letter from a friend. Frontiers of Health is one of them ... without doubt an important and far-sighted work in the field not only of health but also of human consciousness' The London Connection

Reinventing the Patient Experience

Author : Jon B. Christianson
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"Reinventing the Patient Experience provides the advice and inspiration you need to make significant changes in the way your patients experience care in your hospital." "The book draws lessons from the experiences of hospitals considered innovators in patient-centered care. This diverse group of organizations illustrates how integrating "high touch" and "high tech" care is possible at hospitals of all types and sizes. You will learn what strategies they put in place, what barriers they faced, how they moved past roadblocks, and what their keys to success were. Leaders from these pioneering organizations share how they tackled various implementation and operational issues in the areas of physical environment, nursing services, complementary therapies, spirituality, leadership, and sustainability."--BOOK JACKET.

Whole Person Healthcare Psychology spirituality and health

Author : Ilene A. Serlin
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Core Light Healing

Author : Barbara Ann Brennan
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Core Light Healingis the first book in twenty years from Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. A sequel to her two classic works, Hands of Lightand Light Emerging,it extends her beloved teaching to help readers learn to create the lives they long to live. In Part 1, Barbara reviews the configuration of the Human Energy-Consciousness System (HECS); then she goes on to describe the creative process as it flows through the HECS. When the creative pulse is unblocked, we are able to manifest our longing-but we all have blocks that stop the creative flow, places where we have stopped our energy due to wounding and traumas from childhood. Barbara guides us through the steps to release these blocks so creative energy is free to flow; the end result is not only the physical manifestation of our heart's longing but also more core essence, more core light. Part 2 takes us to the astral world or the 4th level of the HECS to explore its relation to the creative process. Before we can understand the 4th level we must first perceive it! Barbara begins Part 2 with an explanation of how high sense perception works, so we can begin to perceive not only the 4th level but also other levels of the HECS. Then she explains in detail how the 4th level functions, discussing blocks that may have occurred through multiple lifetimes; the process of death and soul travel and how it affects the HECS; and how to heal the energetic cords that connect us to people with whom we are in relationship, either in our present lives or across generations. Interwoven through the book are Barbara Brennan's personal stories of her childhood as well as her experiences as a beginning and then professional healer and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also included is channeled poetry from her guide, Heyoan, which further elucidates and integrates the concepts presented throughout. Finally, each chapter ends with questions to guide the reader's further work and exploration.

God s Presence in My Life

Author : Edward W. Bauman
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Awareness in Healing

Author : Lynn Rew
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A stimulating exploration of self-awareness and the various ways the nurse can assist clients in healing themselves. Discussion includes the nursing client's development of self-awareness and the importance of knowing one's place in the universe to facilitate self-healing. Clinical vignettes illustrate practical examples in a way that is easy to follow and relate to, and exercises give sensible suggestions to help the reader develop skills in awareness and intervention.

Healing the Whole Person

Author : Robert B. McNeilly
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"A guide to state-of-the-art thinking and practices in brief, short-term psychotherapy, Healing the Whole Person is a resource for all mental health professionals."--BOOK JACKET.

Paul Tournier s Medicine of the Whole Person

Author :
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Psychiatry ministry pastoral counseling

Author : A. W. Richard Sipe
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The Journey Through Cancer

Author : Dr. Jeremy Geffen
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The Journey Through Cancer is an essential guide for all cancer patients, their families, and their loved ones. As a board-certified oncologist, with more than ten years of experience serving as physician, guide, mentor, coach, and friend to thousands of cancer patients and their families, Dr. Jeremy Geffen has learned how cancer often challenges the mind, heart, and spirit of patients and their families as deeply --- if not more deeply --- than it challenges the physical body. Yet this simple truth is often overlooked by Western medicine as it aggressively pursues the best ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Too often physicians focus almost exclusively on the physical dimensions of the disease, rather than caring for the whole person who has the disease. Dr. Geffen presents a groundbreaking seven-level program, used at his cancer center in Florida, that addresses every dimension of the person with cancer--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual: Education and Information, giving patients answers to questions about their disease and their treatment options. Psychosocial Support, focusing on the need for and benefits of a strong support network. The Body as Garden, exploring the vast array of alternative and complementary therapies. Emotional Healing, helping patients and families deal with the often overwhelming emotional challenges of cancer. The Nature of Mind, exploring how patients' thoughts and beliefs profoundly influence their journey. Life Assessment, showing patients how to discover their life's deepest meaning and purpose. The Nature of Spirit, connecting patients to the profoundly healing spiritual aspect of life we all share. In The Journey Through Cancer, Dr. Geffen presents a revolutionary model of healing based on the best treatments available from every culture and paradigm of medicine, one that respects and explores every possible avenue and resource for healing and transformation, blending East and West, body and mind, heart and technology, science and spirit. From the Hardcover edition.

The Healing Experience

Author : William Kornblum
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This anthology explores medical and health-related problems from the perspectives of well-known health care practitioners and medical sociology researchers--all of whom have written about their lives and struggles in vivid detail. Explores major topics such as the healer's role, healers at work, healers and patients, healing and women, healing and outsiders, and re-creating healing institutions. Raises and explores the larger, basic issues of medical practice and medical institutions from a perspective based on firsthand experience and close observation. For those in the medical and health-related fields, and those interested in medical sociology.

Towards an African Narrative Theology

Author : Joseph G. Healey
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