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Heavily Meditated

Author : Caitlin Cady
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A down-to-earth guide to meditation and getting high on life. Heavily Meditated has everything you need to know to get hooked on meditation for good. Presented in a simple, friendly, accessible style that even the busiest of meditation-doubters can relate to, this book clearly outlines: What meditation is Five fundamental meditation techniques (and which one is right for you) Where, when and how to sit How to deal with thoughts Why meditation is so damn good for you How to measure your meditation practice How to set goals and get hooked on meditation How to upgrade your practice from habit to ritual. Filled with exercises, worksheets, cheat sheets and other practical tools, as well as relatable personal stories to light your way, Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth guide to meditation, and how to turn it into a habit that sticks and reap the benefits of a happier, calmer and more intentional life.

The Happy Me Project

Author : Holly Matthews
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'Proper down-to-earth advice that will see you through times of trouble.' - Lorraine Kelly 'A brilliant companion of a book. So many takeaways and golden nuggets of advice' - Giovanna Fletcher 'The perfect go-to if we ever catch ourselves at a low moment or in need of inspiration' - Jeff Brazier Everyone can access happiness – it's a case of learning how. Holly Matthews is on a mission to make your life better, and she's keeping it simple. No BS. No fluff. The Happy Me Project is 60 short chapters of straight-to-the-point advice, structured for our time-poor modern world, and packed with practical tips on ways to fill your life with more joy. Whatever you're facing, this book is for you, and Holly will be cheering you along every step of the way: - Do you find yourself saying 'yes' when you mean 'hell no'? - Are you bored of your daily routine and ready to mix it up? - Perhaps something awful has happened and you need support working out your next steps. Holly draws on real-life examples and her own stories of triumph over adversity – from growing up in the public eye to becoming a widow and single mum at 32 – to offer hope and confidence that you, too, can navigate the ups and downs of life, and enjoy yourself along the way.


Author : Robert Liparulo
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If you breathe . . . It will find you. The list of 10,000 names was created for maximum devastation. Business leaders, housewives, politicians, celebrities, janitors, children. None of them is aware of what is about to happen--but all will be part of the most frightening brand of warfare the world has ever known. The germ--an advanced form of the Ebola virus--has been genetically engineered to infect only those people whose DNA matches the codes embedded within it. Those whose DNA is not a match simply catch a cold. But those who are a match experience a far worse fate. Within days, their internal organs liquify. Death is the only escape. The release of the virus will usher in a new era of power where countries are left without defense. Where a single person--or millions--could be killed with perfect accuracy and zero collateral damage. Where your own DNA works against you. The time isn't coming. It is now. Pray the assassins get you first.

Pop Culture Yoga

Author : Kristen C Blinne
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Pop Culture Yoga: A Communication Remix was born out of a series of questions about the paradoxical nature of yoga: How do individuals and groups define yoga? What does it mean to "practice yoga", and what does this practice involve? What are some of the most important principles, guidelines, or philosophical tenets of yoga that shape people's definitions and practices? Who has the power and authority to define yoga? What are the limits, if any, of shared definitions of yoga? Kristen C. Blinne explores the myriad ways "yoga" is communicatively constructed and defined in and through popular culture in the United States. In doing so, Blinne offers insight into the many identity work processes in play in the construction of yoga categories, illuminating how individuals' and groups' words and actions represent practices of claiming--part of a complex communicative process centered around membership categorization--based on a range of authenticity discourses. Employing popular culture writing styles, Blinne ultimately contends that the majority of yoga styles practiced in the United States are remixes that can be classified as pop culture yoga, a distinct way of understanding this complex phenomenon.

Philosophy of Computing

Author : Björn Lundgren
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Two Faces Soul Power

Author : Nathan J. Warren
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A story of love, power, mystery, and betrayal. Johnny Devan believes he is a normal young college student who intends to follow his dreams. His life has gone well. He’s been popular and loved. Needless to say, nothing extraordinary has ever happened to him. That is, until he meets the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. Her name is Ashley, Ashley Harristeen. She brings strangeness and mystery to his world. A secret is revealed through her about Johnny. Johnny is special, very special.


Author : Tamara Driessen
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From the author of The Crystal Code, comes Luna - the positive catalyst for change that we all need. Luna is your essential guide to harnessing the moon's healing potential and achieving a happier, more fulfilling life. Tamara Driessen is guaranteed to help you to realise your potential, turn challenges into transformative opportunities and become more connected with yourself. Luna empowers by grounding you in the moment, inspiring you to celebrate the positives in your life and helping you find a clear sense of purpose. Luna nourishes you with moon rituals for every occasion, from crystals to tarot and meditation, that you can use during the moon's cycles. Tamara guides you through New Moon Rituals to inspire new beginnings and positive life change, Waxing Moon Rituals to help you take action and achieve personal goals, Waning Moon Rituals to help you shed self-limiting beliefs, and Full Moon Rituals to promote abundance and help you thrive in life. By aligning yourself with the lunar phases and developing a deeper connection with the moon, you'll gain balance and clarity, master the art of self-care and develop a true sense of what you want. Set your intentions with Luna, awaken your intuition and discover the potential that comes with living by the moon's mystic cycles. What can you do today to change your life? Let Tamara Driessen show you.

Rethinking Trinitarian Theology

Author : Giulio Maspero
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The book aims at showing the most important topics and paradigms in modern Trinitarian theology. It is supposed to be a comprehensive guide to the many traces of development of Trinitarian faith. As such it is thought to systematize the variety of contemporary approaches to the field of Trinitarian theology in the present philosophical-cultural context. The main goal of the publication is not only a description of what happened to Trinitarian theology in the modern age. It is rather to indicate the typically modern specificity of the Trinitarian debate and - first of all - to encourage development in the main areas and issues of this subject.

Gunnar Asplund s Gothenburg

Author : Nicholas Adams
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In the west coast port city of Gothenburg, Sweden, the architect Gunnar Asplund built a modest extension to an old courthouse on the main square (1934–36). Judged today to be one of the finest works of modern architecture, the courthouse extension was immediately the object of a negative newspaper campaign led by one of the most noted editors of the day, Torgny Segerstedt. Famous for his determined opposition to National Socialism, he also took a principled stand against the undermining of urban tradition in Gothenburg. Gothenburg’s problems with modern public architecture, though clamorous and publicized throughout Sweden, were by no means unique. In Gunnar Asplund’s Gothenburg, Nicholas Adams places Asplund’s building in the wider context of public architecture between the wars, setting the originality and sensitivity of Asplund’s conception against the political and architectural struggles of the 1930s. Today, looking at the building in the broadest of contexts, we can appreciate the richness of this exquisite work of architecture. This book recaptures the complex magic of its creation and the fascinating controversy of its completed form.

The 7 Hour Experiment

Author : Sandy Weatherall
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Is there such a thing as spontaneous meditation? The 7-Hour Experiment came out of the author’s spontaneous decision to ask the question “Who am I?” and to sit in meditation for seven hours to discover a possible answer. The thoughts, insights, and emotions of those seven hours became the source material for this book. By combining those meditation experiences with images created through her lifelong love of photography, Sandy Weatherall has created a book that is a personal yet relatable meditation journey and a work of art.