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Hesiod The Other Poet

Author : Hugo Koning
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This book offers a comprehensive account of the role of Hesiod in the ancient imagination, investigating the poet as a literary-critical concept, a moral and philosophical symbol, and generally a cultural icon endlessly employed and re-created by later Greeks.

Hesiod and Classical Greek Poetry

Author : Zoe Stamatopoulou
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Surveys the complex landscape of Hesiodic reception in lyric poetry and drama in the fifth century BCE.

Hesiod s Verbal Craft

Author : Athanassios Vergados
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This novel, ground-breaking study aims to define Hesiod's place in early Greek intellectual history by exploring his conception of language and the ways in which it represents reality. Divided into three parts, it addresses a network of issues related to etymology, word-play, and semantics, and examines how these contribute to the development of the argument and the concepts of knowledge and authority in the Theogony and the Works and Days. Part I demonstrates how much we can learn about the poet's craft and his relation to the poetic tradition if we read his etymologies carefully, while Part II takes the discussion of the 'correctness of language' further - this correctness does not amount to a naïvely assumed one-to-one correspondence between signifier and signified. Correct names and correct language are 'true' because they reveal something particular about the concept or entity named, as numerous examples show; more importantly, however, correct language is imitative of reality, in that language becomes more opaque, ambiguous, and indeterminate as we delve deeper into the exploration of the condicio humana and the ambiguities and contradictions that characterize it in the Works and Days. Part III addresses three moments of Hesiodic reception, with individual chapters comparing Hesiod's implicit theory of language and cognition with the more explicit statements found in early mythographers and genealogists, demonstrating the importance of Hesiod's poetry for Plato's etymological project in the Cratylus, and discussing the ways in which some ancient philologists treat Hesiod as one of their own. What emerges is a new and invaluable perspective on a hitherto under-explored chapter in early Greek linguistic thought which ascertains more clearly Hesiod's place in Greek intellectual history as a serious thinker who introduced some of the questions that occupied early Greek philosophy.

The Homeric Question and the Oral formulaic Theory

Author : Minna Skafte Jensen
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In Danish, Appendix in Greek or Latin.

Plato and Hesiod

Author : G. R. Boys-Stones
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It hardly needs repeating that Plato defined philosophy partly by contrast with the work of the poets. What is extraordinary is how little systematic exploration there has been of his relationship with specific poets other than Homer. This neglect extends even to Hesiod, though Hesiod is of central importance for the didactic tradition quite generally, and is a major source of imagery at crucial moments of Plato's thought. This volume, which presents fifteen articles by specialists on the area, will be the first ever book-length study dedicated to the subject. It covers a wide variety of thematic angles, brings new and sometimes surprising light to a large range of Platonic dialogues, and represents a major contribution to the study of the reception of archaic poetry in Athens.

A History of Greek Literature from the Earliest Period to the Death of Demosthenes

Author : Frank Byron Jevons
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The Remains of Hesiod the Ascr an Including the Shield of Hercules

Author : Hesiod
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A Short History of Greek Literature

Author : Jacqueline de Romilly
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Offers profiles of ancient Greek writers, including Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus, Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch, and traces the development of Greek literature.

The Everything Classical Mythology Book

Author : Nancy Conner
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Romance, betrayal, passion, tragedy, violence, and scandal. No, it's not the latest reality TV search for love--it's classical mythology. For years, people have turned to the ancient Greek and Roman myths for entertaining reading, unbelievable storylines, unique characters, and unparalleled drama. This guide explains the great stories and how they still influence literature, entertainment, and everyday life. From heroes and heroines to monsters and villains, this entertaining guide covers it all. Inside, you will learn how: The Greeks defeated the Titans Odysseus tricked the Cyclops Hercules accomplished the twelve labors Peruses slew Medusa The Greeks bested the Trojans Hades abducted Persephone Bellerophon killed the Chimera With an easy reference chart of the gods and goddesses and their interrelations, this action-packed book helps you bring classical mythology to life!

The Library of Choice Literature and Encyclop dia of Universal Authorship

Author : Ainsworth Rand Spofford
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